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Monochrome Destiny V2 by cranial-bore Monochrome Destiny V2 by cranial-bore
Alright here it is. A remix (a substancial remix) of my piece of indy art of the same name. Thanks to Digi for earlier feedback, but I couldn't fix it :( (Sad)

Basic Concept
Anyway my concept is about the change in the world throughout time, and the piece looked at from left to right is meant to represent the progression into the more industrial / technological ways of the modern world, from the more natural neccesities of the past.

The representations
The right hand portion of the piece, with the metal work, and electric lookin elements represents, now and the future, where people have a heavy dependance on technology. The extreme right is the fade to black, where the distant future is very much unknown to people.

The left hand 1/3 of the piece represents vaguely the past. It is a distorted version of the present time, because the way the world is at any time will be a product of what went before it. The left section of the image is a reflection of the rest of the piece. It symbolises the connection between different periods of time. The distortion represents the weaknening of the relationship.

The vine/hook in the bottom left comes from the past and reaches into the future. It also represents the ties that different eras in time have to each other, as the vine crosses both areas of work.

Colour Scheme Representations
As the title suggests, the future section of the past is largely one colour scheme. Is is about the more strictly regulated system that we are evolving to. Personalities are selected with option buttons instead of text boxes (if that dodgy alalagy makes any sense). The past section has slightly more vibrant colours because people always seem to add a 'fondness factor' to hindsight.

The green vine is to symbolise the natural dependancies of the past that have less and less importance today, and in the future. It is still almost metalic looking, which I guess is a bit of a juxtoposition between nature and industry on the same element.

Sorry for my bad spelling, and the excessive word count, but I wanted to explain all the symbolism.

Feedback is welcome. Larger resolutions can be downloaded from my website:
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c-perception Featured By Owner May 22, 2004
I like your thinking, and man that is nice!
ars-natura Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003   Photographer
I was looking for a stock of some vines and I came across this. It easily stood out as the most interesting piece out of the 500 or so results.

When I read how you thought it out, I'm even more compelled.

Sort of anthropological time capsule art....

dygel Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2001
Oh yeah. Also, spectacular work on the deviation description. It's rare you see people spend this much time on them. I do every once in a while...

stop looking at me like that.
dygel Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2001
This is an excellent peice, and I'm glad to see other people are putting as much thought into their deviations as I do. I think that if you had made that transition from past-to-present a bit more fluid, this would not just be great, but jaw dropping fantastic. The transition from present to future is beautiful, with the addition of the suggestively holographic elements, and the subdivision of form.

On the whole, you've done an amazing job with this. Impressive enough to land you on my artistWatch. =) (Smile)

stop looking at me like that.
loiden Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2001
mm.. another great wall from u.. really like the rusted look.. and the plant is awsome to.. great work!!

- This comment was sponsored by Loiden
archnemesis Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001
Looks cool man, i really like the concept! I guess u figured out what the FTF contest was before i commented on your page...oh well ;) (Wink) The symbolism is pretty amazing, luckily u wrote the description/essay to explain it all, or i probably wouldnt have read into it that far. Anyway, tight work man, and good luck in the Contest. Better not beat me! =D (Big Grin)

::no offense shalt go unchastised::
matrix7 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Tight! I love the mood this piece sets. The fading into black to represent the unknown was a stroke of genius.

I can actually see the progression from chaos (our past) on the left to technology and order (maybe a little too much?) on the right. I also like the way you made no attempt to make the future extremely high tech and put laser beams or what have you in it, but left it unknown as it should be.

Very nice piece! Good luck in the contest!

" a matter of fact, yes I do wear a trenchcoat..."

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August 23, 2001
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