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The move to my new account, :iconneotanner:, has begun! Dynasty: Origins and AOIT are being moved over (first 4 chapters of AOIT are now in packs on my NeoTanner account). I'm deciding on what to still bring over before soon shutting this entire account down, so if you want to still talk and follow me, go to NeoTanner and watch it!
  • Listening to: Painkiller - Three Days Grace
  • Watching: Bleach
  • Playing: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
New Account

Hi everyone! CrashFreak here. Boy, I haven't actually gone by that alias anywhere else in a long time. Speaking of which, that's the primary reasoning for this journal. Soon, CrashFreak will be no more. I might actually terminate the account, rather than - you know - keeping it up and having people still fave stuff. If you want to go watch over on my new account, the link is below! I'll be reuploading some stuff over there, such as reuploading AOIT as Chapter Packs!

New Account: :iconneotanner:

<center>New Projects</center>

1) Learning Unity, Game Project Attempt

I'm currently working on a couple of new projects. I'm in the process of learning how to code in the Unity engine, thus having an idea for a game that I want to make. Any artist buddies willing to help me out with sprites and such is always welcome! It's a fangame, so it's non-profit.

2) AOIT Rebooting

AOIT is going to be fully rebooted into a story series, renamed The Digitally Damned. The overall plot will be the same - Ray gets himself into the Damned Realm (real world) after finding out he's been living nothing more than a lie. He then joins the resistance team (in the comic it's just Resistance Against Weatherell) to fight against the tyrant Lord Weatherell. However, the story's character base is expanded and the story is semi-serious this time. Still, the humorous rolls of the original 9 characters shall remain the same. The cast has been extended (and might still be extending) to also include/parody some online friends alongside my high school friends. The project is still in pre-planning, so it hasn't officially started yet. Rest assured, this does NOT mean I'm abandoning Dynasty.

Current Projects

1) Dynasty

I've finally released Act 11.5, yeah, and then about a week or two later I announce a new account? Hmm. Especially after about 4 months of no Dynasty updates. Well, the one major reason is that I don't care for purchasing Premium (and not because I've never been gifted it, nope) is that I want to be known even on here as my new alias - NeoTanner. There's also the fact there's some stuff I rather delete and/or forget and I'm either lazy or it's complicated to get rid of. Rather than just randomly shutting down the account, I'm giving a fair warning. It'll be shut down soon, so go watch my new account if you want to watch more of Dynasty, eventually The Digitally Damned, random doodles (maybe) and random writings.

Onto actual Dynasty news - Act 12 has begun, but not very much has been done yet. I'm still deciding whether or not Act 12 will be the Bortelli fight or more reveals and "mini boss fights" (though the Yuno fight in Act 11 I wouldn't consider a mini boss). Act 11.5 took place during the events of Act 9 and 10, so Act 12 will be taking place at first a few hours after the Yuno fight. Pretty much I made Act 8.5 seem optional to read and 11.5 in a sense is optional. However, if you were questioning the sudden nuking of characters, why Bernie and Minnie weren't with them, and more character development, I do highly suggest you, you knoe, read Act 11.5 too.

That's it for now, stay frosty!
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Hi all! I'm still alive and kicking, as I've been working on schoolwork and Dynasty: Origins. So far, I hope people are enjoying it. Though I come to you guys today to ask something.

If I were to start opening written story commissions, would you guys actually pay for it? I'm not going to gloat and say I'm the most talented writer in the world. I know I'm not, but I've been told I'm pretty good. That's why I'm curious if anyone would think it'd be worth it.

I mean, if I started them, I wouldn't divert attention away from Dynasty. Heck no. The series is too much fun to write!

With that being said, when Origins is finished and I move onto Cryptic Blood, would you think self publishing a copy that's an optional buy be a good idea? I've considered doing it and if I had managed to get Dynasty really popular (which I haven't, sadly), I'd be making it more of a self-published official book series. But I'd want everyone to read it such as the folks that can't afford it. But I also need/want money, haha. So thoughts?

