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Tawna's Choice: Chapter 3 - The EscapeChapter 3: The EscapeThis was it... the final battle between Crash Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex. Clutching his hand into an iron fist, Cortex prepared to strike with his special ray gun that shoots out balls of energy. "Prepare to die, bandicoot!"Crash did the best he could to send the energy spheres flying with his own tornado spinning technique. He swiftly avoided the purple and blue spheres while knowing when to strike whenever Cortex shoots out the green ones. If there's anything the crate trials taught him, it's to be on your guard and attack back only when it's possible to do so.Tawna did the best she could to steer the blimp around the burning castle to give Crash a chance to fight back against the mad doctor. The battle was intense... but in the end, Crash was given a chance to defeat Cortex, preparing his trademark spin attack while the scientist shot out one final green sphere.The male bandicoot twirled his entire body aboard the blimp, sending the sphere flying into Cortex's hovercraft, which caused it to malfunction and sent the crazed, bearded human falling to his demise. The battle was over...Tawna opened up the hatchet door and approached her short saviour in glee. "I just knew you could do it, Crash! I always believed you would come and save me. I think you deserve a special reward." She picked up Crash right up to her face and gave him a big smooch. Crash had never felt so happy from receiving a kiss from his former cellmate.He exclaimed "Yeee-haw!" in triumph, being put down by Tawna and watched the sunset together. The blimp was set to autopilot, soaring across the ocean floor. This may be the best day of Crash's whole life after being evolved by his recently defeated creator....An hour has passed ever since the escaped bandicoots watched the glistening giant ball of fire slowly descend down into the clear, reflective ocean. Both have sat down on the blimp's edge and didn't say a word. Crash unknowingly placed his brown gloved hand over Tawna's non-gloved hand, and she got struck with a sense of shock.Her spine was tingling and her body aches. Tawna slowly peered down to her rescuer and noticed her hand being placed under his own. She was speechless, never saying a word and feeling uneasy by the sudden movement her partner gave. But she didn't want to make him upset...Tawna sighed and gathered up the courage to swiftly move her hand away from Crash's. "Look... how about we stay inside for the night? We'll find a new home in the morning." she suggested getting into the blimp's interior for some well-deserved sleep, to which Crash happily agrees by nodding his head hastily in excitment.Together, the bandicoots climbed down the ladder and looked around for something comfy to sleep on. Tawna caught her eyes on a worn out blanket that was big enough for the two and instructs Crash to follow her to the blanket.They snuggled together on one of the blimp's corners, lifted up the blanket and lulled her lover to sleep by rubbing his body and soothing him by gently moving her hand around his spiky red mohawk. "Sleep tight, Crash... I will always be here for you." The male bandicoot slowly closed his heavy, drowsy eyes and fell fast asleep.Tawna didn't feel like sleeping, especially thinking about that incident that happened while she was locked away right after Crash's sudden escape. A handsome potoroo named Pinstripe was temporarily assigned to look after her, but Tawna's persuasion managed to get him to release her from her jail cell.There's just something about Pinstripe that she finds to be much more interesting than Crash himself. Tawna looked back at her slumbering boyfriend and moved a little away from him for privacy. "Maybe... maybe Crash isn't the right guy for me. He seems to be obsessed with my curvy figure, and I don't think he'll repay me..."In her mind, Tawna is torn between both Crash Bandicoot and Pinstripe Potoroo. She only has to choose one to stay with for the rest of her life, and the day will come when it is time to make her final decision. Sure, she was rescued by Crash and even declared him her "boyfriend", but something about Pinstripe just struck her heart in a metaphorical sense.There was no time to think about it too much. Tawna attempts to forget about her worries and rested her head over the steel wall. She slowly drifted off to slumber, a few feet away from Crash who just stuck his tongue out while snoring so loud. A shining full moon covers the entire sky, and the blimp was no exception to the glimmering moon shine....Morning had just arrived. Tawna opened up her eyes to a bright sunlight and got out of the blanket, leaving Crash to rest. Walking out to one of the blimp's windows, the female bandicoot looked down and saw a quaint little house in the heart of N. Sanity Island. Nobody seems to be living there as far as Tawna concerned."It's perfect... our new place to call home! I'd better find a safe place for us to land." She ran over to the steering wheel and took control of