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~Iron Shadows + Frail Flowers~
*3months Later*
Angel Island was partly in a state of panic. For many weeks, Shadow the Hedgehog was tearing around Mobius, oppressing every civilization he came across and went largely unopposed. Just as he was nearing New Mobotropolis, the Kingdom of Acorn's new queen, Sally, did something rather shocking and damn near unthinkable. She privately met with the ebony hedgehog to propose an alliance in order to end the hostilities. Unfortunately, no one ever thought that would also mean matrimony between them. Of course, this was just marriage in name only. Not that the two even had a shred of romance or affection for one another, it was strictly politics. Even so, having Shadow as king and sovereign over all Acorn territories, which made up 80 percent of Mobius at that point, was almost like having a nightmare come true. Whatever Sally's hopes were in making Shadow her King, were slightly wasted as he continued on with his warmongering ways to h
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Today, we've lost one of the most gifted artists and storytellers of our time. A man who brought forth a legion of superheroes and villains that are near and dear to us and a movie franchise that continues to keep us on the edge of our seats. Goodbye good sir, and God speed.

Stan Lee


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~Animaniacs: Nocturnus Act XXII~

*Chapter 9: Escape to the Sistine Chapel*

Rem let out a yelp when she was suddenly yanked backwards by an unseen force. Yakko was quick to act and managed to grab ahold of the teen before she was dragged too far. In the process of doing so, he pulled out a mallet from his hammerspace and flung it forward in the hopes of hitting the Boy lurking around in the shadows.

"...whoops. You missed." Seth tutted.

"Bite me." the elder Warner hissed under his breath.

Rem meanwhile was shaking a little in Yakko's hold, even though he had a vice like grip on her. The entire party recovered from their spill and shuffled to one corner to reassess their situation.

"So, what the heck do we do now?" Max retorted. "The guy's got us cornered. Literally."

The toons stopped to think quickly as time was being a merciless mistress. Suddenly, with a light bulb appearing above their heads, it occurred to the Warner Siblings that there was indeed someone who could actually bring down Seth. They were almost ready to whack themselves with their own mallets for not thinking of it before.

"Eeeeehhhh, I think we might have a back door." Yakko implied.

"Great, let's use it." Buster replied, catching on.

"Hold on sports fans..." Slappy interjected. "Let's make sure the psychopath doesn't follow us."

"I'm on it!" Gogo shouted eagerly. He was out to restore his honor and ego after it got crushed earlier.

The dodo sped off, determined to make good on his word and then came to a screeching halt. In a flurry of movement, he pulled out a black hole, a bucket of paint, and a paint brush. Gogo then slapped the hole right onto the floor and proceeded to paint right over it in the exact same shade of the floor rubble and all. As he was doing this, Yakko could feel Rem still slightly shaking, although she was making quite an effort to reign herself in.

"Relax, Rem." Yakko murmured in a tone low enough that only she could hear while giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

A few seconds later, Gogo came rushing back, taking a spare door from his hammerspace and slamming it down in the spot between them and the rest of the ground floor.

"He's coming!" the dodo exclaimed.

With a hushed silence, the toons waited for Seth to cross the newly erected threshold. Although they attempted to clear their heads of any coherent thought, anxiety ran high because if this distraction didn't work out the way it was intended to, they were effectively screwed. Seth reproached the room where the floor above had collapsed, feeling rather amused and giddy for the damage and fear he had wrought. He almost laughed aloud mockingly when he was met with the door that Dodo erected.

"While this was, for the most part irritating, I daresay, I'm actually enjoying my--"

He never got to finish. As soon as the Boy stepped right across the threshold, he fell right into the strategically hidden black hole. Once everyone heard the fall and the ensuing crash, they all made a mad dash towards the nearest exit they could find,

"That's it, let's beat it!!" Buster shouted.

After they had each made it outdoors, they got as far as they could from the campus.

"Next step, the Sistine Chapel!" Yakko exclaimed.

"...Wait, how the hell are we gonna get there?!" Rem rasped.

"Like this." Wakko replied.

To Rem's astonishment and disbelief, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Slappy, Skippy, Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hampton, Gogo, and Calamity grabbed the corner of the scenery like a page from a book and suddenly they were in Italy.

