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Metal Texture S1X09

I drove to the dump, bought this piece of metal, photographed it, did some very minor manipulation (restoration really) and uploaded it here for you to use in you're commercial or otherwise project.

You are free to use it for derivative work without asking permission.
The only thing you can't do is redistribute it 'as is'.
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© 2002 - 2021 cranial-bore
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It's great, thank you very much for offering it as stock. Am trying it out on a shield graphic I am working on.
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I love this texture
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Thanks for taking the time to make these textures available.
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Thank You so Much! Its awesome! Thumbs up for this! :)
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What an absolutely awesome texture.!
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I used this wonderful stock here [link] Thank you.
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This is one of my favorite goto textures!

I used it here

and here


and will use it more for sure!
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I'm glad it's useful, pitty it's out of focus!
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Meh, although it'd be a hair more versitile then, I'd prolly just have to blur it a little anyway, I swear it's PERFECT the way it is. I use it heavily in another work I haven't put up yet. It seems just universally awesome. lol.

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Hi, used this here: [link] Thanks! :thanks:
Thx man, great pic, I'll use it as a background image for my homepage!
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Nice, but the flash of the camera spoils it a bit :)
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i used your texture ^_^ thanks...figured i'd let you know..
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It's only fair for me to +fav this; I've used it in so many pictures I couldn't recount 'em all. It's one of the most useful textures on all DA, and I'm in yer debt for what it's done to my stuff.

(If you're interested, I'm sure I could make the time to look through my work and show ya examples; if not, I'll waste neither your time nor comment space...)
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the only way is Sharpen de image a lil
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nice texture but a bit too blurry..
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ahh man very good texture, it really expresses metal, could i use it?
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