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Crash Bandicoot The Un-Official TV Show

My secret project revealed!

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Nice art work you did.
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Nitro Kart = Crash 1/2/3 Models with improviments XD
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If you're looking for actual cartoon-styled models that you may see on a major network like CN, I suggest Nitro Kart. But if you're gonna go for a bigger series that needs variety I think you should lean towards Tag Team Racing. Both are fine, but Nitro Kart obviously focused more towards kid-friendly cinematics since they would be barely visible while driving mid-gameplay.
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Tag Team Racing variety? Nitro Kart kid friendly? But tag Team has much cartoon characters, and Nitro Kart has detailed textures models.
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Detail doesn't rlly matter imo, Nitro is more characterized face and body wise to be cartoon characters and sets up a far better setting for multiple episodes and a simplistic main cast and enemies with the whole main character trio you see in basically every show like this.
Tag Team isn't a bad choice, but it certainly does lean towards more video game styled models. Also the lack of Aku Aku and other key characters forces you to use other games, and that's kind of a deal breaker imo. The choice is always yours, but nitro is the only game that screamed "more" with the cutscenes instead of just setting up clips between the game.
Sorry for giving an essay:D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you for your essay, I like when people reason properly, like this :)
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i'm using blender, please help, i need a tutorial
BetzabeNaranja's avatar
a quest, your models use is blender for renderizating? i need a question
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I use 3ds Max, and if you need a question, take this one: "What's the difference between a duck?".
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Maybe in Episode 6, when Fake Crash knocks out Crash hoping that he's killed him, Cortex will take a selfie with Fake Crash and then Fake Crash would slap Cortex in the face for taking a selfie which will then cause Crash to get up and use his spin attack on Fake Crash who then gets mad at both of them. :)
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I bet the major characters of the show are Crash, Coco, Crunch, Aku Aku, Dr Neo Cortex, N Gin, Dingodile, Tiny and Uka Uka. :)

Maybe in episode 5, Cortex would trick Crunch into thinking that Crash commuted a crime when it's really Cortex who did it and in the next episode, Cortex can convince Fake Crash to help him defeat Crash and in the other episodes that will feature Fake Crash, Fake Crash will refuse to work for other, especially Cortex and Fake Crash can be Crash's arch-rival. :)
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Awesome. Can't wait to happen.
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