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Tawna reverse headscissors crash by starfoxfan111
Tawna Bandicoot Design by Nintooner
Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx (NEW DEMO AVAILABLE!) by GWKTM
Video Game Trinity - Mermaid Prank by MrNintMan
25 Years of N. SANITY by mcp100
[CB] Dingo's Diner by Sigerreip
CTR FanArt by Farbentt-Wickler
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped by LadyStarPanda
An N. Sane Adventure (Page 44) by HarmonyBunny2022
An N. Sane Adventure (Page 43) by HarmonyBunny2022
(SFM) Goals for 2022 by fivetenny
Dingodile's Betrayal by HarmonyBunny2022
MIX of Heroes
(PC) Smoothin' up Smoothies by HarmonyBunny2022
Crash x Tawna by Layzap
90's mascot suggestion: Crash and Spyro by MightyRay
Happy St Patrick's day from Spyro and Crash by TomArmstrong20
The Calm Before the Crash by freqrexy
(PC) Those Two Scientists by HarmonyBunny2022
Pinstripe Gang 2.0 by CatsTuxedo
The Viscount Devil by AgusTheLatinFurry
Crash Bandicoot
Cra5h- Marsupial Multiverse by mcp100
Private Eye Crash by AgusTheLatinFurry
Crash and Dr. Cortex Humiliskate Render by bandicootbrawl96
Crash clash by Valonia-Feline
Coco Bandicoot
Coco_Bikini_doodle by OmegaSunBurst
~ Floco ~ by HarmonyBunny2022
[MMD] Tap Your Troubles Away by greenth1ng
12 Days of Christmas (2021) - Day 12 by HarmonyBunny2022
Dr. Neo Cortex
Evil scientist business BONUS by pichimichi
Evil scientist business! by pichimichi
Nintendolympics - Sea-rebral Cortex by freqrexy
The Humble Bumblebee by SupremeBSM
INGAME character MIX
Crash and Coco by Bumpadump2002
Mighty and Liz by MightyRay
Fake Coco, What Are You Doing?! by Layzap
Bedhead Fake Bandicoots by HarmonyBunny2022
OUTGAME character MIX
Coco and Kirby by fivetenny
Junia from Crash: Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken by MightyRay
I Know How You Feel by Layzap
Kangaroo Love by Layzap
{DL} Ball dress Tawna by Queen-Koopa
G'Day MATES! by HazardHellHound
Crunch Bandicoot
Crunch! (SFM. Ver) by fivetenny
Dr. Gin
Crashtember - Day 9 by HarmonyBunny2022
Nefarious Tropy
PC - N. Prisoned by HarmonyBunny2022
Tiny Tiger
Inktober (2021) Day 24: Extinct by HarmonyBunny2022
Nina Cortex
Nina! by pichimichi
Trophy Girls
Ball dance by Queen-Koopa
Ripper Roo
Crashtember - Day 4 by HarmonyBunny2022
Jackets by AgusTheLatinFurry
The Masks
Aka-NO. by HarmonyBunny2022
Dr. Brio
Toxic Spill by CartoonSilverFox
Fake Crash
Spyro MV Brash Bandicoot by CyberDesro3300
Pura by Arsbin
Crash Bandicoot - Polar by pikachu-25
Pasadena OPossum
Stew and Isabella's Rivalry/Cheer up, Stew!Part 1Stew has a bad dream of him getting fired from FNN (Feathered News Network) with a lot of bad guys chasing after him: Willie Wumpa Cheeks, N. Gin, Dr. Cortex, and of course, Isabella.Stew wakes up alarmed, then he gets angry and says, "I knew it! The black-hearted bilby Isabella made me lose my job!"Next day, Chick Gizzard Lips was at MotorWorld, walking back and forth while worrying about Stew (Stress pecking).3 trophy girls, Liz, Megumi, and Ami, along with the alternate Tawna, Coco Bandicoot, Yaya Panda, and Aku Aku started to get concerned with Chick. While Crash and Crunch Bandicoot play MotorWorld games with Pasadena Opossum.Ami: Hey, is he okay?Yaya Panda: I think so... something's wrong with that bowtie wearing chicken.Coco Bandicoot: You mean Chick Gizzard Lips?Yaya Panda: Yup.Tawna: Hey, I know that chicken. He was with that blue-curled rooster and they see that you have beat'n Nina Cortex with the Flying Car contest.Aku-Aku: I know who that is, but probably, he's worried about something or someone. While you ladies have fun at MotorWorld, I'll go talk to Chick.Liz, Megumi, and Ami look at Tawna.Liz: Nice hair, mate!Megumi: My goodness, you've changed!Ami: Your hair is blond and blue!Tawna: Thanks.Aku Aku approaches to Chick Gizzard Lips, who pecked on the ground too hard.Chick: Ow ow ow ow! (Rubbing his beak)Aku Aku: Uh... excuse me, sir? You must be Chick Gizzard Lips, are you?Chick: I truly