the blimp. While the blimp was moving, Crash was sleeping through the movement of the flying vessel. No doubt that he is a heavy sleeper.Eventually, Tawna found an open space to stop the blimp from being drifted off by the wind. She brought out a rope which was long enough to touch the ground, and looked back to see Crash still snoozing while pushed away from the blanket. "Crash, wake up! I've got great news!"There was no response; he's still sleeping like a log. Tawna went over to her partner and shouted out: "CRAAASSSH!" He suddenly jolted up out of surprise, and his eardrums were ringing so badly. Tawna facepalmed in disbelief. "You are such a pile of lazybones... but I have managed to find a new home for us to live in. Come along now!"Both the tall, blonde-haired bandicoot and short, red-haired bandicoot slid down the rope and into the open patch of grass. They ran off into the jungle to locate the house, and when they finally made it... they never felt so happier.The house itself was white and red, dome-shaped with a chimney, wooden doors and windows as well as a garden across the picket fence. Crash and Tawna's eyes grew bigger in awe. This house was made for the two. All Crash can do now is relax with his girlfriend and live a content life together in their new home.The inside was fully furnished, but filled with dust and cobwebs all over. The two partners looked at each other's eyes and did their best to tidy up the entire house and clean the mess left by the previous unknown owners. Crash used a feather duster to sweep up the dust, while Tawna sprayed the windows' dirty glass clean and pristine.After all that hard work... they were finished. Now they have a place to call home. "Couldn't have done it without you, Crash. Unfortunately, there's no beds for us to sleep on at the moment, so we'll settle for the round carpet." Crash gave a thumbsup in agreement to Tawna's words.The blonde-haired beauty smiled back. Crash felt tired from cleaning up the whole house, so he plumped his entire body onto the carpet and lazily fell fast asleep, much to Tawna's chagrin. "Oy vey... can't a guy like you be more active for once? No matter... he can do whatever he wants to. I'm not complaining."For the time being, Crash Bandicoot and his rescued girlfriend Tawna lived a content life together. He thought about drinking wumpa juice together, cuddling with each other, and even planning to make love when they do get a bed. Crash is fully satisfied with his life. He doesn't want to become the hero and save the world from destruction. All he has is a beautiful lady and a humble house. Nothing can go wrong for the two of them now....However, their peace wouldn't last for very long....Night time had arrived, and both Crash and Tawna snuggled together on the carpet, resting up for a new life tomorrow. A sudden vibration stems from Tawna's left pocket on her short jeans. She slowly woke up to find her green smartphone ringing upon closer inspection."Wait a minute... when did I even get a smartphone?" Cartoon logic aside, Tawna covered up the smartphone to avoid waking Crash up and ran from the living room into the hallway. She answered the phone and hung it up to one of her ears. "Yeah, who is this?""So, dollface... ya remember that promise ya'd made a while back?" Tawna recognizes that voice... it was Pinstripe, who had fully recovered from his battle with Crash while he was going to rescue her. "Yeah... what about it?"Pinstripe chuckled at Tawna's naivety and gladly answers her question. "I had my goons fully refurnish the whole factory to 'yer likin'. 'Dat's why I'm invitin' you over for a lil' get-toge'ddar, future wife." The female bandicoot felt a little surprised... why did she even consider saying "future wife" to her former bodyguard?No time for questions. Tawna swiftly accepted Pinstripe's invitation without even refusing to go. "Good. Get yerself a ride over to Cortex Island and ah'll show ya 'round. See ya, sweetheart." He hung up immediately after. Tawna had no other backup plan, but wouldn't want to see Crash be ditched by her like that."I'll need to write down a personal note before I make my way over to Pinstripe's place..." And that is exactly what Tawna did. Using a special red ink, she wrote down her note, left it on the table side right next to the front door and slowly sneaking her way out of the house without Crash knowing she left for another man...Crickets chirped across the quiet island, and Tawna makes her way to N. Sanity Beach to fetch a boat to ride on, since the blimp would take forever to make it back to Cortex Island. A stranded boat with a tribal face on the front catches her eye, as Tawna pushes it back to shore with all her might and rode on it above the wavy ocean floor.The blonde-haired bandicoot felt guilty about leaving her lover behind, looking out to see the island getting smaller by the boat riding the waves. Though Tawna stayed strong and prepared to head on over to her destination. "Don't worry, Crash... I will be back for you. But for now, I have to visit a certain someone who also freed me from captivity."