Just moments later, the shadows from the playground, the school house, and the lamps grew longer until they met at a center. Seth's darkened shade emerged as if he were simply taking an elevator up until he fully materialized. However, the Boy soon realized that neither Rem nor his adversaries were there any longer. He couldn't even sense them, they were too far away. With his rage how running high as ever, Seth threw his head up facing the night sky and let out a powerful, furious demonic roar.


Michelangelo Buonarroti was busy touching up the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. For the past few nights, he had been terribly uneasy that he seemed to have lost his traditional and trademark bad temper and manic obsession compulsion to be a perfectionist. Church goers that came in for daily services noted that he had suddenly became quiet and instead of raging at them for every little thing, he was grudgingly laid back. Some wondered if he had or was becoming ill.

Truth was, there was an evil in the night sky that caused the uneasiness in Buonarroti and being inside the chapel provided some solace. IT was near dawn when loud knocking suddenly broke the silence, and nearly caused him to slip a paint stroke on the fresco. Letting out a heavy sigh as if he were expecting this, Buonarroti climbed down from the scaffolding and went to the church's front doors. He found himself not surprised to see who was standing on the front steps and nearly out of breath.

"Well, don't you look like you've went down the Tenth Circle and back again." the artist said sarcastically, arching a brow.

"Eeeeeeehhhhh, you might say we kinda went over our heads." Yakko admitted sheepishly.

"We're any of you followed?"

"Unless this whack job has a highly sophisticated GPS system...." Brain muttered.

"What he said." Dot added.

"Then get inside." Buonarroti urged. "Quickly."

Not needing to be told twice, the whole gaggle of toons rushed in. Buonarroti cautiously looked around before shutting the doors tight and locking them.

"Sorry we came in such short notice, Mike." Yakko began again. "But we could really use a hand."

"Well, that's all well and good, but before any of you do anything you could do well with some sleep." the artist ranted.

"That would be nice, if we didn't have a psychopath on our butts!" Slappy ranted back.

"Which I'm well aware of. But the lot of you won't be able to confront him while fighting fatigue. I should know."

"Of course, he's an artist." Dot humorously mused as she pointed a thumb at him.

"And besides, a church is certainly not going to be at the top of his list of places to search if he's after you."

"He's got a point there." Buster said with a shrug.


As the morning star slowly entered the sky, following the behest of Buonarroti, the toons took the precious amount of daytime they could get to rest and recharge from for lack of a better word, getting their butts handed to them. Only three individuals were awake, two of which had briefly joined Buonarroti as he patrolled through the church's halls.

"Don't worry, I'll find a place suitable for you to recuperate." Buonarroti said. "I've spent many a sleepless night working on countless commissions, paintings, and frescos, all to accomplish getting them done perfectly without fail. Not getting at least one night or day to rejuvenate will land you back to square one. Or so my psychotherapist tells me."

"I happened to fully understand how you feel, good sir." Brain replied with a contemplating expression.

"Hey, Brain. Maybe we should get a psychotherapist." Pinky enthusiastically suggested. "NARF."

"Gee, I don't know, Pinky." said Brain irritably and sarcastically. "Perhaps when this is over, we can start searching the Yellow Pages."

"Hmph, at least you're better to house than those buzzards..."

The other individual still very much wide awake and deep in thought was Rem.

....dammit, what the hell is his weakness?? He doesn't like sunlight, but UV rays aren't always foolproof. He's not exactly a friggin' vampire.

The sound of birds from outside tweeting and then getting bopped by a grumpy Pesto made Rem's ears twitch a little but didn't distract her from her thoughts.

...I wonder if I can 'go all out' like everyone else. I'm not exactly what anybody would refer to as a 'purebred cartoon character', but would it kill me to try? And if I manage to pull it off, will it be enough to end that son of a bitch?

Her ears twitched again, this time to the sound of three pair of feet tapping at her. Rem didn't have to look up to see that it was her guardians.

"If this is about offering myself as bait, you can chew me out when this whole shitfest is over." the teen murmured quietly.

"Weeelll, it's not precisely that." Dot said.

"But Mike did have a valid point about getting some shut eye for a bit." Yakko added.

"...I'm not tired." Rem asserted. "And besides, why are we here in Renaissance Italy?"

"Because Mike was nice enough to lend us some assistance the last time we were here, so we figured it was a good idea to seek his enlightened guidance again."

