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Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 6 11 Chiyoko Nightingale- Sketch by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Chiyoko Nightingale- Sketch :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 1 2 Melancholic Portrait LC Style by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Melancholic Portrait LC Style :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 3 3 Lost Canvas Style Doodles by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Lost Canvas Style Doodles :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 4 1 Merry Christmas 2009 by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Merry Christmas 2009 :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 4 10
Emptiness Ch.1
She was walking home from school, it was another ordinary day. She went through the same thing everyday, she went to school, she went home, she took care of her mother, went to sleep and the next day it started over. She had no friends, but her cousin, Honey, and she didn't really like talking to other people. On her way home, girls from her school called out to her.
"Hey, Eri, do you wanna go to a movie with us?" she asked.
She just looked at them, then said, "No," and she kept waling.
"What's up with her?" one said.
"You don't know? Her mom is like, not right in the head and she has to be checked on a lot." she said.
Eri kept walking even though she heard them. She didn't like it when people made fun of her mother. They didn't understand her situation so they just made up what they thought was the case with her mother. She finally got home and hesitated opening the door. When she got in her mother was on the floor, staring at the TV.
"Mom?" she said, wondering about her mother.
Her m
:iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 2 3
Molly Seizamiya by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Molly Seizamiya :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 9 16 Three Bodies, One Soul by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Three Bodies, One Soul :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 3 4 Sakura no Uta by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Sakura no Uta :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 7 4 Happy Halloween 2009 2 by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Happy Halloween 2009 2 :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 4 6 Happy Halloween 2009 by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Happy Halloween 2009 :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 11 3
Pxhymn - Info
Name: Pxhymn (pix-hmm)
Age: 14
Race: Nobody/Human
Nick Name/s: Princess/or Hime (by Marluxia)
Somebody's Name: Nymph
Proof of Existence: The Lyrical Doll
Birthplace: Twilight Town
World: Twilight Town (???)
Weaponry: Bioletta Lyre- a lyre she carries with her, or summons through feathers. It's color is purple embroidered with pink markings and the nobody symbol at the bottom. She also has purple daggers with bells attached to it on the end of the handle, she summons through her music.
Element/Power: Sound
She can manipulate sound waves and turn it into a weapon. She can make the sound corrupt the brain into seeing something that isn't there, kind of like an illusion. She can also make sound waves visible or into solid waves and fling them at her opponent. She has the ability of psychokinesis, she can teleport, create force fields and energy blasts with her mind. She also can manipulate sound and turn it into a weapon.
Lesser Nobodies: Siren- feminine winged nobody that
:iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 1 3
Siren, Stabbing Screech by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Siren, Stabbing Screech :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 1 3 Pxhymn, The Lyrical Doll by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Pxhymn, The Lyrical Doll :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 14 16 Nymph, The Raining Star by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Nymph, The Raining Star :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 7 16 Coma Berenice no Yume by CraneZuri-GrusSaint Coma Berenice no Yume :iconcranezuri-grussaint:CraneZuri-GrusSaint 13 6

Random Favourites

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Artist | Traditional Art
United States
My name ish Mimi, I'm 14 years old, born Novenber 14th, A Scorpio [All Hail Scorpios!!] born and raised in the US, Half Jamacian. I like ramen, cookies, Reeses Pieces, reading,sleeping, eating, yaoi, hot anime guys, Almost any form of Mythology out there, Anime [duh], Apples, and Chibis.

I'm a worshipper of Saint Seiya and nothing but Saint Seiya, my fav characters are; Bronze-Andromeda Shun, Silver-Eagle Marin, Gold-Libra Dohko, Specter-Aries Shion, Mariner-Siren Sorrento, Warrior-Benetnasch Eta Mime, God-Hypnos, Lost Canvas-Alone.

Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock, Punk Rock, J-Pop
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano, iDaimond
Wallpaper of choice: Any Saint Seiya Wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Dohko,Shun, Shaka, Mu of Knights of the Zodiac(Saint Seiya)
Personal Quote: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into Reality
  • Listening to: Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Reading: Lost Canvas
  • Watching: Kingdom Hearts AMV
  • Eating: Spagetti & Meatballs
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper Cherry
Husbands: :iconlcdohkoplz: :iconshionplz: :iconlcshionplz: :icondohkoplz:
Brothers: :iconshiryuplz: :iconhyogaplz: :iconseiyaplz: :iconphoenixikkiplz: :iconshunplz:
Sisters: :iconviolateplz: :iconyuzuplz: :iconjuneplz: :iconeurydiceplz: :iconpandoraplz: :iconmarinplz:
Crushes: :iconalbaficaplz: :iconorpheeplz: :iconmuplz: :iconmiloplz: :iconaiacosplz: :iconpharaohplz: :iconcardiaplz: :iconsisyphusplz: :iconregulusplz: :icondeuterosplz:
Admired OC's: :iconmarynchan: :iconryou63: :iconmollysa: :iconcharmian-san: :icon4me-is-anime-is4ever: :iconkhrazah: :icondestinysrose: :iconpriss-bloodempress: :iconblatterbury:

