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12 Kitty Palettes

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Here I am continuing this series of drawings with Kitty and her 12 palettes! This wouldn't haven taken so long if my tablet pen didn't get packed away by itself for days. But... here it is!

Which one's your favorite? Let me know in the comments!
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:3 hmmm maybe this is what I gotta do to spark my scribble powers x3 pallettes! have any suggested programs to us that ARENT photoshop :O me no rikes that one xD!
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I never thought of that, actually! Glad I could help provide some inspiration!
I, personally, use Manga Studio 5. It's LIKE Photoshop, but it's a bit more user-friendly, and is optimized for making comics and the like. Other than that, I feel that most people would suggest SAI. I don't like it much, but that's me; I can assure you that it works well, though!
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yeah I've use Sai a few times but it seems bit clunky :-| :D but tanks fer the info x3 I'm set you on stalk er I mean watch list and look at more of your shinies!!!!1!! *showers you with cookies* HAVE THESE!!!11!1one!!1!!!