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A mecha from the MFL's Andrus Adventure. He's a extreme version of the lancer mecha, that is is main fighting technique is to make long charges into his foe like a knight does while jousting. the boosters attached to his back are from a small star ship. due to the heat generated by firing his boosters the mecha's design incorporated additional radiators in the upper legs. the light shield incorporates a twin barreled SMG. lastly the main weapon of the mecha is a bladed lance, so while it's mainly meant for thrusting action, he can use it as a overtly large sword.
the mecha is rather lightly armored and this is partly because of the fact that if he gets hit while going a max speed, the mecha will be toughly shredded any how and partly to reduce it's weight so it can go even faster. another insane feature of the mecha is that it's cockpit can't be ejected, even worse the cockpit's hatch is located in the chest. lastly one must wonder about the extreme G forces at work on the pilot when the mecha's signature thrusters fire.

despite these drawbacks Starbreaker has a high success rate in mission and arena battles. He rarely accepts missions planet side.
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Sweet design, but it would have trouble moving around, especially on land because of the size of it's sword. It would make more sense to have it at 1/2 the length, but able to extend out to act as a lance.