am, floating thing.Aku Aku: Well, I'm Aku-Aku, my job is to protect everyone, especially you. My brother Uka-Uka does the opposite. Well, long story short. You must be worrying about Stew, are you?Chick: Yes, I Chick Gizzard Lips am worried about my co-host Stew. Me and our Announcer Robot found him fighting with that female Bandicoot... who goes by the name of Isabella.Chick Gizzard Lips and Aku-Aku go see Stew, fighting with Isabella.Stew: Isabella, I'm gonna blame you for making me lose my job!Isabella Bandicoot: Well, I'll blame you for making me lose the race, senor flesh!Stew: Well, guess what, you black-hearted bilby? I'm breaking up you!Stew and Isabella growl at each other with their heads buttedBoth: I'M OVER YOU!Stew and Isabella angrily walk away from each other.Stew approaches to Chick, Liz, Megumi, Ami, Coco Bandicoot, Yaya Panda, and Aku Aku feeling worried about him. The announcer robot [who looked like Tandy from "Sam and Cat"] (Lex Lang) approaches to Stew.Announcer Robot: Stew, I saw you fighting with Isabella, which means you broke up with her. Well, guess what? You're re-hired! Why? Chick told me that without you, Feathered News Network would've been cancelled! Also, Chick's new co-host has turned out to be a criminal because he was trying to steal the headsets for his gang!Stew: Thanks, announcer robot. But I'm still going to be hurt by you, finding a co-host with a criminal mind!Announcer Robot: What did I- OOF!Stew puts his headset on the Announcer Robot's head and drops his microphone on the floorAnnouncer Robot: Stew? Stew, come back!Stew unhappily walks away from the Announcer Robot.Announcer Robot: Stew's not in the happy mood, folks. Chick: Well, the good news is that Stew has broken up with Isabella. But the bad news, he is still unhappy about you, announcer robot.Part 2Stew was sitting on the bench, still feeling hurt while the 3 trophy girls and Yaya panda try to comfort him.Ami: We know that we've kicked Isabella out of the Nitro Squad because of her tantrums when she takes losing too seriously.Liz: And the way she made you lose your job, mate. But the good news...Yaya Panda comes and says:Yaya Panda: I am here to cheer on the Nitro Squad. Oh! And Tawna too!Ami: Yup!Ami and Yaya Panda get up from the bench.Ami: Watch us exercise, Stew!Ami flexes her muscles while Yaya Panda does some karate movesStew looks at Ami and Yaya Panda, but shakes his head with disappointment. Ami and Yaya Panda stopped exercising.Yaya Panda: It's not working, Ami.Liz: Lemme try, mate.Liz tries to touch Stew's hand, but Stew slaps her hand because he thought that she is seducing him.Liz: Ow!Stew: Nice try, miss. I'm not falling for that again.Liz: Oh...Liz and Megumi get off of the bench.Announcer Robot comes and says:Announcer Robot: Excuse me, ladies.Ami: Who are you?Announcer Robot: I'm the announcer robot; I do the narration for CTR TV with Chick and Stew. Oh! And Feathered News Network. And I think I know why Stew has a loss of enthusiasm. Ever since he broke up with Isabella, he is still feeling hurt by me, thinking that I should find a new co-host.Megumi: Well, that wasn't nice at all.Yaya Panda: When he takes what you said a little too seriously. Like Isabella did.Crash and Crunch Bandicoot, along with Pasadena Opossum, Coco Bandicoot, Chick Gizzard Lips, Aku-Aku, and Tawna, come to see Liz, Ami, Megumi, Yaya Panda, and the announcer robot worried about Stew. Crash: Ya bah!Crunch: Hiya, babes!Ami: Don't "Hiya, babes" us, would you?Pasadena Opossum: What happened, y'all?Liz: *Sighs* Stew is still down, mate.Megumi: We tried to cheer him up.Yaya Panda: We tried some of our ways, but nothin' worked.Aku-Aku: Hey, Stew! Chick has something to say to you.Stew: Hmm?Chick Gizzard Lips: Stew, my clamorous co-host... I have an idea on how to get your enthusiasm back.Aku-Aku: Nice work, ChickChick: Thank you... uh... Aku-Aku?Aku-Aku: (Laughing) You're welcome. And you said my name really well and yes, Stew! Chick does have