Star Trek Bandicoot: Chapter 5Coco's Birthday...Crash and Spyro spent the last hour remembering and laughing at all the crazy events that they went through together. But then Crash suddenly remembered Coco's birthday, which sent him back into an emotional wreck.(OMG! Coco probably spent her whole birthday worrying about me!) Crash thought to himself, feeling so guilty.Spyro was a bit confused why Crash suddenly went so sad again but he guessed that it was because Crash thought he missed Coco party.“Crash, if it makes you feel any better, Coco's birthday isn't until tomorrow.” Spyro said reassuringlyCrash was so relieved but still sad that he didn't have a gift for her.“Come on Crash, let's go back inside.” Spyro said.Crash agreed, so they both got up and started walking back to the house.As soon as the two friends entered the house, Crash went straight to his bedroom, followed by Spyro. Crash then found his backpack and looked inside.“What are you looking for Crash?” Spyro asked, not having a single clue what his friend was doing.After another minute of searching, Crash pulled out the birthday card that he had made for Coco and handed it to Spyro.“Wow! Did you make this all yourself?” Spyro asked in shock.Crash nodded, with a very proud look on his face. Crash then went to his closet and grabbed out a large box.“What's in there?” Spyro inquiredCrash then left his bedroom, still carrying the box. Spyro was so confused that he just followed Crash, not saying a word. Crash then entered the living room and placed the box on the floor. When Spyro opened it and had a look inside, he saw all sorts of different coloured decorations.“Where on Earth did all these come from?” Spyro asked, completely stunned.Crash just crossed his arms and looked at Spyro with the exact same proud expression as before, clearly signalling that it was a secret.Spyro grunted and looked away from Crash, frustrated.Crash felt guilty, so he grabbed out a decoration and then knelt down beside Spyro. Crash then put a hand on his friend's shoulder. Spyro turned to look at Crash and saw the decoration he was holding. Spyro then smiled before grabbing a decoration from the box himself. Crash felt very happy before the two friends got to work with decorating up the living room.*The next day*Coco was woken up by Tawna.“Happy birthday Coco.” Tawna said.Coco slowly got up.“Thanks Tawna but is it okay if we can go and be with Crash for a little bit?” Coco requested.“Of course.” Tawna replied.So Coco got up and the two girls went to see Crash. But when they opened the door Crash was gone and his closet was wide open. Coco and Tawna started to freak out and they both ran for the living room to wake up Spyro. But hen the girl got to the living room, they were not expecting to see it all decorated up.“Where did all this come from?” Coco asked in shock.Just then, Spyro and Crash jumped out from behind the sofa.“SURPRISE!” Spyro shouted while Crash just blew a parted blower.Tawna was in shock but Coco was on the verge of crying. She then ran up and gave both Crash and Spyro a big hug.“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” Coco cried out as she burst into tears.“It was no big deal.” Spyro said.Coco then let them go before she turned to Crash.“I am just speechless Crash and how-? when? W-where?” Coco stuttered as she tried to rap her head around everything.Crash just took his sister into another big hug. Tawna and Spyro soon joined in.After a minute or two Tawna and Spyor let go while Coco and Crash kept holding on to each other.“I’ve missed you Crash. I thought I'd have to spend my birthday without you. But you pulled through just in time. I love you so much.” Coco said as she started to cry again.“Hay! The boys did a very good job with decorating up the living room. So why don't we get this party started?!” Tawna cheerfully asked everyone to raise their spirits.But just then the doorbell rang.So Coco let go of Crash and went to answer the it. When Coco opened the door, Elora, Hunter and the Professor were standing there.“Happy birthday Coco!” Everyone said.“Wow! Thank you. Come on in.” Coco said.So they followed Coco into the living room where they were surprised to Crash up and well.“Wow! Crash! It's good to see you up and it looks like that you were able to make it to this pretty cool looking party.” Hunter said.Everyone started laughing.“Come on everyone. Are we just going to stand around or are we going to get this party STARTED?!” Spyro shouted out.So for the rest of the day everyone danced, had some food, gave out presents and just had a good time.*later at the end of the day*The sun was setting and the bandicoots had just said goodbye to everyone.Crash was just sitting on the beach watching the sunset when Coco walked up, sat down and cuddled next to Crash while resting her head on his shoulder.“Thank you for such an amazing birthday Crash. I never thought you would be able to do something like this. Ever!” Coco said.Crash smiled. He then remembered something. So Crash grabbed out his iPhone and started scrolling through it. A few seconds later, the birthday card that he made appeared in front of Coco. She picked it up and opened it.Coco just stared at it for a few seconds before she took Crash into another tearful hug.“Oh Crash. You are the best brother ever.”Crash started tearing up now and the two siblings just enjoyed the sunset.
