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Happy Birthday, Dusk!!

Happy Birthday!!! :iconduskkyy:

And thank you for everything you've done :)

For those who don't know who Dusk is, its the person who has ported the Crash and Spyro models to Source FilmMaker
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I Wish Dusk a Happy Birthday
Hopefully when Spyro Gets His Re-Mastered PS4 Remakes and Newer Original Spyro Games To Come
Elora Zoe and Bianca will have more play able parts since they didn't in the Origin of Spyro's Beginning of His Games
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Unless they plan to give Spyro a Reboot instead Gen 4 Spyro being Based from Gen 1 with Fteshrr Features
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well it's not up to me you or the fans
Activision and Vicarious Visions
plans on what's going to happen they could add Free Flight

all though yes
I'll admit I'll look forward to see how Cynder looks
in Spyro's Original remade Games / Worlds

again ignorance is bliss
but hey the possibilities are endless

during my memories
yes I loved Spyro as The Dragon he was in His Original Games like each Fan Dose

Yet I also found it Frustrating that Spyro was flightless
hello he is a Dragon he has Wings

I almost lost hope but after a while I realized it's not Spyro's fault
but the Developers that created His Games
Then wondered if other Fans would find it Frustrating too

so knowing a small fandom wont be enough 
finding people thats willing to hear us out to help us
we we might have more chances

regardless each Fan Misses Spyro Hoping For His Return is for Reals
that's the least we all have in common
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this is so cool
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It looks amazing! GIF Steven Universe - Lapis Laugh  Thanks!

Love the map tho Lapis is Happy 9 
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You're welcome :D
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DAMN, this is a very good recreation of the level! You can call me impressed. 
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