an idea on getting your enthusiasm back!Stew, sarcastic: Oh man, does that involve that Wumpa Cheeks man coming back from being vaporized?Announcer Robot: No, stew. And... Chick told us that we should never talk about Willie Wumpa Cheeks again.Stew: Hmmph.Announcer Robot: His idea is that I'll show the videos of both of you at MotorWorld and on CTR TV.The announcer robot puts some videos from Crash Tag Team RacingStew, on the Announcer Robot's face: Well, I ain't got a problem with it. Man, you ever put baked ham in a wood-chipper? I know I have!Announcer Robot: And here comes the Die-O-Rama! It has you, Crash!His next video is that Crash's spinning hits Stew. Then, Stew flattens Crash and kicks him.All, except Stew: (Laughing)Coco: I never noticed that Stew was going off-topic! And donning some wigs. *Laughs* And the way he made you flat, big brother.Crash: Blah!Stew's face is still sad.Aku-Aku: I don't think it's working, Announcer Robot. We'll have to try a different video.Chick: *Sighs* Oh Stew... (Comforting Stew while sitting on the bench right beside him) Will you ever recover from your depression?Announcer Robot: He will, Chick. I'll try the one with Dr. Cortex pushing you and stew out of his way.Liz: Who?Ami: Never heard of him.Megumi: Who's Dr. Cortex?Coco Bandicoot: We know who Dr. Cortex is.Crash: Yeah.Coco, Crunch, and Aku Aku: Our foe who tried to defeat Crash and take over the world.Announcer Robot: Whoa. Anyway, I'll show you the video.Chick, in the Announcer Robot's Face: "Zowie, sports fans, did you see that..."Cortex, in the video: "Curses. Some sinister force is upstaging my evil plan! Curses, Curses, CURSES!"All, except chick and stew started laughing at Dr. Cortex.Chick: Ah ha ha... oh no.Stew: Hmm?Pasadena Opossum: It's working! Try the Neon Circus one!Announcer Robot puts on the Neon Circus Grand Prix video. (Looking the Neon Circus video) Hey, that's me! and there's Ebenezer Von Clutch.Chick: Me and Stew truly remember Von Clutch.All, except Stew started laughing at Stew putting a crown on the chicken.Chick: That chicken made me uncomfortable when you put the crown on it, Stew.Stew: (Stifled laughter, then laughing softly)Crunch Bandicoot: Oh, almost there, man! Try the one with the Back in Time thing. (Looks at Stew) You feelin' the laughter, Stew?Announcer Robot puts on the Back N. Time Grand Prix video.Coco, looking at the babies: Hey, Crash! That's you in a blue diaper!Crash: (Looking at himself as a baby, happily) Ooh. Geh-ba.Coco: And that's me, playing with a toy phone.Pasadena Opossum: You're so cute with that toy phone, Coco girl. And in the small overalls.Coco: Oh, Pasadena.Chick: I know what I might say after I said that you will pack a serious punch.Crunch, Coco, and Chick: Infant strength is no laughing matter.Announcer Robot: And here comes my favorite part where Stew gets too amazed. Watch this!Stew, in the video: *Amazed gasp*Video ends with Stew with his amazed face, then Stew started laughing loudly.Ami: All right! It worked!Liz: Looks like Stew's having a laugh.Stew: Yeah! And I knew I made that face when I look at the carts. It's this one! (Shows the others his amazed face)All: (Laughing)Chick: There you have it, folks! Stew's enthusiasm has returned!ReferencesDaphne and Fred bickering about their dates (Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island) []10 ways to cheer some up right now[]
OTHER In-game characters
{DL} Super Lumberjack bro v1 by Queen-Koopa
Original Characters
(ART TRADE) Pamela Potoroo by HarmonyBunny2022
Commission: Small Isabella Bandicoot Plushie by Sarasaland-Dragon
Games, Animation, 3D, Environment ++
(SFM) How tough am i by fivetenny
Steven confronts crash bandicoot by mariaedcatgirls
Tawna n Pinstripe [Redraw] by ValiithConfeti
Coco Bandicoot by LittleMissMint
Contest 2008
Crash Bandicoot Club entry by CarlosBandicoot
Contest 2010
Best Crash Bandicoot moment 3D by rorschach-mentality
Contest 2013
SPIN and CRASH! Nitro Crash!~ by CHOBI-PHO