Star Trek Bandicoot: Chapter 4Someone You Know But Don't Know...Captain Molnár's log: 29/2/2384.I have been on Bajor for two days now with Deanna, and to be honest, I've actually been quite distracted.---Deanna and I were both sitting at the edge of a river. Deanna was relaxing, while I was just reading a book on Ancient Egypt.---After Egypt's central government collapsed at the end of the Old Kingdom, the administration could no longer support or stabilize the country's economy. Regional governors could not rely on the king for help in times of crisis, and the ensuing food shortages and political disputes escalated into famines and small-scale civil wars. Yet despite difficult problems, local leaders, owing no tribute to the king, used their new-found independence to establish a thriving culture in the provinces. Once in control of their own resources, the provinces became economically richer which was demonstrated by larger and better burials among all social classes. In bursts of creativity, provincial artisans adopted and adapted cultural motifs formerly restricted to the royalty of the Old Kingdom, and scribes developed literary styles that expressed the optimism and originality of the period.---“What are you reading?” Deanna asked me when I least expected it.“Just a book on Ancient Egypt.” I said.“I never thought you were interested in that type of thing.” Deanna said, surprised.“Trust me, my grandmother is a lot more interested in it then me.” I said off hand.“I don't think I've ever met you grandma.” Deanna said. “She's never left Earth.” I stated.“I'd like to meet her someday.” Deanna said.“I'm sure she'd be more then happy to meet you Deanna.” I said with a smile.Deanna smiled back before we both went back to what we we're doing.*Two hours later*Me and Deanna we're still by the river relaxing.“Enterprise to Captain Molnár.”That caught both me and Deanna by surprise. I reached over to grab my combadge, because it was obvious that someone was trying to contact me. I picked it up and tapped on it. “This is Captain Molnár, and who is this?” I asked.“It's Picard.”Deanna and I just look at each other for a few seconds in surprise.“What do you need, captain?” Deanne inquired.“I need you both to come up to the Enterprise, because we found something which you might find interesting Frank.” Picard replied.“Where are you right now?” I asked.“On the Enterprise, in orbit of Bajor.” Picard answered.“Well it's going to take us a while to get all our things together.” I stated.“Take all the time you need. Picard out.”With that, Deanna and I got up and headed back to the place we were staying to pack our things.*One hour later*Deanna was sitting in the living room while I was changing. “Are you done yet Frank?” Deanna impatiently asked.“Hang on. I'm going as quickly as I can... Oh come on!” Deanna was starting to get annoyed. “Picard to Counselor Troi, how's everything going down there?”“Everything's going fine sir, except that “Captain Molnár” is taking forever to get his uniform on.” said sarcastically.“Hay!” I shouted out. “Well let's hope that he doesn't take too much longer.” Picard said off hand.Just a few seconds later I was finally ready. So I entered the living room and walked over to Deanna.“Frank to Enterprise, tow to beam up.”And with that, we were being transported up to the Enterprise along with all our stuff.Deanna and I rematerialized on the transporter pad and Commander Riker there to great us“Hello Commander.” I greeted.“Hello “Captain Molnár.” So how have you been?” Riker jokingly asked.“Fine.” I replied.“I wish we had more time to catch up but Captain Picard is waiting in engineering.” Riker stated. So Deanna and I followed the commander.We arrived in engineering, where Captain Picard, Geordi La Forge and Commander Worf were waiting.“Hi, “Captain Molnár”.” Geordi greeted.I giggled at that.“Hi Geordi.” I responded.I then turned to Worf.“Hello Worf, how are you?” I asked.