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Your memory
I think of you
[every day]
so I can cling to all the pieces that you've given me
[that you left behind]
they make the thought of losing you less terrifying
[except that they don't]
they make me wish I had never let you go
[but I did]
all I have are pieces of you now
[like the]
baseball you begged me for
[I would always like basketball better]
arm around my shoulder
[I couldn't stop imagining kissing your hand]
laugh on my neck
[it still smells like cheetos]
smile in the small space between my collarbone
[why the fuck didn't I kiss you]
hug on my stomach
[those monkey bars had it coming]
fingers on my face
[I swear I felt every line of your finger print]
blush on my feet
[you were so busted]
frown in my gameboy
[I liked the noise]
thank you in my ice cream
[you didn't always have to be so damn grateful]
I keep a hand made dream catcher against the wall, right above my bed
[I bought it where the sun burned my face enough to remind me that beautiful things can hurt too]
it keeps your face
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 1 24
The Contortionist
You used to call me your little contortionist
because of all the ways that I would bend to your will
I learned to think of it as one of those terms of endearment
because it stung, but it was supposed to mean that you loved me
or something
I would spin round and round with my hands up in the air because it was the only way I could keep from falling off the pedestal you put me on
it was a long way down, and the only thing I would hurt was my heart
or my head
whichever of the two that seemed to be making those decision things
I told you about that once, the spinning to keep from falling
because I thought it was beautiful
I wanted to be your magic girl
like the one in all those movies who just had
"something about her"
and could take you to all those places you've never been to
and make you see everything differently
All you told me was that everyone falls
no matter how high they reach
I remember tripping and hitting my head against a desk later that day
it made me decide that I did
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 7 27
Just Words 'A love story'
I wish I could catch all those words you deserve
to tell you just how perfect you are
but every time I reach up
all I end up finding are ordinary things
And I'll wish that I could make all those ordinary words extraordinary
just so that  maybe they could right for you
but it would take far more than just words
no matter how extraordinary
to ever manage something like describing you
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 3 16
Dear Promise
Dear ______,
I promise that I'll pick up the pieces when they all fall apart
and to be your glue when you try to put them all back together
as long as you don't get me everywhere and get us stuck to all that clutter
I'll be the immovable object
if you want to be my unstoppable force
I'll be that touch you need when the tears won't stop falling
and I'll give you happy endings when you don't see any at all
I promise to be your light
if you ever find yourself a tunnel
and I'll make you my only sunshine
if you promise to take away the dark
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 4 22
Lessons of me
I remember
My lesson on death
how it made my body weak under it's weight
and the beautiful bloodied face that came with it
My lessons on disappointment
through a father whose "I'm sorry's" I never felt were meant for me
and whose "I Love You's" were worth as much as the paper they were discarded upon
My lesson on human nature
from when a stepbrother I never really got a chance to know threw himself from the fifth floor window in the living room of my childhood apartment
ten feet from the wall that divided his suicide from my breakfast
(it would be years before I touched another bowl of cheerios)
And a not so much later lesson on helplessness
as my heart stopped upon hearing the wild and painful screams of a man I knew to be the boy's father shatter through the walls in our hallway
My lesson on rejection
from a siste
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 5 24
I may never meet you
share with you
or feel with you
but I will think of you
and wonder if you do some of the same things that I do
I'll wonder if you have some of the same reasons that I do
and I'll think of everything
that keeps us apart
I'll want to ask you questions
so I can think on everything
that holds us all together
and last
of all this
I'll want to tell you that I love you
because of everything that you are
because of everything that you'll be
because of the world that we share
and because of that heart wrenching condition that keeps us all
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 7 19
Crash by CrashArtist Crash :iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 2 12
Where it...Invincible
Where it [counts]
I am superhero
and can do all those things that made saturday morning cartoons worth watching
I am invincible
because I fucking say so
I bring justice without death
and all those things worth having without consequence
I teach small children about a world made to fight for
where nightmares are made of lessons
and people
are worth saving
Where it [actually matters]
People are fucked up
and do fucked up things
And saving has no meaning
without the desire to be saved
And no
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 1 19
Coke melted my brain
Today I'm made of coke and teen angst
I'll be passionate and indecisive
and play all the teen games
I'll watch as I'm watched
and do whatever
to make you stare
I'll flirt and lead you on
pretend like I'm original
if that's in now anyways
I'll be made of new and shit I shouldn't hear
It'll taste like fresh and smell like pavement
The kind that gets [add action here] ten times a day
By the end of the week
I'll be ready to be made of different
so I can get it over with
and start all over
:iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 0 10
Mature content
Just Fuck it :iconcrashartist:CrashArtist 3 19


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I Love You Cinny Buns

Sat Feb 21, 2009, 3:24 PM
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O_O what's this?

Thank you for the sub Cinnamon, I am doing as you said and using it
Oh, I'm supposed to be writing about something in my life or other right?
well, er, for those reading, I'm very busy lately, will probably be a bit in and out over the next week, but after that is should be smooth sailing, and then I will spam your dev inboxes :w00t:



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