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Declined submissions:
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Example: (crash + tawna + Aku go in the heroes folder)
Example: (Cortex + Uka + Ngin go in the villains folder)

Any other questions Can be noted to us here .
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GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited May 7, 2022  Hobbyist Filmographer
freqrexy But it wasn't because of the aesthetic - it was because it was genuinely a *good game*
That's what I meant. The aesthetic is one of the many reasons why the game is genuinely good. The game is also fun, but the old-school aesthetic wasn't an obstacle to the fun Sonic Mania offers. And if anything, it supported the already fun gameplay. And if that's the case with Sonic Mania, I don't see why it couldn't be the case with a Crash game. Hence Crash Retro Hijinx's old-school look.

If you want hope, stop throwing despair to everyone else.
And let everyone else throw despair to me instead? How is that not a reason to quit living? I mean, why would anyone want to live a life where everyone constantly harms you both physically and psychologically and no one ever bothers to solace or comfort you?

As for people that want to be toxic back towards you, simply apologize for your toxic actions back.
And then what? Let them hurt and harm me all they want until I suffer from serious mental syndromes and end up to straitjacket for the rest of my life? And they never have to apologize for harming me???!!! How fucking worthless do you think I am???
freqrexy Featured By Owner May 1, 2022  Hobbyist
You know, after reading everything regarding "deleting past digital releases", paid DLC and the whole DRM crap, I'm feeling upset with what Origins has to offer.  I got physical copies of some of these titles, but it's still otherwise gonna kill the thriving steam modding scene.

I am thankful for games like N. Sane Trilogy for not caving into DRM on the Steam service and being able to co-exist along the originals.  I am also thankful for Nitro-Fueled to not only do the same way but also has way more accessible controls than the original - which says a lot, since OG CTR was still fun back in the day.

I'll just skip Origins and keep whatever games I have already x)…
GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2022  Hobbyist Filmographer
How do you think NST and IAT are "co-existing" with originals, if they're depriving attention and fans' appreciation from originals all the time (and threatening to succeed), and no one else besides me and other members of OldSchoolBandicoot bother doing anything to justify and secure the originals' existence? And if the fans of originals are being constantly told as "minority"? As if "minority" doesn't deserve to be served! As if they deserve to be discriminated and die! And is it morally right? NO!!! They don't deserve to die! They don't deserve to be outcasts! They dpnon't deserve to be victims of discrimination! They deserve to be served! They deserve equal treatment!