“Good... Congratulations on the promotion.” Worf respondedThen Commander Data walked in with some sort of storage device.“Captain, I was able to retrieve pieces of the last log entry. It is audio only.” Data stated.“Let's hear it.” Picard ordered.Captain- log:-The day has finally come, the- But even with the combi- out number us- Should our luck run out, I'd just like to say- acted with distinction and valor.“I was even able to get the name of the federation ship and captain who made this log entry.” Data said.“Well what is this captain's name?” I asked.“Captain Crash Bandicoot, of the Federation starship Stargazer. Data said. I froze.“Isn't the Stargazer decommissioned?” Deanna inquired.“Yes and if I know correctly, the Stargazer is being held in the fleet museum.”Worf said.While everyone else was talking, I was completely distracted by the name Crash Bandicoot. It felt so familiar. Like someone I know but don't know. More like a close friend to be exact.(Why does that name feel so familiar?) I thought to myself in complete confusion.”Captain? Captain? Frank, hay!” Deanna called out.“W-what?” I asked, snapping back to reality.“Are you all right?” Deanna asked“I don't know.” I replied.Data quickly came over, grabbed out his tricorder and started scanning me.“Mr Data?” Picard asked.“I can not detect anything wrong with him.” Data said.“Captain with your permission, I'd like to head back to Voyager now and is it okay if Data can join me?” I requested.“Very well.” Picard said.So Data and I left.*minutes later*Data and were on Voyager now, on a turbo lift heading to the bridge.“Captain. I am curious. Why did you want me to come with you?” Data inquired.“Because I need your help.” I answered.“With what, I might add?” Data continued.“I need your help to get in contact with an old friend of mine.” I replied.At that moment, Data and I had reached the bridge.“Captain!” Commander Miller exclaimed.“As you were commander.” I said as I walked into my ready room with Data following.“I will need to use your computer captain.” Data said.“Go ahead.” I replied.So Data took a seat, turned my computer around and switched it on.“May I ask, who are you trying to get in contact with?” Data inquired.“Thalleous Sendaris and he's not human, he actually ardoni.” I said.So Data got to work while I was getting myself a drink.“Computer, one tall glass of red grape juice, lightly sparkled, 15°C.”I grabbed my drink and then took a seat next to Data. After a couple of minutes, Data had found Thalleous.“I have found him sir. Thalleous is on the U.S.S Leppard, which is on course for DS9 right now." Data said.“Wow! Good work Data.” I complimented.“Thank you captain.”I took a few seconds to think on what to do next.“Captain Molnár to astrometrics.”“Yes?” Seven Of Nine responded.“Seven can you please use the astrometric sensors to find the U.S.S Leppard. They're supposed to be on their way to DS9 right now. I ordered over the com.“Yes captain” Seven replied.It took Seven about a minute to find the U.S.S Leppard.“Seven Of Nine to Captain Molnár.”“Go ahead.” I replied.“The U.S.S Leppard is still on course for DS9.” Seven said.“Thank you Seven, please send the coordinates to my ready room.” I said“At once captain.”A few seconds later, I received the coordinates.“Computer open a subspace channel to these coordinates, encoded for Thalleous Sendaress.” I ordered.A few seconds later, an image of Thalleous was on my computer.“Thalleous! How are you my old friend?”“Hi Frank. I'm doing well. How about you?” Thalleous asked.“Oh me? I'm fine.” I replied.“Who is this?" Thalleous asked.“This is Lieutenant Commander Data.” I said“Hallo.” Data introduced.“Hallo Mr Data.” Thalleous replied.“I wish we had time to chat but I would like to know Thalleous, when will you be arriving at DS9?” I inquired.“Why? Wait… Are you already there?” Thalleous asked.“Yep.” I said.Thalleous started laughing.“I'll be there in five days.” Thalleous said once he stopped laughing.“See you then.” I replied....
