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Crash and Tawna 2020 - COMMISSION by ameliacostanza
Punk Twana by BlueRavenfire
The Uncle Factor by JenL
Dingodile by Gabichan00
Pass The Butter by E-122-Psi
Merry Bandicoot by YAPWEE
Dingodile by Twarda8
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot Needs Hugs by JenL
JAP's CrasH and Usa CrasH by trextrex65
Bandicoot Memories by JenL
.::LineArt::.Crash bandicoot by Rosalie-Sebastiane
INGAME character MIX
Time Genie by TheQueenOfManga
Tiger Ride by YAPWEE
Crash Bandicoot Ningen Style by 123soleil
Coco's Melon's. by RPM1000
OUTGAME character MIX
TAZ VS MEGA MIX by trextrex65
You saw it coming.. by xNIR0x
the legend crash by falvin565
Academy Of Evil - Chp 1 - Pg 2 by JenL
Academy Of Evil - Chp 1 - Pg 1 by JenL
'The Cortexs Plan' page 5 by cybercortex
Confused by Bgm94
Games, Animation, 3D, Environment ++
CB Wrath of Cortex Flash intro by Blackrhinoranger
Equations -  Crash Bandicoot by MortenLung
Lookout- Animated Background by Ashetoret
Trash Bandicoot DingoDance Gif by LeTourbillonEnchanT
Lovin' my laptop by kuvitelma
There he is by kuvitelma
NeoCortex Head by BlueBoxBip
CRASH by polar27
crash and his brothers by falvin565
Crash Bandicoot by Xaldin-III
Crash Bandicoot - Traditional by DaVonteWagner

Mature Content

Contest 2013
SPIN and CRASH! Nitro Crash!~ by CHOBI-PHO
Contest 2010
Best Crash Bandicoot moment 3D by rorschach-mentality
Contest 2008
Crash Bandicoot Club entry by CarlosBandicoot
Dr. Neo Cortex
Merry Christmas 2010 by jumbomax
Coco Bandicoot
Coco Bandicoot by KisuFairy
Crunch Bandicoot
Crunch Bandicoot - MK by DaVonteWagner
The Masks
nina cortex by DANYANTTO
Nina Cortex
nina cortex by DANYANTTO
Angry Dingodile by Blackrhinoranger
Ripper Roo
Pinstripe by DrSpeed
Dr. Gin
Dr. N. Gin by DrSpeed
Dr. Brio
'My newest creation...' by Lars99
Tawna Bandicoot by Abriluna
Trophy Girls
Tiny and Amy by RetroCharo
Nefarious Tropy
Dr. N. Tropy by MortenLung
Fake Crash
Fake Crash, no Brain Colored by Franky869
Polar et Pura by LeTourbillonEnchanT
Crash Bandicoot - Polar by pikachu-25
OTHER characters
Evil CrashBandicoot JAPs style by trextrex65
Tiny Tiger
the old tiny tiger by trextrex65
Pasadena OPossum
Pasadena by Bgm94
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WHOA, Hello there!

Welcome to this community driven Crash Bandicoot fan site on DeviantArt.

Accepted submissions:
#-Any character from the Crash Bandicoot universe from any game series.
#-A mix of other game characters (Spyro, Rayman, Lara Croft etc)

Declined submissions:
#-Unnecessary offensive content.
#-Traced/Ripped/Copied art. (This includes ripped 3D models. This might change, if the Crash models are released for free use by officals.)

Why is your art not in the gallery yet?
If you submitted to us, we'll look at it as soon as any founder or contributor sees it.

Any other questions Can be noted to us here .
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Crash Bandicoot

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Hey gang,

Would you like to have an original artist drawing you something and personally signed?

Joe Pearson

original key concept designer of Crash Bandicoot with Charles Zembillas, wants to open up to the fans with Crash art commissions. He'll draw Crash or any other character from the game or backgrounds, personally signed by him.

He can be reached at: .
His commissions will range from $50 per original drawing.

Fan arts are a great way to show your affection for the games, so let's also send the creators some love! :)
Have a good one!
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Commission - Australian Mentality by TamarinFrog
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Super Mario 63, Sunshine and Galaxy were re-released/ported into newer console without massive overhauls. Why couldn't they do the same on Crash-games as well instead of tarnishing them completely?…
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Since you can't submit journals to groups like submissions, I'm linking it here this way:
Crash Warped doesn't need a spiritual sequelI should've written this later after I got my fangame's first demo finished, but I thought it's best to prevent things from running out of hand now. So, we all know how Crash Bandicoot Warped ended. And we're all certain that there's NO logical way to proceed directly from there.

That's why CTR, Bash, WoC and others rather had different story.On that front, Crash It's about time would've been better as an original game or non-spiritual sequel, than as a spiritual sequel. Idk why they wanted to continue the story that can't be continued, and I bet it'll turn out to be cringe-worthy trash.Also, for spiritual sequel of original Crash trilogy, Crash It's about time isn't even on par with its prequels. I mean, look how consistent original three Crashs were:Even Crash 1 where characters looked slightly different to ones in sequels. And that's what Crash 4 lacks entirely. Only mechanics and elements are back, but aesthetics are waaaaaaaay too different. Talk about missing borrowing sfx and font from wrong source (as in those two egregious Crash-remakes). Another reason why Crash It's about time shouldn't be a spiritual sequel.As a matter of fact, not all Crash-sequels have to be spiritual. Not all Crash-games have to be sequels at all. CTR, for example, is not a sequel at all, but people still like it. Same with Bash , WoC and XS. Even if they're not spiritual sequels, they still kept the franchise going. They brought Crash, Coco and others to new adventures. Even if the formula was the same as before: Linear platforming with crate completion, crystals, vehicles and time trials.Same goes with my fangame, Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx I'm working on. That isn't a sequel either, and it offers a genuine Crash experience, something that recent Crash-games failed miserably with. And even if it doesn't offer the same exaggerated new gameplay mechanics as Crash It's about time, it'll offer alot other new stuff not even Activision, VV, Beenox and ToB ever thought of. I'll reveal those later on to prevent them from stealing those ideas.So basically, I don't have very positive expectations about Crash It's about time and therefore I can't recommend it to anyone else either. I don't think any of us will be any wiser after that misadventure. If I'd recommend anything, then absolutely the original Crash-franchise from original Crash 1 for PS1 up to Crash Nitro Kart or TwinSanity at very least.PS. For some reason hud is missing in those sneak peeks of Crash It's about time. How hard could've that been to introduce this early?
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