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The Beatles Character Sheet

By Cranimation
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I’ve decided to put up a little character sheet I put together for my upcoming Beatles animation.
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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!! It bring back a lot of my time when I grow up with them. Great art!
Wish would have the vector art of this so i can blow it up and put on my wall. Keep up the GOOD work!
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I'm sure you are busy, but at some point, could you upload the individual images, as you did with the Budokan Beatles?
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Man, I would love a giant post of this.  Incredible!
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Didn't Sgt. Pepper come before the India trip?
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Fabulous! I loved the little animation you did before, so I look forward to seeing this project :)

Although, I'd swap the last two incarnations around so that the 'Abbey Road' Beatles come after the 'Rooftop' Beatles; just because that would be chronologically correct and great to end with the brilliant Abbey Road album. Then again I'm sure you've got some kind of screenplay written out so you've perhaps found a way to make it work (just as the Beatles Rock Band game ended at the rooftop concert, with Paul singing The End) so whatever!
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*pins badge to your chest that says 'EPIC BADGE' in big orange letters*
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this is very original, beautiful and very cute!! :heart:
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Do you have any idea how much i love this? AT ALL!?
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No I don’t. Please tell me! :D
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And the yellow submarine and white album session '68? That was great too! This is brilliant anyway.
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Thank you very much for your comment. I’ve got the yellow submarine Beatles already drawn but I didn’t have enough room to put them on the character sheet, I can assure you though that they will be appearing in the animation I’m making :D
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can I see please? (pouting)
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Well since you asked so nice here you go :D [link]
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Yay! It's beautiful. Made my day.THANKS A LOT!
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Oh I like this a lot! This is awesome!
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Thank you very much :D
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Ooh I love this!!
You've captured so many eras perfectly here...
I'm so excited to see the finished animation, from this sheet, it looks to be absolutely awesome :la:
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Excellent timeline piece, man. I love The Beatles.
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I have something to say :

You skipped the 1966 Budokan hall Beatles,as seen here : [link]

And when will your animation be made/finished? :D
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Hello!!! I must apologise for taking well over a week to reply to your comment but life appears to be giving me a right old kicking at the moment.

You’re absolutely correct that I’d missed the Beatles at Budokan, to rectify this slip up I’ve made this picture just for you: [link]
it’ll now be lovingly added to the animation.

As for when the animation will be finished? I reckon I can get it finished before Easter…with a bit of luck.
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Hi! That's okay,I do that alot too :giggle:

I clicked the link,but it keeps saying "Sorry,this page does not exist". I don't know why,is there any other way I can can view it? It's not working. :( Though even though I haven't seen it yet,I appreciate the thought! :aww:

Yeah,animations do take quite a while,but I can't wait!!! :la:
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