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Taking a Hard Look at Stress and What it Does to Us Time and Time Again… Fuck Everything and run. Fear Equates to needing to live, which is a fear of dying. Attempting to live motivates all of our behaviour that's composed of all our emotions. Before you overcome fear you must realize it's no longer than energy. All emotions are just energy forms that we've named. When We know anxiety does nothing to protect us we're then more readily willing to let it go. Our intention to conquer fear should be, at least, that we are eager to let it all go. The more you come into this realization the more frivolous your fears seem for you anymore. By knocking out anxieties, mass quantities of adverse energy get removed. You Ought to be amazed at how your self will always try to suppress fear for you. Ego tries to keep us secure always, it ironically will do everything in its power (the energy you give to it) to curb any panic. It genuinely believes this will keep you safe. You do not want to suppress any anxiety at all. You wish to release it, let it go and be rid of it. Suppressing anxiety is unhealthy. Fear Causes health related problems; fear causes quite harmful stress which then might cause heart attacks, strokes, depression, social ailments and other diseases. Stress also causes us to miss out on Opportunities that come our way that could impact our financial health radically. We do not find the opportunity when it's presented to us because we are too wrapped up in our fear. We may also run out of it as fast as we could when the opportunity plops into our hands. There are lots of people that not just have a fear of failure but also harbor a fear of success. Stress and positives do not go well together, you Can't be positive and fearful at precisely the same moment. Stress causes paranoia even when there is not any true threat. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our fear that we overlook the answers which are right in front of us. Fear And happiness can't live together either. You are never happy once you're fearful of something. You are sick with stress, you feel physically sick and maybe even depressed. The fear makes you feel trapped and paralyzes you with non-action. Fear attracts and brings to us that That we dread. That's because in the time we're feeling the panic and residing in that panic, our ideas are about that fear. By dwelling on it, we'll always attract the very same feelings of dread. Sound familiar? This is a superb law although not everyone understands that you can draw happiness and abundance just as easily as you're able to attract poverty and anxiety. It functions both ways so you must be mindful of where you place your energy. Learn to slow down. We attempt to live life also Fast at times. We fear we don't accomplish enough in time. We fear we do not have sufficient cash. Each of these fears can not help us reach our objectives. We must let go of hurrying because of the fear of visiting that our dreams pass us by. It's the fear that prevents and hinders our growth. Our fear Of dying is a lot related to the fear of never having had the chance to live fully before perishing. Fear of not having accomplished what we set out to do and not having fulfilled certain dreams in fact prevents us from performing them. Fear is a very expensive guest we amuse very Frequently and realistically there isn't any one on this earth which can afford to entertain this guest. When you are feeling afraid and unhappy Do not resist the fear, welcome it, see it and then see how quickly it disappears. Overwhelm is a tool which dread utilizes. Fear tries to keep Us so safe that it really will overwhelm us when we attempt to take on a new action or alter an existing one. Stress hopes we become overwhelmed with the altered task at hand because of all of the steps needed to accomplish it. We become overwhelmed and stressed and only give up and so then dread wins. Recognizing this precludes there are a lot more masks fear wears to try to keep us safe and at a distance. That's Fear's occupation, comprehend this and overcome fear now. Ego casts a shadow And we fear going out of it. Sounds simple enough to step out of the shadow(shadow) and to the light. Have you ever met anyone that has been awake, that had stepped into the light? They are daring. Funny how really that is all it is. If you make the conscious effort to awaken and see dread for what it is subsequently the shadow falls away and the light swirls around you. Remember that to overcome fear you have to do some work. It is a work in progress. It is much like nourishing the human body. We are aware that just eating a single meal won't keep us for the remainder of our own lives. We must nourish our bodies to remain healthier. Well, we must also continuously nourish our thoughts. Conquer Fear by first writing down the anxieties you want to let go of. We're so distracted by our ideas this helps us to stay focused. You don't have to write get all the details written down unless you would like to. The idea is to remain centered on the fear itself before we have let it all go. Welcome your fear ("hello fear"), then give it some love, try Enjoying it. This works with all emotions. Embrace your fear and watch it only dissolve away. Stare your fear down chilly in the face and Realize that you have it. You have given it a name and face and energy behind that, it is a live thing. Then watch it for what it really is, just some worthless energy. And because you have it you can also opt to sell it off. Let it breathe awhile, do not resist it, Then when you are ready blow it away with a single breath. You do not realize the power you have. This the braver you become and from this point of courage it gets easier and easier to overcome fear. Another Fantastic exercise is to Look in the mirror for so long as possible. This is not quite as easy as it sounds. Look at the mirror and tell yourself "I love you" over and over again. Look deep within your eyes. Look at the actual you. Your ideas will try to attempt to distract you. My experience was that I started looking at my hair and face and I found it hard to concentrate on love. Block out the ego function. You Have to always concentrate and focus in looking deep into your eyes and give your self love and acceptance. Stress will fall away in accordance to the amount of time you spend looking on your own. You need to remember to check inside of yourself throughout your eyes. Taking a look at the outside of yourself is overly distracting and that is not who you really are. This work suits you with courage and courage is the way you conquer fear. There Are many different methods (or tricks if you want to call them that) that may bring you freedom from fear. We must remember our thoughts and how strong we can let them become, watching and recalling makes us aware of those ideas. With positive courageous vibrations. When we confirm our good conscious Wants we are revived and start to live peaceably again. Trauma Therapist 90025…

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