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Halloween Contest by Lady-Suchiko

D : Halloween Divider 2014 by AngelicHellraiser Good evening, my pretties! The results are in!


[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Heart Eyes 1st place Trick Or Treat by Crazy-M-Chaos by Crazy-M-Chaos
  • Very faithful to the trick-or-treating spirit! There's a lot of little details put into the characters that really capture the theme!
[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Excited smile 2nd place - Poison Apple Gijinka by nomoreoctober by nomoreoctober
  • An fun and unique character concept meshing a nostalgic autumn treat with a bit of Halloween trickery!
[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Wink 3rd place Autumn Goddess by Pameloo by Pameloo
  • This goddess beautifully captured the feeling of the autumn transition with her lovely design!

:iconcranimeandmanga: is throwing a Halloween contest that we hope you all will love!

For this year's spooky celebration, AngeKrystaleen and I are holding a contest for the very best Halloween/Autumn gijinka artworks.
This contest will run from October 2 to November 1!

For those who are not familiar, a "gijinka" is any concept/object personified into a humanoid form. Elements of the idea are included as parts of the character themselves.
Some examples include these fine pieces below:

And not to worry, you won't be left without some fabulous prizes! (Be sure to thank our lovely and vivacious CR Director, Moonbeam13, for these awesome prizes!)


[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Heart Eyes 1st place - 6 month core or 2400 points
[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Excited smile 2nd place - 3 month core or 1200 points
[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Wink 3rd place -  1 month core or 400 points


Pumpkin Entries must be of the Manga/Anime category
Pumpkin All entries should be Halloween or Autumn themed (Candy, changing leaves, monsters, pumpkin spice, that sort of thing!)
Pumpkin Traditional AND digital art are both welcome ~
Pumpkin No fanart (do not merely dress up your favorite character in candy. new, eye-catching designs/concepts will be favored)

How to Enter

Pumpkin You can comment with a link to your artwork on this journal
Pumpkin You can send a link to your artwork in a note to Lady-Suchiko or AngeKrystaleen with "Halloween Contest" in the subject line
(do both to be safe)
Pumpkin *No characters entered will be used for anything outside of the contest, and no ownership will change hands from the original creators!*

More Journal Entries


Community Volunteers


Former Community Volunteers







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