Rem nearly snorted in laughter at Yakko's response. It was almost amazing to see that he could still be a smartass even in their darkest hour.

"So, about that shut eye..." Yakko pressed.

"I told you, I'm not tired!" Rem exclaimed while resisting the urge to rub her eyes.

"Uh-huh, and the bags under your eyes are just a figment of our imagination." Dot said.

"Yup, they sure are."

"Don't you get zany with us, missy." Wakko tutted.

The teen let out a groan.


A few hours later, just past midday, Rem was next seen in deep dreamless slumber. Wasn't quite sure how she got there, but it was bliss nevertheless. It was better than enduring what was happening before. Heck, she had somewhat forgotten of the peril that raveled around her world. Then a familiar voice broke into her psyche and shattered the reverie and peace of the silence.


Rem snapped her eyes open and darted them across her surroundings. She then jerked up, nearly toppling over from the sudden movement.

"Jeez, Rem. It ain't quite time to smell the espresso yet."

The teen rubbed her eyes with a groan.

" long was I out, Warner??" she asked.

"Weellll, according to this, precisely three hours, five minutes, and twenty seconds." replied Yakko, pulling out a sundial.

"Where's my sword at?"

"Funny you should ask. Dot's got it."

Rem heaved a heavy sigh as she rubbed her eyes again.

"...what the hell did'ja let me fall asleep for??" she muttered under her breath.

"I don't suppose you had plans to record Italian opera on the tube there, Rem."

Rem wanted to smack him for being a smartass and letting her fall asleep. Then a thought occurred to her. She got up off the bench she was sleeping on and headed out into the halls.

"Hey, hey, hey, where do you think you're off to?" Yakko protested, also catching the attention of his younger siblings.

"There's something I wanna ask Mike about." Rem replied.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot exchanged glances and then shrugged. They followed their charge until she found the noted in a small room preparing some weaponry.

"...This is some fancy artillery you got here, uh Mike." Rem commented pointedly.

"And you of all people should know why that is." Mike gruffly responded.

"...Point taken. Actually, I have a question for you, if you don't mind."

"I thought you might."

The teen was about to answer when she blinked in surprise.

"...Wait, really?"

"Well, if I'm not mistaken, you're the 'friend' those three fools alluded to when they paid their last visit."

Rem made a face.

"...Seriously?" she sighed, almost sensing that her peers were watching and now innocently whistling like they had no idea what the artist was talking about.

"Seriously. " Buonarroti said. "And not to be what you would call a 'buttinski', but you should be just a little more respectful of the fact that you have people that are willing to help you. Not that I'm one to talk, but still."

Rem was about to protest, but saw his point. Still, she felt the need to go solo and not involve those that had become near and dear to her.

"I'm the one that brought that asshat here." she murmured. "Shouldn't it be my responsibility to get rid of him?"

"Well, in some respects, yes." Buonarroti answered honestly. "Be that as it may, this is not a task you can accomplish on your own."

There was a brief pause.

"And if I might say so..." the artist continued. "In spite of my own short comings, there's really no shame in seeking assistance from others."

Rem got a little quieter before answering.


"One other thing, watch that mouth of yours. We're in a church."

The teen slightly rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, you had a question?"

"Oh, yeah." Rem replied, snapping back to the task at hand. "So, the last time I had a run in with this jerk, I was able to run him through and weaken him somehow. But apparently, that's not working for me anymore."

"Not necessarily. You probably grazed his heart then."

Rem blinked in surprise. So did the other toons that joined the Warners hiding behind the wall to eavesdrop.

"...he has a heart?"

"As surprising as that sounds, yes. However, it's just a muscle that gives him life. It doesn't give any emotion."

"Clearly. So essentially, what you're telling me is that I have to stab this guy in the heart?"


Listening very intently, more so than the others, was the Warners. Most especially Yakko. Although the act of straight out murder was very much against their nature and code, if it meant protecting Rem from that....that freak, they were all for it.

"There's just something else I don't get." Rem added. "Why would he come after me? Out of all the flipping people in the known universe, why would he single me out?"

"You were attached to this beast before, yes?" Buonarroti replied.

"Erm, somewhat..."

"Then that made you an easy target. Why go out for a new host when he could just reuse the old one?"

