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well ...  you are brilliant
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What do those four bars mean?
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i love how your work looks so much like traditional painting =)
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i like it, but the arms bother me a bit.. or a lot actually. the elbows just seem misplaced :O
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I like the use of warm and cold colors used in it. barely noticeable, and yet, there. lovely pose, full of grace :)
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Traditional or digital ?
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poso mlks eisai wres wres? afou to 3ereis panta PS. apo ola ta pragmata tou kosmou ESY rwtas mono gia ayto??? XAXAXAXA
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pada elpizw oti epitelous tha piaseis kai mia pragmatiki vourtsa sto xeri :P
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oups. just noticed the category...sorry. Nice one
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kala, h alh8eia einai oti den exeis adiko. prepei. alh8ines. vourtses. piasw.
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Very beautiful! Love the composition, the way you placed the hands and the lack of really detailed areas :)
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