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Today I went outside with the intent of walking for recreation and fun and perhaps even entertainment. It was the first time I went outside without immediately trapping myself in a dark car only to reach a place where I can trap myself in the mechanical hum of everyday light. I grabbed my lighter (you never know when you'll need a flame) and my wallet (you never know when someone might have to ID your body) and headed for the front door. It had been such a long time since I had gone walking I almost forgot shoes, I remembered just in time to look like a fool to anyone looking at the front door at the time.
After I had gotten ready to begin walking, I began walking. I successfully made it out the front door, down a few steps when I was suddenly blinded by a light of such intensity I thought I would never see again, and tried to cover my eyes with as much of my body as I could possibly muster. I soon realized the sun was out and I, again, looked like a fool. I tried to play off my sudden
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Ode to ice cream
Mint chocolate chip I love you so,
If I can without you I wish not know.
Vanilla you are so great,
If you were human you'd be my best mate.
Moose tracks so wrongly named,
One of the best yet barely famed.
Strawberry I remember when first we kissed,
Your taste since then I've awfully missed.
Yet none compare to that of fair yogurt,
who's flavor is closest to that of dirt.
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The Death of Sally Sue
At the age of five I had no friends outside of my family or the television. I did not want to confide in my family but I definitely did not want to confide in the TV so I created a friend of my own.
This friend, as all good imaginary friends do, had a name. This one was named Sally Sue and she was beautiful inside and out. She had gorgeous eyes and a near perfect smile. Her hair was of some length and color that I don't remember and don't much care to. She loved each and every living creature on this earth with the entirety of her kind, gentle, and most beautiful heart, even the mean ones. Her only weak point was that she was a molecularly sized human being who lived on the downstairs toilet.
We had many talks but not many adventures due to her size and being permanently affixed to the toilet. At one time I even asked her to marry me, but she said no. (To those of you who are wondering: Yes, at age five I had the ability to say no to myself.) Yet, as with all imaginary friends, the fri
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Black roses will never will lie,
And white ones never will desert you.
Blue roses will never make you cry,
And red ones never will hurt you.
Black roses will never hold you tight,
and white ones never will help you.
Blue roses will never make you laugh,
And red ones never will love you.
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A plan is successful,
Except when it fails,
And a bird will be beautiful,
Except those in jails.
A child is happy,
Except when they frown,
And a tooth has enamel,
Except those with crowns.
A man can be happy,
Unless he is sad,
Yet a woman cannot be,
For they are always mad.
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I think
You think
I thought
The thought
I think
I thought
I thought a week ago
But you thought
What he thought.
He thought
To think
About my thoughts.
But I think
He thought
The thoughts all wrong.
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Untitled and Unknown
When do we start to feel,
And when do we begin to hate?
When do we realize life isn't great,
And when do we understand we'll die?
When do we feel our first real pain,
And when does it stop?
When do we begin the end,
And why is the path so long?
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United States
Hello, my name is Michael Gavin. When (and if) you decide to read any of my "work" please note that it is "art". Art is meant to be interpreted. I will not get offended, nor will I think any less of you for not taking the same interpretation as I do on my poetry and prose.

Current Residence: Shittown USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal/Techno
Operating System: Human
Personal Quote: When your happy and you know it don't clap your hands. Everyone else can find out on their own.


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 18, 2009, 3:26 PM
Noting new yet. I am thinking about writing a short story however... I'm just more worried about getting a job!! I have so many story ideas but I keep getting depressed/stressed/tired/bored and I just give up before I even start. This is not good for someone aspiring to become a writer or musician or something in the entertainment business....

In more "Journal" related news I think I have skin now and I will finish every journal entry off with a random quote . For example:

~~ "That's it man, game over man, game over! What the fuck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?" Hudson (as played by Bill Paxton) in the movie Aliens and again by Bill Paxton himself when he resorted to acting in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over~~

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