"Figures. I don't suppose I can get a restraining order, so I don't have to put up with this mess, or anyone else for that matter...."

"Why don't you have a little faith?" Buonarroti ranted at her. "You've come this far, and things could be worse."

Rem fell silent again, watching him continue working as she delved into her thoughts.


"Hey." she softly said aloud. "Um, you think you could tune this up a bit?"

The teen handed him her own crossbow that had now looked like it was showing some age. Buonarroti took it and gave it a scrutinizing examination.

"Where the heck did'ja get this??" he exclaimed. "The middle ages?!"

At last a smirk stretched across Rem's face.

"A little bit." she replied smoothly.

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~Animaniacs: Nocturnus Act XXII~

*Chapter 8: Toons VS Demon, Round II*

The Looniversity's front doors were ripped off their hinges promptly after Seth blew away the obstacles that pummeled him into the ground at the front. He then came across a steel titanium barrier. Ignoring the pesky metal fence, Seth simply placed a hand on it, which resulted in turning red hot until it finally melted an opening for him. The interior of the school was silent and still. Not many lights were on, giving the impression that the place might've been abandoned. Indeed, anyone else would've thought so had they entered, but Seth knew better. They were all still there. She was still there, he could sense her. They were all scattered in the courtyard. Seth had to move quickly, for his time being earthbound was growing ever shorter. So, without further delay, the Boy proceeded towards the school courtyard.

Upon reaching the outdoors again, Seth could feel the lunar light waxing his powers and rejuvenating his strength. They were definitely out here, hiding behind the bushes and other things no doubt. That and waiting for the right moment to pop out and attack him. A twisted jovial grin stretched out on his face.

"This is all very amusing, but I'm getting rather bored of it." Seth drolled.

"Our apologies, we'd really hate for you to change the channel." Yakko's voice sarcastically retorted.

The Boy turned and saw his rival leaning against a swing set. Before Seth could react, Yakko used Rem's crossbow to fire a projectile at the demon. But Seth caught it and absorbed the electricity before snapping the projectile in two. Before he could advance on the elder Warner, Gogo came flying in from out of nowhere, and gave an overdose of his own insane antics. Surprisingly, the dodo was actually succeeding winding Seth down. Literally, as the crazy bird managed to multiply himself, drop an anchor on Seth, and proceeded to wrap its chain around him.

"Alright, Gogo!!" Plucky jeered. "You've got him!!"

Meanwhile, Pesto who was watching from afar with his two associates, was slightly miffed.

"Why didn't we think of that?!" he ranted. "Squit, why didn't you think of that??!"

"Er, um...I don't know." the grey headed bird stammered in reply.

When Gogo's antics looked as if they might've done the deed of doing Seth in, the Boy got his wind back, and unleashed a blast of fire that instantly incinerated all of Gogo's doppelgängers. Next, Seth slammed his foot onto the ground, causing huge mounds of earth to pop out and flung them telepathically towards the now dizzy dodo, effectively slamming and flattening him against the walls of the school house.

"....ouch." Gogo whimpered as he slowly slid back down to the concrete.

All his friends, including the Animaniacs cringed from Gogo's spill.

"Oooo, boy." Babs rasped.

"Well, if you youngin's got a plan it's now or never." Slappy ranted.

"...Right." Buster replied determinedly. "This way."

He led them to a part of the courtyard farthest from the school where the construction site was set up. On the site was a six feet wide hole, several feet deep that was dug up for plumbing purposes and not much else. Yet the surrounding area was wide and deserted enough to play its part in the Toons' scheme.

Seth meanwhile was only becoming more and more annoyed with their antics, seeing it as an inconvenience more than anything else. He was growing tired of all the games. However, Seth was a little impressed by their resistance. At least it fed his need for a good challenge in the short run. Suddenly, his senses alerted him to an oncoming projectile. A giant rock, launched from one of Calamity's catapults, was hurling straight towards him only to be smacked away by the Boy, reducing it into pebbles.

"Huh, not bad..." Seth mused. "Can you try one more?"

Growling and undaunted, Calamity launched another large boulder straight at Seth which prompted him to kangaroo leap backwards to avoid getting hit. Either not realizing or not caring, Seth was inching near the hole dug up for the intended greenhouse. Meanwhile, everyone else watched in eager anticipation Buster in particular was viewing the action through a pair of binoculars.