Oh right, lastly, Dynasty has a Tumblr now! GO CHECK IT OUT!

Dynasty Series Tumblr:
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Hiya folks! I'm here to bring some updates about Dynasty and stuff.

First of all, there's now an Official Dynasty Facebook page. Here's the link!…

Second of all, the talented artist behind the Arc Iris comic - Sai-shou - has been currently helping me set up an official Wikia for characters and whatnot included in Dynasty's universe. It's probably not going to get an official link until I set everything up for it.

Thirdly, go and like Sai-shou's Arc Iris page and read her comic! It's pretty good so far and Chapter 2 comes out July 30th! The link is below! :D

Arc Iris: The Path of Rebirth Facebook -…
Hi everyone. CrashFreak here.

I'm still struggling to find a way to get my story noticed, as I've tried outsourcing, placing into several groups, and downright asking people to read it. Nothing seems to work too well (if it works at all) since, yeah, not many seem interested in it. I have great ideas planned for Dynasty as a series whole, not just in Origins, but my drive to finish even Origins is diminishing because of how... hard it is to get someone to read it. I had a few read snippets on Writing Forums, but none ever went to read the full story. Of course, got critiques and constructive criticism. That's good to get. I'm not saying I want to be as big as Homestuck (and that'd be weird), but I just wonder if I'm doing something wrong since it does feel like I am. Sigh.

Anyway... If you've read the newest Act, then I shall ask this question to you: How were some of the more action-ish scenes? I tried my hand at both being more descriptive (since I was somewhat lacking before) and adding a bit of action into the story, rather than mostly a private rant in Lane's head. I do want to say that there will be more action scenes from here on out, mostly because the story is finally kicking in full swing as Lane's fighting off the Gavel now. We all saw how he handled Sprock, right?

Moving on... The AOIT game idea I had is being revisited as I have a friend that's willing to program it for me, given I provide most of the conceptual design stuff. So not too certain on it yet, but more than likely we'll need someone to help make sprites and backgrounds. It's going to be a Zelda-ish RPG game, if all goes well. If anyone thinks they can help with the visuals, feel free to tell me!

If this also gets off the ground, the AOIT game idea will be more of a retelling of the story via the game (much like Ratchet and Clank's movie is a retelling of the first game). However, I've begun thinking about how to alter the story to fit a Zelda-ish game and it'll introduce a few new characters (depending on how far this goes in development). If all goes well, AOIT 2 will have a chance of being worked on again and released!

Hi there, people. I've put up Act 5 to Dynasty Origins now and it's getting rather intense, don't you think? The story's only just begun!

I had some Writer's Block for the act and an unwillingness to write, but still got various ideas. It does kind of suck, but it was also from lack of motivation since only a select few seem to comment or enjoy the story thus far. I have been curious if anyone that watches me would know how to get my story more out there (besides trying to add it to more groups). I guess having it on dA and some followers and also on FictionPress isn't really enough. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get people to read it? I really would like to know if it's as good as some people have told me. I know that sounds a bit insecure or braggish, but I don't usually brag about it. I'm just curious is all.

I'd love for my interest to spark again for AOIT. Perhaps I could use advice on how to gain views for that as well. AOIT 2, in my opinion, had a great sequel storyline and shoed a bit more seriousness (but still had humor) with a huge cut of the pop cultural references and whatnot. I'm still debating whether or not to upload the lame epilogue that somewhat crappily lead into the set up for AOIT 2 and then AOIT 2 itself, despite it being unfinished (but at least 75 pages were made before I 'quit'). I dunno. I guess I just feel a little down about it and now Dynasty: Origins not getting much attention. Oh well. Have a good day, folks! I'm already working on Act 6!
Hiya, people. CrashFreak here. Just updating those on who's interested on where Act 4 is as the gaps between the Prologue until Act 2 were small, then a big gap from AQct 2 until 3 and once again another big gap.

