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GitL [revised] 1
Feet pounding with the unsteady rhythm of fatigue, the woman ran. She ran until she could breathe no more, and then still continued to push herself well past her limit. The bucket she carried swung madly at her side as she moved. Even in the cold weather, fat drops of sweat ran down her face, dripping into her eyes and causing her to stumble. Her pursuers were fast, but she’d been able to keep a good gap between them for a while. Eventually, her pursuers began to close in, but the woman still did not give in to her fate. She came to a stop and swung the bucket as hard as she could. Making good contact several times, the woman managed a few thumps on these beasts but a mere bucket wasn’t a weapon capable of saving her from them. One woman against at least six of them was no fair match, and the woman clearly recognized that. One could almost see her physically deflate as her energy quickly faded. Her swings became less powerful, less angry, less determined. Her fight was begi
:iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 8
Left Turn
The air was still and tense, as if time had frozen during the tie breaking penalty kick in the championship game. Just like every other shopping trip, the two women ended it with a cold silence caused by an unnecessary disagreement.
The younger of the two sat in the passenger seat, watching the familiar sights slide by. Keeping her face turned away from the driver, she quickly wiped a tear as it slid down her cheek. As they turned the last bend and slowed to a stop at the light, the older woman reached out with her words, nothing more than a poor attempt at peace making. It went unnoticed by the passenger who sat a mere few inches away, silently pleading the light to turn green so she could get home. Her pleading went unanswered though.
The cars built up as the lights turned red all around. The two lanes on the right of the little black Volkswagen held their share of traffic, as usual. A silver Chevy pickup pulled into the far right lane and the young woman watched a small, silver hair
:iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 14
The World
And then there were only two.
:iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 2 26
Hazel Eyes
There once was a young boy of around ten years old. He had lived most of his life in hospitals due to a rare, life-threatening genetic illness that, although not incredibly dangerous at first, could kill him in a matter of minutes when (or if) it ever reached its low point. His illness was rare enough that the statistical evidence was still unreliable, meaning there was no way of telling whether or not he would indeed hit that low point. At this period in his life, he was once again in the hospital. This time, however, was different. This time, he had been in the hospital for three months. He was put on a new medication. And this time, his hospital stay was due to a low point in his illness.
You see, at nine years old Jamie Maguire hit a point in his disease where even the term ‘critical condition’ didn’t begin to cover the severity of the situation. The doctors told his parents that he had a ten percent chance of survival, unless they wanted to try a new treatment th
:iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 4 16
Flowers by Cranberry413 Flowers :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 2 37 Untitled. by Cranberry413 Untitled. :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 1 6 The Box by Cranberry413 The Box :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 4 Random. by Cranberry413 Random. :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 3 The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side by Cranberry413 The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 12 The Pup by Cranberry413 The Pup :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 15
What the Future Holds
We'd always had it, that crystal ball in the corner of the room. I'm not sure where Mom found it, but she thought it was pretty and had to have it visible for the world to see.
It’s not too large, just about three pounds. It sits on the desk, right next to the fake bouquet Mom keeps there to ‘brighten up the room’. Every once in a while the colors would change and you could see some cloudy swirls moving around, but we always thought it was just a neat trick that the battery kept going.
That is, until old Mr. McCreedy’s face appeared through the mist. Everyone who sees him... Well, you’ll have to wait and see for yourself. Your time will come. We all end up in the ball. And now, we’re all watching you, waiting for you.
Come, we’re waiting.
:iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 13
Eternal Flame by Cranberry413 Eternal Flame :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 2 23
The Sample Snatcher
You go in with just one mission
Get in, get out
Grab what you need
And you’re done
But then you see it
There at the end of the aisle
A little red booth
With the woman serving
There’s a crowd this time
She pulls the tray from the oven
There are only a few pieces
You spot the one you want
You scout out your competition
There’s the tall skinny one,
He was at the last booth
And the little kid, too
The chubby one comes running
As fast as he can
He swipes that little sample
Right from your reach
He runs away
Laughing all the way
Quite content
With his little snack,
You watch him go
And think to yourself
Next time, sample snatcher
Next time…
Because I know you’ll be there
Waiting to pounce
On someone else’s midday snack
But not on my watch
I’ll be there first next time
And then I will be
the sample snatcher,
snatching right from your reach
:iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 1 29
Oh Hi :3 by Cranberry413 Oh Hi :3 :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 2 53 Dessert Anyone? by Cranberry413 Dessert Anyone? :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 2 19 Paw. by Cranberry413 Paw. :iconcranberry413:Cranberry413 0 70
:wave: I'm glad to see you stopped by my gallery! I hope to see your comments as well! I have almost everything in here, I hope you find something that will pique your interest. So take a look around! And thanks for stopping by :)

