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V-Day (Final) :iconcrashisdeviant:crashisdeviant 0 2
The bricks slid under his fingertips as he swung around the back corner of the building. Normally, this state of disrepair was no issue. It was just a sign of the dilapidation and depressed times the area was experiencing. However, four stories from the dank alleyway below, it caused a sudden jolt of adrenaline. His heart pounding, he stretched out, fingers scraping rung after rung as he fell to a painful landing nearly fifty feet below. With a terrifying jolt, he stopped, hanging by the second to last rung. One bloodied hand holding tight, he swung the other arm up and pulled himself onto the fire escape, chest heaving. “Nothing makes you feel more alive than almost dying,” he mused aloud, laughing to himself in the brief euphoria.
Now focus, man. Got a job to do, you know. Can’t have people getting curious. He walked over to the window and slid it open silently. With a quick glance, he looked in the room. Momma always said, “look before you leap.” It was
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Outside Arlington
Outside Arlington
By Dustin Miller
Chapter 1
“Oh God,” Wes groaned as he jolted awake. It felt like he had been plagued by unusual dreams for months now, often the same nonsensical dream, at least when he could sleep at all. He sat up slowly, counting beats of his gradually slowing heart. In the quiet of his bedroom, it made a rhythmic, audible thud. With a hesitant glance at the shelf across the room, he groaned aloud again. It wasn’t even two in the morning, yet. There was no way he could get back to sleep any time soon, though. He never could.
“I wonder if you can die from lack of sleep,” Wes wondered aloud as he stood and stretched, fingertips brushing the low ceiling. He walked over to one of his prized possessions, an old record player that his grandfather had given him, and started leafing through the box containing all of records he’d collected. He’d always believed that swing is the way start the day. With the familiar tones playing lo
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arch window shot 4 by crashisdeviant arch window shot 4 :iconcrashisdeviant:crashisdeviant 2 0 arch window shot 2 by crashisdeviant arch window shot 2 :iconcrashisdeviant:crashisdeviant 0 2 arch window shot 1 by crashisdeviant arch window shot 1 :iconcrashisdeviant:crashisdeviant 0 0 The Arch by crashisdeviant The Arch :iconcrashisdeviant:crashisdeviant 1 0


It's nothing special. I've not got a thing planned. Honestly it just sorta bums me out.

Anyway, here is a poem to commemorate the feeling.

I’ve always been one to bitch and moan
Just to keep my sanity a while longer;
Adulthood, responsibility, becoming a clone
of all the copies of copies alive.

Get a job, have some kids, buy some shit,
pretend to be happy when everyone looks;
Shotgun your cigarette, already lit
just trying to figure things out as I go.

No more teen adventures pending
just the venture that life plays;
All those checks I keep on sending
to keep the few things I’ve found.

I’ve come to see how little it means
all the bullshit and fakery abound;
I never really fit in with the teens,
maybe I’ll find my place now.

For now I’m spending the night here alone
watching the end of an era roll by
I think it’s time I not bitch and moan
grow up and get on with this shit.


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