Long story short, Christmas came up and I spent most of it hanging out with my best buddy in the military before he headed back to where he was stationed. Then school started back up shortly after he left, so I've been busy with that. Rest assured, I've already gotten perhaps 9 pages done of Act 4 and it does focus a bit on the collection problem with Impersonal but it also expands on Bernie's debts and how Lane finds ways to help alleviate some of them. It'll perhaps be shorter than Act 3, which has been the longest act so far, but if they're a bit shorter, I can work on them more frequently. However, I'm not going to make all acts short. There may be some long ones, detailing several epic events (such as fights, for example) and I may take longer for those acts. :P

Spoiler! (Skip if you haven't read Dynasty Origins yet!)

Pretty much Dynasty Origin's story is not even half way done. I'm hoping I have enough inspiration for at least 6 Acts. With how things are going, however, it'll perhaps be "easy" to reach that goal, as we're only on Act 3 publicly and Lane has officially become part of the Crimson Gavel. Gasp! Spoilers, though you should have read it by now D:

Anyways.... I'm also proud to announce that Dynasty Origins is now affiliated with Arcanian Iris. The thumbnail info is down below. The person running it is Sai-shou, a new buddy of mine that's become a fan of Dynasty Origins ^_^. I've also joined up with Kagemi Studios (though I'm not sure if my stories would qualify there, hehe). Their Facebook and thumbnail are also below. So feel free to clicky clicky!


Hi there, people!

I'm currently still at work for Act 3 of Dynasty: Origins and it's been delayed a bit due to this being the final week of the Fall term at my college. Though I'd like to know how any of you that have read all of Dynasty: Origins thus far what you think about it compared to my past ideas (such as AOIT or the unfinished Bandicoot of War story I started way back when). Rest assured that'll be trying my hardest to actually complete Dynasty: Origins.  So far I've planned out at least two or three more acts after Act 3.
The time has arrived, a news series is afoot! Already uploaded to both FictionPress and deviantART are the first two portions of my new story series, named Dynasty. Click the links to either the dA folder or the FictionPress link to read them!

dA folder:…

Within Mortion, war toils day in and day out between the Baron and the Queen and the rebelling men and women against them. Lane is placed into the middle of the struggle, forced into a new crime based syndicate known as the Crimson Gavel whom may be more of a threat to the province of Mortion, perhaps even the entire planet of Krater. Discover Lane's troubled experiences, meet his new gang, and pray to the Time Lord Magazor that Lane makes the right call and takes action for the sake of Mortion's citizens. It is win or die out in the Jahree Desert and Lane prefers not to die.
Hey there, people who read this journal. I've been inactive for a bit, apart from uploading a Game Grumps fan sketch and a humorous AOIT-related thing that involved Katy.

News About A New Series: Dynasty

I am starting a new story series called Dynasty. It details the life and adventures of the one named Lane Silverbane while living within the Krater province of Mortion. I've gotten the Prologue and Act (Chapter) 1 done, so I'll upload at least one of those soon. I'm at least trying to turn away from AOIT for a bit in hopes of being inspired to work on it again. Dynasty is completely original and not parody based, unlike AOIT. It's also more serious, though it will still have humor, of course. So I hope you guys enjoy it!

News About AOIT

Well, there's a few things to discuss here. I do cherish my AOIT series, though it's not getting a view count that I think would qualify it as a good comic. Though that could also be because it's not colored, thus people are immediately uninterested or something. But due to this, AOIT may be officially done. I've had ideas and had begun on a sequel, going under the name AOIT 2 (naturally) and AOIT: The Crusade Continues. There was a 2 page epilogue scanned at the end of AOIT: TDC that I never uploaded, as to not purposely leave an unfinished promise with an ending supposedly leading into a sequel yet nothing was produced.

AOIT 2: The Crusade Continues has, as of now, 75 doodled pages that only barely reach the half way point of the story I wanted to tell. As far as I'm going to release details of it, it took place during the next generation of supposed RAW members, ie the original team's children. If I have a rekindled interest, I may continue to doodle. Or I may turn it into a text-based story sequel. Hell, I was considering remaking the AOIT comic (3rd time, where the original AOIT was made horribly in Flash, then redone in the traditional style you see now) into a text-based story and taking down the comic, but leaving a fully zipped version of it up.

