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CON - Message of Love

For a contest held by :iconraygirl13:, I drew....this. It's meant to be part of her Valentine section, so it had to be romantic.

What's romantic? Sunsets. Roses. Hearts.
What isn't romantic? String-can telephones.

But screw that, lets do it anyway. Maybe it's a sweet little message.

Ryan and Esther are C to Raygirl13
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Yipieeeeee! :love: 
You know? I DO think that string-can phones are cute and romantic ;) Lots of ideas come to mind. hehe! 
Thanks a bunch for joining in, dear!!! I'm really happy! :glomp: :glomp: :glomp: They both look super cute and I love that rose up there! :D :heart: 
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String-can phones need more love then. ^^

I'm real glad you like it. :)
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:hug: Thanks again!