"All right, Plucky, and Wakko." Buster spoke through a radio. "Let 'er rip!"

Plucky, perched atop the roof of the school alongside Wakko, fired off a giant red rocket aimed directly at Seth. While the demon was focused on the boulders being tossed his way, his sixth sense alerted him to the projectile, but it came too late. The rocket rammed its way into the Boy's form and being controlled via radio by Wakko, flew right into the hole taking Seth down with it. Just as the ensuing explosion erupted from below, Max proceeded to dump several pounds worth of dirt and soil into the chasm, effectively burying and trapping Seth.

The toons held their breaths and stared hard at the scene, anxious to see what would happen next, especially the Warner Quartet. Seconds soon turned to minutes with nothing occurring. The area silent and still. Finally, a sense of relief came over them as they turned out of their hiding spots.

"Hey, it worked..." Buster said with a nervous and giddy grin.

"And I can just pinch your cheek, ya little yutz." Slappy said, slightly impressed.

"HA! SERVE YOUSE RIGHT, YA BEAKIN' MOOK!" Pesto ranted at the top of his voice.

"Well, I suppose this means we can go home and rebuild the Water Tower." Yakko commented, feeling less irritable.

The only one among them that wasn't convinced, was Rem. This outcome was way too easy, but after minutes with nothing to show for it, even she was forced to consider that perhaps the demon was indeed done in. However, that sinking feeling of dread remained in the pit of her gut, refusing to be dismissed.

"Anyone up for cocoa?" Babs offered.

"ZORT. Oh, I would love cocoa!!" Pinky exclaimed with excited enthusiasm. "With little marshmallows..."

As they slowly started turn their way back towards the school one by one, the Warner siblings noticed their charge still locking her serous glare with the now buried site. They next appeared through comical means around her and began motioning her away from the scene.

"C'mon, Rem." Yakko prompted. "The show's over."

"And thank goodness it is." Dot added. "That...imposter, had a horrible fashion sense."

"...sure." Rem murmured lowly.

I suppose I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but still...

Meanwhile, Pesto was still very much giddy with Seth's apparent demise.

"Wait until we tell the Godpigeon that mook now sleeps with the worms." the purple headed bird sneered in delight.

"Yeah, we're valiant boids." Squit nodded cheerfully.

Even though Squit was very much in agreement with his associate, it still put Pesto off.

"Whaddya mean by--"

Before the violent Goodfeather could finish, the ground beneath everyone's feet suddenly began to shake with such force, the pebbles and small rocks bounced. The toons were very reluctant to turn around and face what was causing it. Growing and turning red-orange at the surface, the mound in which Seth was buried, bulged until it finally blew like a volcano. The force of the eruption knocked everyone off their feet and was strong enough to shatter the windows of the school house. A massive pillar of fire roared straight out of the hole with purple and black electrical beams crisscrossing at various intervals. As the pillar died down, giant black dragon wings stretched out, emerging from the smoke, reaching a fifty-foot span. They were glowing red with similar swirl markings that were illuminating Seth's form. When the smoke dissipated, Seth was then seen on his hands and knees, panting from all the effort he put into exerting himself. Snapping his head up, he gave an absolutely angry and furious glare at the toons with his eyes burning bright red.

" God." Brain rasped in horror.

Getting back to his feet, Seth's wings sank right into his back, making spilching noises. Tilting his head left and right to stretch his neck, the Boy proceeded towards his targets with murderous intent.

"PLUCKY, QUICK!!" Buster shouted in alarm.

The green feathered duck, still aloft on the roof, grabbed whatever explosives he had left with him, and loaded them into a cannon that he quickly pulled out of his hammerspace and fired. Each rocket, each bomb bounced violently off of the demon when bright purple shield erected as they came within inches of his person and went flying yards away where they exploded upon colliding with the ground or anything else in particular. As Seth was still approaching and completely unharmed, a panicking Plucky tried throwing the rest of his available arsenal at him, only to meet with the same results. The toons looked on, terrified at the notion that Seth fully appeared to be unstoppable.

"Stop already!" Rem cried, as trees, flowerbeds, and part of the playground went up in flames and rubble. "It's not working!!"