In the view of the evidence this whole N. Sane era is all based on substituting innocent ps1 masterpieces all because they're old and low tech. Which is a mere bias. I mean, there's been much lower tech games around, and Crash games aren't that low tech that they'd deserve to be substituted with hardware-harming scums. Like, what bad have they done to deserve such shitty and sadistic treatment? Certainly they've never killed anyone, have they?
freqrexy Featured By Owner May 4, 2022  Hobbyist
How do I think NST and IAT are co-existing? You just answered your question - *they exist*. Original systems, digital re-releases, emulation... options exist to play all of these old games. Therefore, there's no need for me to re-purchase games like Mario 3D All-Stars or Sonic Origins - because I already have access to play those old games, and the two mentioned collections offer *absolutely nothing new*, unlike actual game remakes.
And I know plenty of people that like old games that also don't belittle people that like the new ones, which believe it or not is the "silent majority". Don't give me your stupid "suicide", "discrimination" or "death" buzzwords - the majority of Crash fans actually give out civil discussions despite conflicting opinions, and I like that kind of peace.
99% of the Crash community aren't outcasts. Opinions conflict, but that's what they are - opinions. You can disagree with someone, but you can also let them accept their opinions as long as it makes them happy.
Also, the N. Sane era had never been about "substitution" - it's about telling people that Crash exists, and was there to celebrate 20 years of existence. Also, IMO it's a better way to at least play Crash 1 rather than stress out over doing deathless runs just to get the box gem - and that OG was really designed differently than its sequels, lol.
And also also, a simple and affordable modern day office laptop - selling for less than $500 - has more RAM than a PS3. So if "low-spec" exists these days, it's part of a stylistic graphical choice in games like Minecraft and Octopath Traveler. It's not the norm anymore, and I'm afraid you just have to deal with it.
Let people like what they like. Don't force your opinion on others, and let them love Crash in their own way.
BTW, everyone knows about your game-deleting fangame, so any response after this is just not going to get taken seriously, and any attempt to do slam poetry in your DA page is just going to get laughed at. :D
GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2022  Hobbyist Filmographer
Are you sure that just because you and I have access to older games in some degree or another, it means everyone else has too? Especially if everyone is disavowing about originals and touting NST, NF and IAT instead? And how do you think "silent minority" aren't outcasts, if they aren't brought together and  have no place to share their fun? Do you even have proofs about laptops of $500 with enough ram and powerful enough GPU and processor to run monstrosities like NST and IAT without hardware damages? 

And if Crash 1's box completion and save system were so important to fix, it's not like you have to overhaul the whole game into inferior, unappealing, uncanny form in order to fix one or two flaws. It's like if you had a shiny cool car with faulty transmission, and while you fix the transmission you tarnish and damage the rest of the car or something. Or just fill it with dirty diaper and animal manure, so that only brain-dead retards with faulty hygiene and obsession to shit smell could bother driving it from now on.

Besides, while low-specs do make a good stylistic choice, even in case of Crash-games which VV, Beenox and ToB should've thought of, they also have a benefit of sparing consumers from wasting money on more powerful PCs or hunting for GPUs and processors (as well as having their PC damaged for unsuccessful attempt of changing processor, as it requires careful dosing of silicon paste. If done wrong, the whole PC is ruined). They could just play the game with PC they already have. Even if 32-bit, 4 GB ram, no GPU and less powerful processor. That's what I'm going for when making my games.

Not even all 64-bit machines have integrated GPUs. Including mine. Unless Intel UHD Graphics count.
(1 Reply)
GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited Apr 22, 2022  Hobbyist Filmographer
Now THIS is the treatment they should've given to Crash Bandicoot instead of N. Sane Travesty, Shitro-Fueled and IAT
SuperMelvin64 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2022
Uhh hi what is this about cause I've
Seen these comments about
"Fucktivision" I understand that people don't like the remasters and that's ok just let those people be apart of the community if they don't cooperate -Ban them
Rik-B Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2022  Hobbyist
Hey there.

I personally only see it fit to ban someone if they are really unruly, like harassing other members.
This is a club for all Crash Bandicoot Characters in general. and I want to keep it that way.
SuperMelvin64 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2022
Sweet as I'm new to using this website so thank you
tillamillasilla Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2022  Hobbyist Filmographer
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