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The 10th Relic



UUT-11 The Tenth Relic
One of the Relics discovered at the New Zelis dig.
The major characteristics of this form is the light body, heavy arms and it’s lack of any weaponry. The Major modification of this unit is the installation of a MW Jump booster with the relics power output unhindered by it’s weapon load out the jump booster is able to be fired frequently and in combat it’s hard to keep track of.

while the actual line art was done about three months ago, I just applied the color to this baby. I'm thinking that the arms and legs of this one will be fun to design and apply since they will be misproportioned compared to the torso and head. I think I might subdue the green color a good bit more, it dosen't quite look like it's been stashed away for a long time. not to mention I belive green and gold is one of my company defualt colors, oh well.
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