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Abaddon and Celeste are one of my favorite couples that Vahnia and I have~

Basically in this world, Heaven and Hell exist as companies. God rules over Genesis, an insurance agency, while Lucifer runs a law firm known as Inferno. Celeste is an angel in God's company, working hard and doing her best to right wrongs. However, she ends up constantly in the company of God's personal dog, Abaddon. He goes by many other names, but he's best known as the Grim Reaper. He's disliked by most in Genesis, being seen as the creature only around for the dirty work they don't want to do. All except Celeste, however, who brings him coffee every day with just the right amount of sugar~

Celeste (c) :iconvahnia:
Abaddon & art (c) ME!
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