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Coco Bandicoot vs Cortex by Jamesjapanese91
.: Summer Coco :. by Fofurastro
.: Exploring the World of Cupcakes :. by Fofurastro
Paleovember 2023 - 24 Thylacine by MrNintMan
25 Years of N. SANITY by mcp100
[CB] Dingo's Diner by Sigerreip
CTR FanArt by Farbentt-Wickler
CB: Short Comic - The Love of Dr. Cortex life. by StephDragonness
My lovely Valentine's fruits ! - Crash Bandicoot by Kryffa
Crash and Pasadena - Valentine's day special 2022 by Kryffa
Rebirth of nick ENGLISH (PG2) by ac-comics
MIX of Heroes
[SFM] Surprised Or Shocked Reaction by Somco
Carbon Bandicoot crash and  koopa troopa mario by zeed02
The Siblings Forever by Shadow-Soldier980
Coco Bandicoot Crash And Pocky Sonic Color by zeed02
Bro Hug (MMD) by Potoroogirl95
Villains of Bodybuilder and Intelligent by Shadow-Soldier980
Crash Bandicoot in Texas Chainsaw Massacre  by LovelyTawna
Strict Orders by AgusTheLatinFurry
Crash Bandicoot
Mexican Crash by Shadow-Soldier980
Color pencil Crash bandicoot by pink-ninja
Iranian Crash bandicoot  by AliTheartistt
Team Rumble High Five by Potoroogirl95
Coco Bandicoot
cave coco bandicoot by pink-ninja
Cave Coco Not Happy by pink-ninja
Iranian Coco bandicoot  by AliTheartistt
Mummy coco/drawtober day 30 mummy by juniorxxx24
Dr. Neo Cortex
Coco Twinsanity by cortexfan
CB: Skin Design - Pumpkin Cursed Cortex by StephDragonness
CB: Cortex Stuck On A Rock by StephDragonness
Disco Dancers by Teira-Nova
INGAME character MIX
Movie Night by Potoroogirl95
R.I.P. Brendan O'Brien by Potoroogirl95
Crash Tag team racing/ Willie, von and pasadena by juniorxxx24
Twinsanity Crash and Cortex by Apple-BRM
OUTGAME character MIX
Up-Top! by Shadow-Soldier980
My Favorite PlayStation Character  by Abrahamsmarterboy2
The Naughty Dog Character  by Abrahamsmarterboy2
(PRIZE) Watching the Sunset by HarmonyBunny2023
shine bright  by LovelyTawna
Commission - DD and Dingodile by Teira-Nova
Crunch Bandicoot
Sexy Crunch by AgusTheLatinFurry
Dr. Gin
Dr. N. Gin - 2023 Artwork by Sunilla-Islander
Nefarious Tropy
N. Tropy by Verona7881
Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tiger(?!) by Sunilla-Islander
Nina Cortex
Nina Cortex by Stardust--Knight
Trophy Girls
Classic Liz Crash 4 Style Render by Potoroogirl95
Ripper Roo
Commission - Ripper roo by Teira-Nova
(Redraw) Pinstripe got electrocuted by Potoroogirl95
The Masks
Dr. Brio
TFB N. Brio by Potoroogirl95
Fake Crash
Pop Figure Bookmark - Fake Crash by InkArtWriter
Inktober (2023) Day 18: Saddle  by Potoroogirl95
Crash Bandicoot - Polar by pikachu-25
Pasadena OPossum
My 10 Comfort Characters by Wisteriaflow4500
OTHER In-game characters
Skeleton Koala Kong by Potoroogirl95
Original Characters
Pinstripe Jr.'s Nintendo Switch by Potoroogirl95
Commission: Small Isabella Bandicoot Plushie by Miss-Sarasa-Designs
Games, Animation, 3D, Environment ++
[SFM] Feeding Catbat by Somco
Crash, Yukari and Raik doodles, just hanging out by Raik-L
Talking about waiting for SantaFirst PartIt's winter and Omelette is preparing to make the kids go home from the School for Gifted Birds.Omelette: Ok, kids, time to go home. Have a great holiday with your families.The kids started to say goodbye to Omelette while going on the schoolbus and Chick comes in his car.Chick: Well... Omelette. Still not over with the children?Omelette, going into Chick's car: No. *Laughing* Although Christmas is coming soon.Chick stops at the stoplight, but starts thinking about what happened to his father.Chick's father was in the hospital, his whole family came to see him.The doctor said they failed to keep Chick's father alive.Omelette: Chick? Chick?Chick: Huh? Wha?Omelette: Are you okay?Chick: Yes, yes, I'm okay.Omelette grows concerned.Second PartOmelette is in her long-sleeved cadet blue nightgown with silver moons and stars all over and Chick is in his long-sleeved tartan maroon nightshirt and nightcap, getting ready for bed.Little does Omelette know is that her husband is still glum.Omelette: Honey, I think I know why you're like that. Your father died in the hospital when he got cancer.Chick: I know, hon. 'Guess this old chick has learned that you have to remember your passing loved one by remembering the things you have done with them.Omelette: Yup.Omelette started to think about one of the children saying that he can't wait for Santa to come to his house.Omelette: By the way, one of the children in my class told me that he can't wait for Santa to come to his house. His name was Beaker.Chick, concerned: Oh?Omelette: But I told him that not anyone can wait until Santa comes to their home. So in order to calm him down, I taught the children a finger poem about waiting for Santa. It's goes like this:"When Santa comes to our house, I'd like to take a peek. But I know he'll never come until I'm fast asleep."You wanna try that?Chick: Okay?Omelette: I'll help:When Santa comes to our house...Chick: When Santa come to our house...Omelette: I'd like to take a peek.Chick: I'd like to... take a peek.Omelette: But I know he'll never come...Chick: But I know he'll never come...Omelette: Until I'm fast asleep.Chick: Until I'm fast asleep.Omelette: Nice work, Chick.Chick: Why, thank you.Omelette: Like I said... not anyone can wait until Santa comes to their home.,

