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OC interview with Tyler and Grace

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2018, 8:15 AM

Tagged by HealerCharm :iconhealercharm:.....well, not directly, but I saw she did this, I wanted to give it a go and she was all for me doing so. 

The rules:

 Chose one of your OCs
 The answers must be written in your OC's point of view
 Your OC can't lie
 The title of this journal my be 'OC Interview'
 Tag as many people as you want
 Have fun!

But I'm going to be bending the rules a little bit and using two characters.

1) What is your real name and nickname?
TYLER: Hey. My name is Tyler Antoin Marie. And this is my little sister, Grace Curie Marie
GRACE: Hi. ^^

2) Interesting... What is your current age?
TYLER: I'm twelve years old.
GRACE: I'm eight and a quarter.
TYLER: She's still at the age where she thinks the details mean something.

3) What's your favourite food?
TYLER: I must say, I do enjoy anything involving bread. One of my favourite meals is our Aunt Rosie's toast. Especially covered in strawberry jam.
GRACE: I like chocolate chip cookies.

4) And your favorite drink?
TYLER: Fizzy drinks, especially cola.
GRACE: Orange juice...without the bits in, though.

5) Confession time...who's your lover.
TYLER: Err, we're a bit too young to have a lover. We are only kids after all.
GRACE: What about that girl you had a crush on during summer camp?
TYLER: Grace, don't bring that up! ><;;
GRACE: ......but you do like her, riiiiight?

6) Have you kissed anyone yet?
GRACE: Well, my Mummy, my Daddy, my Aunt Rosie....
TYLER: I don't think that's what they meant, Grace...
GRACE: Oh, and you Tyler. ^^
TYLER: Definitely not what they meant.

7) Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
TYLER: We've answered this one.

8) Who is your favorite author?
TYLER: I don't really have a one favourite author, but I really like fairy tales and stories, so the guys who wrote them. My favourite is The Rainforest Novel, and Grace's is The Small Selkie.
GRACE: I thought I was your favourite author
TYLER: *sigh* I know you like to change the endings in books, Grace, but that doesn't strictly make you an author.
GRACE: you think I could be an author?
TYLER: Probably.

9) What is your biggest fear?
TYLER: Pfft, really? I don't fear anything.
GRACE: What about Aunt Rosie when she's mad at you?
TYLER: Oh, when has she ever been mad at me?
GRACE: Well, there's the time you stubbed your toe....
TYLER: 0_0 Grace! Don't bring that up!
GRACE: ...and then when she came to ask if you were alright, you said a naughty word to her.
TYLER: OK, first, that was an accident! Second, she wasn't that mad, really, can we please not talk about this anymo-
GRACE: Yes she was. She spanked you and washed your mouth out with soap.
GRACE: And you really cried about it all, which is funny because right before you stubbed your toe, you told me you never cried. That was actually kind of a let-down.

10) Any siblings?
GRACE: No, sorry.
TYLER: Yes you do, what are you talking about? You've got me.
GRACE: But you're my brother.
TYLER: *facepalming* "Sibling means brother and/or sister, genius.
GRACE: ........oh.

11) Who is your worst enemy?
TYLER: I don't see how anyone could hate us.
GRACE: But everyone in stories has someone who hates them. Maybe someone out there really hates us.
TYLER: You mean like somewhere in another world, there's someone who sees us as a legitimate threat and will stop at nothing to wipe us off the face of the Earth?
GRACE: .....a bit extreme, but....yeah.
(long pause)
TYLER: That sounds a little nonsense.
GRACE: Yeah, I guess it is.

12) Huh, okay... Who is your best friend?
TYLER: Oh, that's easy. Ryona. ^^
GRACE: She's ever so cool! X3

13) What would you do if you met your creator?
GRACE: Creator? What are you talking about?
TYLER: I dunno....maybe they mean our parents? But we see them all the time, except during summer.
GRACE: Our parents created us? They always told me that the stork created me.
TYLER: Nononono, the stork delivered you.
GRACE: But if Mum and Dad already created me, why would the stork need to deliver me?
TYLER: .......never mind.

14) What do you want to be when you're grown up?
TYLER: When I grow up, I want to be an explorer.
GRACE: And I want to be a fairy.
TYLER: Be realistic.
GRACE: OK, a fairy explorer.
TYLER: Close enough.

15) What is your worst nightmare?
TYLER: Well......I did have this one dream where Grace and I actually hated each other and we had to fight. That was horrible.
GRACE: D8> Wait, what happened?
TYLER: I'm never sure. We just attack and I wake up. I just hope we never have to do that. Y'know, like ACTUAL fighting, not bickering or play-wrestling.

16) What is your lifelong dream?
TYLER: Oh, that's easy. To find a new world and explore it.
GRACE: And I want to meet a mermaid.

17) What would you do if your dream came true?
TYLER: That's easy. I'd go looking for treasure. And dragons. Honestly, mostly dragons. I'd want to see the look on Ryona's face when she finds out they DO exist.
GRACE: If I ever met a mermaid, I'm going to ask her what she hears when she holds a seashell to her ear.
TYLER: Wouldn't it be the same as what we'd hear?
GRACE: Y'mean the sea? But she's already underwater. Wouldn't she hear something different? Like the land?
TYLER: .....who knows.

18) Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?
TYLER: There's a lot of places, but the easiest is Aunt Rosie's house. It's got access to a town, a park AND the seaside. It has everything two adventurous kids like us could ever want.
GRACE: And she makes some wonderful cookies too. X3

I tag: Do you want to do this? Go right ahead. :)


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Grace - DrawThisInYourStyle
Long story short, I really wanted to do the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge on Twitter, but by the time I actually got around to drawing this, the trend had more or less passed. But I wanted to post it anyway,'s little Grace.

Grace is C to me.
If I were to do the #drawthisinyourstyle trend, which character should I use?
4 deviants said Grace
2 deviants said Elissa
2 deviants said Danni
1 deviant said Tyler
1 deviant said Ryona
No deviants said Abdul
No deviants said Corsa
Creatures of the Ice Forest 2
Featuring the entelodonts Entelodon and Archaeotherium, the unusual hoofed-animal Syndioceras and the rhinoceros-like Arsinoitherium.
Too warm....
If anyone's been wondering where I've been these last few days, well....this may explain it.

I'm sure my fellow Brits will attest to this, but the UK is going through quite the heatwave at the moment, and it's frankly unbearable. I simply can't function well in the warm weather...I feel like I'm sweating everywhere, and I have to work five days a week in this warmth, in a job that's almost completely outside in the open. All this means I end up feeling extremely lethargic, and without any inspiration to draw anything...including my Shapeshifter comic, annoyingly enough.

The only good thing about this weather is that I get to have a lot of slushies. Just the thing for this heat.

If I were to do the #drawthisinyourstyle trend, which character should I use? 

4 deviants said Grace
2 deviants said Elissa
2 deviants said Danni
1 deviant said Tyler
1 deviant said Ryona
No deviants said Abdul
No deviants said Corsa


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