Seth then paused for a moment before proceeding further. Lowering his head and crossing his arms in an 'X' formation in front of his chest, the Boy started absorbing all the roaring flames created by Plucky's arsenal. Rem and Slappy really started to panic when he began to glow brighter in hues purple and red.

"HIT THE DIRT!!" Slappy shouted.

Everyone was wise enough to heed her warning and quickly ducked and bolted for cover. Seconds later, Seth unleashed a laser-like beam that emitted from a third eye emerging from his forehead and sliced through the land below him and right into the school house as if he were cutting through butter. The interior halls burst into flames in the after wave. The toons cowered in the hiding spots, covering their heads from raining debris.

"Dude, we can't let him burn down the school like he did with the studio." Rem rasped.

"Don't worry." Buster replied, still retaining his cool. "The fire alarm will take care of that. And besides, it's us he's after anyway. We can steer him away from the Looniversity."

Indeed, a high-pitched siren sounded which triggered tanks and tanks of water to release inside the Looniversity's interior via sprinklers. Seth powered down after releasing that bout of frustrated energy. He tilted his had left and right again, letting out a groan.

" I feel slightly better." he muttered.

The toons later regrouped into the west wing of the school. It turned out to be a wise move, because of all of the things they could use in combat.

"So now what?" an exasperated Max ranted. "We could send this punk to Jupiter, and he'd still come back."

He had a solid point. Everything they had all thrown at him, he remained unharmed and worse still, undeterred in his course.

" don't suppose this means....we'll have to..go all out, do you?" Hampton nervously asked.

For a brief moment, Rem found herself breaking from all the anxiety and stress at their current situation and becoming rather curious seeing her peers and the Tiny Toons looking a mix of being scandalized and aghast at Hampton's suggestion.

"...Don't be silly, Hampton." Babs ranted. "Of course, we won't have to come to that. I mean, what would our teachers say?!"

"...I would not count your eggs before they hatch." Shirley warned with some reservation in her tone.

"For once, I agree with the Loon." Slappy added. "Especially if counts as a last shot against this creep."

"Hang on..." Rem softly interjected. "What's this 'going all out' gig?"

"Eeeeeehhhhh, well, it's definitely something we do very often, Rem." Yakko said, sounding a little uncomfortably.

"Think of it this way, Rem." Buster told the teen. "It's like drinking about fifty cups of coffee or cans of energy drinks and going really looney."

"Or in our case, zany." Wakko cut in.

"Right. On the plus side, we can do some extra damage to the bad guys." Buster continued. "On the minus side...well let's say it takes a whopping out of us."

"Like it makes you crash really hard?"

"That's one way of putting it."

"And it doesn't do your looks any favors." Dot mused with a tone of voice that the whole act was completely and awfully undignified.

"So, it's a last resort thing?" Rem concluded.

"Very last resort, kid." Slappy replied.

"Okay then."

Back outside, Seth tracked them down into the west wing feeling most annoyed going about this merry-go-round. Yet, all the negative emotion saturating the atmosphere fueled him with all the energy one could ever ask for. Even when his patience was dangerously waning, Seth found himself surprisingly amused and enjoying all the chaos and terror he was making. It was very much sweet revenge for taking Rem from him in the first place., what the hell. Why not have a bit more fun before killing them? I can afford it.</b>


Just as the toons were reassessing their situation and what to do next, the building started to shake. Before anyone had time to fully react, flames burst into bloom against the walls and effectively.

"Bah!" Slappy retorted, pulling out a humongous fire extinguisher from her hammer space and proceeded to douse the growing inferno with the puffy white substance.

Then, Seth's voice suddenly rang smoothly within the wall.

"My turn again..."

Seconds later, the elderly squirrel let out a shout of pain when her extinguisher instantly became red hot to the touch. Much like Wakko's injuries, the subsequent burns on Slappy's hands did not heal instantly as they normally would have were she were facing Walter Wolf or any of her other nemesis. Then, the floor started cracking at the walls until the opposite end dropped down to the ground floor below. The toons fell forward like marbles and crashed into a comical pile of bodies on the way down. A chorus of moans and groans filled the air soon after.

".....well then." Buster grunted. "That sure did suck."

As Rem tried untangling herself from numerous limbs, she suddenly felt an unseen force yank her away and roughly pull her backwards...


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