All my artwork is Copyright Cranberry413
All rights reserved.
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Teeny tiny rant
About hypocrites and some other stuff. It may be due to my head being exposed to alcohol, but some things have been more irritating to me that usual, and I just need to vent because the people in my RL have had enough of me going around and complaining :'D 
But I mean seriously, how can people not see when they're being contradictory and also assholes? Like my dad for example, in an argument that I had with him last week or so:
"Homosexuals are sick because the Bible says God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve." (for my Croatian watchers, "Homoseksualci su bolesni jer Biblija kaže da je Bog stvorio Adama i Evu a ne Adama i Stevu" mene ovo uvijek nasmije, nez zašto xD) After several days while watching a political debate about the same question in our retarded parliament, we started arguing again and I said that our family should learn how to behave like real Christians, when we etiquette ourselves like that already, and not hate anyone. I also asked him if it'
:iconscurron:Scurron 2 31
I think something went wrong. by ApolloGize I think something went wrong. :iconapollogize:ApolloGize 7 6 Untitled by GioGrana Untitled :icongiograna:GioGrana 6 4 that broken umbrella feeling by LawrenceCornellPhoto that broken umbrella feeling :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 34 23 Allium explosion by LawrenceCornellPhoto Allium explosion :iconlawrencecornellphoto:LawrenceCornellPhoto 40 22 The Joker by spidermanfan2099 The Joker :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 274 13 The Punisher by spidermanfan2099 The Punisher :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 551 25 Windmills by blackflame33 Windmills :iconblackflame33:blackflame33 2 0
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The giveaway is now closed!! Wow there are so many of you! :giggle:
I didn't want to accumulate too many people, so I will close the giveaway now. Winners will be announced Monday morning, so stay tuned! :D


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Story of a lying girl
That morning, the sun rose for the fourth time. The vastness of the unfamiliar forest weighted down on her aching shoulders. Back at day one, she discovered that every path looped back to an oak tree. It stood tall in the center of a clearing, much like a beacon of some kind. Still, she thought, if she ended up in this place, then there had to be some way out. It was simply a matter of uncovering the exit.
Attempt after attempt escape failed, and the girl found herself back at this tree once more. With a sigh she rested her back against it. The air tasted of a sleepless summer night; hopeless and warm. The feeling of being stuck in time. Abandonment. It was a feeling that stayed with her, rooted within her heart. You're on your own, is what she told herself these days. It'll be okay. Just gotta keep on going. There is no other way but ahead.
She looked up at the rosy sky. Solitude let to thinking, and thinking revealed old wounds that she knew would open again once she nu
:iconlaeneris:Laeneris 11 75
Sketch dump by Scurron Sketch dump :iconscurron:Scurron 6 37 After the rain by Scurron After the rain :iconscurron:Scurron 4 6
I'd like to think these are some of the best of the best. :)
Also, check out the literature deviations! You'll be amazed at what you find when you search. :nod:


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United States
Hi. It's me again :meow:
Oh, you want to know about me? I'm glad you find me that intriguing... But I'm really not that interesting. :no:

:bulletblue: I like photography and writing, sometimes drawing if it turns out right... That's probably obvious.
:bulletblue: I love to sing, but I don't want anyone ripping their ears off from the horror of it. So I don't sing publicly.
:bulletblue: I can be a total spaz.
:bulletblue: Sometimes I make no sense. Hopefully you're not the one I'm talking to when that happens. :giggle:
:bulletblue: Feel free to talk to me, I probably won't bite ;P
:bulletblue: Ask me something! I love questions. :meow:
:bulletblue: Oh, and I started a stamp collection. Have some randomness! :aww:

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