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Clone Commander CT-6892 Horus by Crasher55 Clone Commander CT-6892 Horus :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 5 0 Hoot-Hoot the Demon owl by Crasher55 Hoot-Hoot the Demon owl :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 5 0 Gray skull by Crasher55 Gray skull :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 1 0 Cosmos sketch  by Crasher55 Cosmos sketch :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 1 1 Hibiki Headshot by Crasher55 Hibiki Headshot :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 2 0 Bass headshot by Crasher55 Bass headshot :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 6 0
TFR Ch. 4
Transformers Resonance
Book One
Chapter Four: Things start to get crazy
    "Did those cars just talk?" Lori asked. 
    "So I wasn't the only one that heard them." Chris said, slightly relieved that he wasn't loosing his mind.  He then noticed that something startling. "Wait! There's no one driving them!"
    "Um, guys." Coby said, motioning for the others to look behind them. "We've got bigger problems!"
    "Well would you look at this, it appears the small fry has found some playmates." Slugger said as he jumped out of the forest, landing behind the teens.
    "Leave the kids out of this Slugger." Bass said before he transformed. He then looked over towards X-Brawn and said "Get them back to HQ. I'll keep this joker busy." He then charged at the orange Decepticon.
    "Sure thing, partner!" X-Brawn said, opening
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War Hammer by Crasher55 War Hammer :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 0 0
TFR Ch. 3
Transformers Resonance
Book One
Chapter Three: We're not alone. Part 2
~Meanwhile at a community college close to the unknown signal~
    "Now class, can anyone tell me what resonance means?" A professor asked his class, not really expecting to get an answer. But to his surprise, a student did raise their hand. "Yes, Christopher?"
    "Isn't it what happens when two objects produce sound waves while being in sync with each other?" Chris replied.
    "That's correct," the professor said before looking down at his wristwatch. "Remember to read chapter 5 and answer the questions for it over the weekend. And don't forget, your group project's due next Wednesday."
    Chris packed his things and made his way to the school's main courtyard where his friends Coby Hansen, Bud Hansen, and Lori Jiménez where waiting for him. Coby was about Chris' height with short dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He wore a blue hoodie, a pair of k
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TFR Ch. 2
Transformers Resonance
Book One
Chapter Two: We're not alone. 
    Starscream, a lanky silver mech with a set of jet wings on his back, paced back and forth across the bridge of the large alien warship, known as the Nemesis. As he did, the main doors to the room slid open to allow a navy blue mech with silver leg plating to enter.
    "Soundwave, have the Vehicons found any clues to the location of the Autobot headquarters yet?" Starscream asked him as he stopped his pacing.
    "Negative." Soundwave stated bluntly in an emotionless and synthesized voice, only adding to the already creepy vibe that he was giving off. In fact, his whole appearance only enhanced the creepiness of his voice. His optics were hidden behind a blood red visor while the rest of his face was concealed by a white face mask. Then there was the large rectangular video screen in the middle of his chest, revealing nine different colored smaller rectangles that bore a
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Sine (rough sketch) by Crasher55 Sine (rough sketch) :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 0 0 Spiker sketch by Crasher55 Spiker sketch :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 1 0 Siren sketch by Crasher55 Siren sketch :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 0 0
Anubis Damashii
Anubis damashii
Ghost Driver:
Romaji: "Kokoro no keiryō! Māto ni taishite unchindarou?"
English: "Weighing of the Heart! How will it fare against Ma'at?"
Mega Uloader:
Japanese: 「エジプトのヘルハウンド」
Romaji: "Ejiputo no heruhaundo"
English: "Egypt's Hellhound"
Face: Jackal god
Persona: Judge
Omega Drive:
-Omega Drive (Anubis): The user charges as an energy construct of their insignia forms behind them before absorbing it and jumps to deliver a flying kick attack.
-Omega Chomp: Activated when the Jaws of Ammit land a critical hit on a superior Ganma. Reaper focuses all his spiritual energy into the jaws before joining them together. Once they meet, the jaws unleash the energy at the Ganma in the form of an energy const
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Round 2 goes primal by Crasher55 Round 2 goes primal :iconcrasher55:Crasher55 2 1
Siren's Bio
Siren's Bio
Gender: Femme
Approx. human age: 20
Faction: Decepticons
Alt. Mode:
-(On Cybertron) Cybertronian hovercraft
-(On Earth) Mercier-Jones Supercraft
Abilities: Siren can alter her voice to mimic that of anyone's she's heard. She can also use hypnotic vocal resonance waves to get others to do her bidding without actually brainwashing them. This makes it so that those influenced by the waves will have no recollection of what she had them do while under her "spell."
Personality: Siren is one of the most beautiful femmes to have ever been sparked, and she'll make sure no one forgets it. Though she may act like a spoiled, self-entitled diva, it's only a facade. In reality, she's a kind femme who's only goal in life is to make sure her twin brother, Slugger, remains in control of his unbridled rage. Unlike her twin brother, Slugger, Siren can always maintain a level head. This is so that she can quell any rampages her twin might go on with either her voice or a good old smack upside
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Tyr of Asgard (Commission) by ZanVarin Tyr of Asgard (Commission) :iconzanvarin:ZanVarin 44 2 Nasty Bois by NevermoreDesign
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Just saw "The Force Awakens", and it was totally EPIC! J.J Abrahms created an excellent installment to the Star Wars saga by not only introducing a new threat to the Republic, The First Order; but by also being a perfect explanation of what happened after Episode VI.  And while there definite parallels to both Episode I and Episode IV, it didn't come off as a carbon copy of either films.


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