Due to being somewhat interested in doing more stories than doodles, I had begun plans on prequeli-ish stories for the series as well, which has also fallen into a temporary hiatus of interest. They would both detail events before AOIT: TDC, with one being simply titled AOIT Origins, the story about how Professor AI discovers Anti-Virus and leads into showing how the original Weatherall gets into power, while the direct prequel to AOIT: TDC would be titled something like AOIT: The Age of Rebellion, which would detail Professor AI finding and compiling the members of the first RAW team, eventually transitioning somehow to the TDC team.

Basically, in chronological order, it would be: AOIT Origins, AOIT: Age of Rebellion, AOIT: The Digital Crusade, and AOIT 2: The Crusade Continues.
Hey there, CrashFreak fans!

I really need to make more current journals, huh?

Anyway... Well, AOIT has come to a close, thus officially ending the longest comic I've done. There may be more in the future in relation to the AOIT series, but for now, not really. I'm debating on trying to write a sequel to Hazel Weatherfield, not entirely sure if it's worth it or not.

Possible sequels in the future? As I said, there may be a Hazel Weatherfield 2. There may also be a chance for a Metal Gear 2 comic, a direct sequel to Metal Gear: CM.

Unfortunately, some works that I had started will end up remaining unfinished. Such as "Bandicoot of War", the Crash Bandicoot and God of War hybrid story I was desperately trying tot type. Damn "Writer's Block".

My completed comic series will be listed below, if any of you would like to re-read AOIT or even my older Metal Gear: Crash Mania comic, the first fanfiction to include Tita Gasman!

Completed Comics

Metal Gear: CM -…
Welcome to my devianART page and blog! I'm CrashFreak, deviant going on 6 years now. I've come with an update of epic proportions!

First of all, how are people that still read this?



Well, first thing I'd like to share is that there is an AOIT website up (initially for a final web design project for a class) that you can check out at this link:

Secondly, for AOIT, there is also a Facebook page I've re-created due to my previous Facebook account being hacked in the past and being pretty lazy in remaking it. It also added onto the depth of the website I had made, where the link can be found. Just click the link above!

AOIT is drawing toward a close, finally. The adventure is nearing its end, now at 107 pages. A little over 20 more pages to go!

In an unrelated note, on my YouTube channel, I've started a vlog series called "CrashFreak's Rant Station Omega". Look it up and my other videos, too.

My vlog series is set up for monetization, so it'd be nice if you guys could click on the ads for me! :D

General Channel:…
Hello everyone! CrashFreak here to say that I'm not "dead". Just a bit inactive. I've had college pop up and some uninspired things. But I'll be trying to continue to upload AOIT and hopefully will get it finished in time.

As for future comic projects, I probably will take a break from uploading stuff once I'm done with AOIT. So look forward to that!
The days of 2010 are dying down and soon we'll be in 2011, then 2012, and despite thar whole 2012 scare, I'm proud to say I'll be around for 2013 (which my mom will either call 2012 Version 2 or 2014 as she hates the number 13).

AOIT Related News: I have edited all of Chapter 6 and 7 (working on 8), so I think that's enough to begin uploading again. Today, I've uploaded pages 69 to 71. On Sunday, I'll upload 72 to 75. I may make Wednesdays and Sundays regular AOIT upload days so I can get the entire comic finally uploaded. I still plan to make the chapters downloadable, so having them already organized is a pretty good thing for me. Once the comic is fully uploaded, I'll br posting a journal of my future plans for AOIT and the download links to each chapter.

In Other News: I have another comic I'll be editing after AOIT and uploading it here. I'm not gonna reveal much information about it until AOIT is fully uploaded, apart from saying it is not Lance Vane.