Star Trek Bandicoot: Chapter 3Scared Friend...Crash was frozen. Horror, confusion, fear, disbelief, they were all running through his head over and over again at what he was seeing. Crash was in so much shock that he didn't even react when the flashlight that he was holding fell out of his hand.BANG!The noise caught Spyro's attention. He immediately bolted towards the source of the sound, fearing that something had happened to CrashWhen Spyro reached the location of where he heard the sound, he saw a flashlight laying on the floor still on and he saw Crash frozen again with his back turned to Spyro.When Spyro walked around Crash to be in front of him, he was expecting to see a blank look on Crash's face, but he definitely wasn't to see a completely horrified Crash.“Crash!? Are you alright!? What happened!?” Spyro asked, worried.Crash's hand slowly raised up, pointing behind Spyro while shaking like mad.Spyro quickly turned around and what he saw put him into the same state as Crash.Right in-between them and the helm, on the ground, was another Crash Bandicoot. He was obviously dead, and perfectly preserved just like all the other dead bodys on the I.S.S Voyager.This “other” Crash was wearing all back, with a matching cape that went down to his feat. He also had a pretty bad looking scar going right over his left eye. THUD!Spyro quickly turned around and saw that Crash had collapsed. Spyro was in such a mix of emotions that he started to panic.***Crash slowly started waking up. He had the most horrible headache ever.(Oh gosh, my head really hurts.) Crash taught to himself as he sat up.He looked around and realized that he was in his bedroom. He looked out his widow and saw that it was night time.(Please tell me that what I went through was just a dream.) Crash asked in his head but got no answer.Frustrated, Crash got up and walked out of his bedroom and walked into the livingroom only to see Spyro fast asleep next to the fireplace. So Crash very quickly excited the house not wanting to disturb anyone. Crash walked down to the beach and sat down on the sand. He then started looking up at the sky, it was a perfectly clear night and the moon was shining bright along with the stars.He was thinking about all the things he had gone through recently.(Gosh, what has been happening recently? Is any of this even real? What about that “other Crash”? Was he real? Was I looking at a future version of myself or not? What do I do!?)At this point Crash was in such a mix of emotions that he just let himself collapse onto the sand, crying.*Meanwhile*Spyro woke up suddenly. He quickly sat up and looked around. He had had a nightmare of Crash, so he decided to go and check on him. Spyro was hoping if he sat next to his friend for a bit it would make him feel better. But when Spyro entered Crash’s room, he was nowhere to be seen.Spyro immediately went into a full plone panic. Not sure what to do, he just ran outside and started looking everywhere.First Spyro ran through the forest shouting out Crash's name but he got no answer. Then he went to Cortex's castle, only to be chased out by Tiny Tiger. Spyro was really trying to think where Crash could have gone. Then it hit him. The beach.When Spyro reached the beach he saw Crash collapse on the sand. Thinking that Crash needed help, Spyro bolted towards him but stopped when he heard crying. Spyro looked around for a few seconds before he realized that it was Crash who was crying. Spyro immediately went from panicking, to worried. Spyro then continued walking towards Crash, slowly.“Crash?”Crash immediately sat up and looked around, only to see his dragon friend. It broke Spyro’s heart to see his bandicoot friend so upset. Crash went back to laying on the sand facing away from Spyro.“Crash please, I want to help.” Spyro said, really wanting to help Crash.Crash didn't move from the position he was in, instead his crying just got worse. Spyro started to tear up as well, but not for the same reason as Crash. He was tearing up because couldn't bear to see his friend like that and everything he was doing was just making it worse. The only thing Spyro could do was just put a hand on his Crash's shoulder and stay quiet.After minutes of this, Crash had finally calmed down enough to face Spyro. So Crash slowly sat up, his face drenched from tears. “Do you remember when we first met.” Spyro asked out of the blue.(Why is he bringing that up.?) Crash thought to himself with a very confused look now. But, he then did start to think back to that time.***Crash was lost in a forest.(Coco is going to kill me when I get back home.)Coco was testing a new teleporting machine that she had been working on for a while when Crash accidentally touched something that he shouldn't have. The machine started to malfunction, there was a bright flash of light, then Crash woke up in a forest.Crash walked aimlessly for a while before he came across a village. He quickly hid in a bush. He peeked out to see if anyone was near by but he wasn't expecting to see a blue dragon. Crash's eyes widened.(Am I dreaming, or something?) Crash thought to himself as he just stared at what he was seeing.Suddenly Crash heard a noise coming from the bushes behind him. He quickly turned around. A few seconds later a purple dragon with yellow horns emerged. Crash was literally seconds away from either collapsing, or running away in a full blown panic.***A smile appeared on Crash's face, remembering that crazy day. He then looked over at Spyro who was smiling too....


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