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UUT-08 The Sixth Relic Leseric
One of the misterous Relics discovered at the New Zelis dig. Due to the fact that this relic has been exposed to the weather for sever hundread years it’s armor has become brittle with it's lower left arm completely missing. Leseric's remaining forearm is equiped with a emiter that can generate a blade of pure energy, Unfortantly, the sands of time has reduced the energy output of the entire machine so low that it can barely generate a cutting edge. The rest of the machine seems roughly “balanced” suggesting that in it’s prime it was able to perform efficiently.
Since a mercenary attack on the site, the relic as been missing.

Leseric here was developed as a mecha one of the players stubles upon that sets in motion that character's adventure. I finaly sketched him out very quickly and like wise the cloring job is obviously rushed. his color scheme may change but the general idea is that the unit looks like it's been sitting in the middle of a desert for over a tousand years ....because it has.
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