Song:Omelette: Waiting and watching for Santa to appear. Hoping and wishing that he is getting near.Chick: Their moms and fathers told them to be so good all year. They'll know it'll soon be Christmas, they can feel that Santa's near. So they are...Both: Waiting and hoping that he is on his way. Santa and reindeer are coming with his sleigh.Omelette, turning tired: Their moms and fathers told them to be so good all year.Chick: They'll know it'll soon be Christmas, they can feel that Santa's near, but end up...*Now, tired* Sleepy, so sleepy, but want to stay up too. If they sleep *Yawns* dear Santa, please remember we love you.♪♪Both Omelette and Chick fell asleep after their song.Voices:Omelette - Grey DeLisleChick Gizzard Lips - Roger Craig Smith, Toby Turner [Tobuscus] (Singing voice)References:"Waiting for Santa" from "Barney and the backyard gang"
Coco Bandicoot by LittleMissMint
Contest 2008
Crash Bandicoot Club entry by CarlosBandicoot
Contest 2010
Best Crash Bandicoot moment 3D by rorschach-mentality
Contest 2013
SPIN and CRASH! Nitro Crash!~ by CHOBI-PHO

Group Info

WHOA, Hello there!

Welcome to this community driven Crash Bandicoot fan site on DeviantArt.

Accepted submissions:
#-Any character from the Crash Bandicoot universe from any game series.
#-A mix of other game characters (Spyro, Rayman, Lara Croft etc)

Declined submissions:
#-Unnecessary offensive content.
#-Traced/Ripped/Copied art. (This includes ripped 3D models. This might change, if the Crash models are released for free use by officals.)

Why is your art not in the gallery yet?
If you submitted to us, we'll look at it as soon as any founder or contributor sees it.

Where to submit

- Every member can now submit 2 character specific artworks in the respective folder. This will be automatically approved. (we will still hold the right to remove if it is not following group rules)

- Every member can still also submit to some other folders, For now that is still subject to vote.

Submission guide

- Artwork about an singular character (alternate forms) go into the character specific folder. Example: Coco, evil coco etc go in the Coco bandicoot folder

- Artwork that shows a combination of heroes/villains go the heroes or villains folder respectively.
Example: (crash + tawna + Aku go in the heroes folder)
Example: (Cortex + Uka + Ngin go in the villains folder)

Any other questions Can be noted to us here .
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I know Brendan O'Brien died in March 23th, just i thought I draw this drawing that Crash Bandicoot mourns Brendan O'Brien, who was Crash Bandicoot's voice actor. Unfortunately, a cause of death was not announced. 😢

Rest in Peace, Brendan O'Brien (1963-2023) by tillamillasilla
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Late Christmas present:
Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx (CHRISTMAS DEMO) by GWKTM
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