Also, LeadByFaith has made me a new desktop background! ^^
Well, first of all, I'm pretty sure my WD 500 GB external HD is already dead. It fell off of where it was sitting and despite me catching it before it hit the ground, I can't get it to connect to either laptop in my house. It powers on, but I can't connect to anything to get access to the data. If anyone knows how to fix this, place a comment down below or PM me.


AOIT Related News: I do enjoy the small request/fan art. There's two of Carol, one of Ray and one of Katy ^.^

I have no idea how to do those little image things, so I'll just link them!

Carol 1
Carol 2

I have an upcoming art request related to AOIT from MoahFlare, so I'm excited for it ^.^

As for other prijects, I may not do another comic project for a while once I finally get AOIT fully uploaded.
Hello and hopefully everyone's having a good Wednesday! I'm finally making a journal entry since August, whooppee!

AOIT Related News: I've decide I will not be uploading more pages until the rest of the edits are done (which I should have done in the first place, my bad). I am still looking for someone who would like to help me add some things such as color and/or shading effects. I'm not very skilled at either, so help is appreciated. And even established artists can get someone to color for them, so please no comments about that. I'll attempt it myself, but any volunteers are welcome ^_^

Other Comic News: I may be finally doing a reboot of my Lance Vane comic series. I know the "original random version" was popular with some people and the "original comic book" version was as well, but I want to redo it so it can be focused on becoming more dramatic, rather than comedic like AOIT. It'll still have some elements of comedy, but it wouldn't be Lance Vane's focus.

A Bit of Trivia from Me: Lance Vane was originally a character in my first official comic series called Warped, essentially making Lance Vane's comic a bit of an unofficial spin off.

I've also finally gotten my own (and new) laptop! It's a Gateway NV59C laptop. Specs:

Intel i3 Core Processor @ 2.27 GHz
320 GB HD
4 GB of DDR3 RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel HD Graphics Card (only sucky thing)

It even comes with a 1.3 MP webcam! 8D
Hello everyone! This is more than likely to be my only August Journal Update. So how's everyone's August been?

Well, I'm still editing AOIT's pages. Got as far as page 75 now. Hopefully with whomever is still reading the comic, that this is good news. The pain is doing the posting of the information and whatnot. I like to link to both the previous and next pages, like some artists on dA have done if they make a comic. It's over half way completed (in editing, the entire comic is fully sketched/drawn) at least.

In related to the job stuff, still no luck. No one has called back or are even hiring. I applied to Office Depot, but yeah... The wait time is killing me.
Hello there! How's everyone's July been going?

Well, I'm announcing that I'm no longer attempting to get rid of the notebook lines on the AOIT comic like I have been trying to. If you recall, it usually leads to delays of the comic being put onto dA from either one week to one month. Not anymore. I can upload the pages faster without trying to. If someone wants to help though, I still have the PSD files if they're interested in helping me get rid of the lines. Just send me a Note.

AOIT has now had has 4 completed chapters!

In other news, I may be getting a job interview soon! 8D
Hello everybody! Mah first journal entry of July is here. And probably only entry.

I'm still attempting at cleaning up the rest of the AOIT comic. However, willfullness to clean them up has been lacking lately. I think I have a friend that can help me with it (kinda like how Fiercy Kun has his friend clean up and translate the Crash Bandicoot Manga). I'm hoping to get most of the comic uploaded soon since there are some people I know that like the comic and want to read more of it.

Apart from that, I'm also itching to spend my 10 dA Points I had won in a contest. Is anyone taking point commissions?

Hope ya'll have a nice day!

CrashFreak's Journal Update: 05/29/2010

Journal Entry: Sat May 29, 2010, 6:10 AM

Hello again! It's still the month of May? Oh my!

Anyway, just wanted to spread the word that there is now an "AOIT: The Digital Crusade Comic" Facebook group. As of right now, it's a private group in order to avoid spammers and flamers, so if you want to join, just tell me :B

The FB Group

In other news, pages 43 through 46 are being edited right now, so they may be uploaded later todays. The uploads may be faster after school lets out, too. YAY!

Enjoy your Saturday!