:iconthinkdohko: :heart: :iconthinkeri:
:iconcranezuri-grussaint: :heart: :icondohkoplz:

Zodiac Sign: :iconmiloplz:

Fav Couples:
:iconyuzuplz: :heart: :iconlcshionplz:
:iconjuneplz: :heart: :iconshunplz:
:iconesmeraplz: :heart: :iconphoenixikkiplz:
:iconshunreiplz: :heart: :iconshiryuplz:
:iconeurydiceplz: :heart: :iconorpheeplz:

Fav Yoai Pairing:
:iconshionplz: :heart: :icondohkoplz:
:iconmuplz: :heart: :iconshakaplz:

^^ Hello Hello Hello everyone!!!! Ok, I know it has been a looooooooong time since I've been on and I do apologize deeply for it >.< *bows* I've been wrapped up in so many different things, and just when I have free time, I'm either too weak to do anything, or I can't do anything. Also I've had a horrible case of artist block for a while, and I'm so miserable ><

I just want you all to now I haven't forgotten you, and I haven't been slacking around either. Also not too long ago, out of bordom I decided to watch a how to draw manga style video, and I developed a second style of drawing >w< I also looked back on some of my drawings, and I noticed the different >.> SO many failures...
So I decided to pose art from my new style in my new account, and since I will need my buddies, I was hoping you could add that account to your list if you don't mind >w< I also might be on that one more often, since I really like this style, and I might be using it for my new idea...if their not too lame >.> ^^ Anyway, I miss all of you and I'll definatley be talking to EVERYONE more, promise this time ^^

NEW ACOUNT --->  :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime: :iconmamimi-hime:

My Saint Seiya Buddies and their OC's:
:iconmarynchan: Pictor Diana…
:iconryou63: Neo Lotus Ayako…
:icondestinysrose: Winged Vixen Bara…
:iconmollysa: Cereberos Alicia…
:iconpriss-bloodempress: Zethus Priss+Amphion Yayoi priss-bloodempress.deviantart.…
:iconyami11: Sextant Yulij+Lynx Yami…
:iconkhrazah: Hope Star Khrazah…
:iconstayka: Orphiuchus Shaina…
:iconnekomarina: Bennu Marina…
:iconblatterbury: Crow Beatrix heiligershadowfax.deviantart.c…
:iconcharmian-san: Erin…
:icon4me-is-anime-is4ever: Hikari 4me-is-anime-is4ever.deviantar…
:iconxxbloodchanxx: Helen…

Saint Seiya OC Couples
:icondohkoplz: :heart: :iconcranezuri-grussaint:
:iconmuplz: :heart: :iconmarynchan:
:iconshakaplz: :heart: :iconryou63:
:iconmuplz: :heart: :icondestinysrose:
:iconmyuplz: :heart: :iconmollysa:
:iconkanonplz: :heart: :iconpriss-bloodempress:
:iconmei-plz: :heart: :iconyami11:
:iconminosplz: :heart: :iconkhrazah:
:icondmplz: :heart: :iconstayka:
:iconshuraplz: :heart: :iconblatterbury:
:iconaiacosplz: :heart: :iconcharmian-san:
:iconaioliaplz: :heart: :icon4me-is-anime-is4ever:
:iconaphroditeplz: :heart: :iconxxbloodchanxx:

:iconsaintseiyaclaim: - Owner of Lost Canvas Libra Dohko ^-^

:iconikutofanclub: :iconsaintseiyaoc: :iconathena-no-seinto: :iconsaintseiyaclub: :iconlysergdiethel: :iconsesshoumaru-and-rin: :icontwin-oversoul: :iconyyh-club: :iconorganizationchaotica: :iconorg-eternal: :iconneo-org: :iconikutofanclub: :iconda-oc-club: :iconclub-khoc: :iconnarutoclaim:



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Sorry I haven't replied in a while, school's been sooooo hard. BUt other then that I've been good
Escept my massive artist block...

How you be doing??
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School is killing you too? Well, I;m trying to choose between being a lawyer or a History teacher :D. But aside that, I'm overworked >>
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>w< Sounds hard, I'm just trying to get through the 9th grade.
It's sort of scary cuz one minute I'm passing, then 10 seconds late I'm failing @.@ I think the teachers like torturing my...

I think you should be a lawyer, they make more money then teachers, plus it's an easier job then being a teacher. >.> I've seen the most ingnorant students in my classes.
When I grow up, I wanna be either an American Mangaka artist, or a novelist ^^
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