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Here are a few extra pieces of information that I will eventually make an info sheet about when I can get around to it.


-Jinglelopes are the male counterparts to Ribbuns. They commonly have antlers and two rope tails, sometimes tied together and other times loose. You can find their info sheet here!

-Ribbuns are the female counterparts to Jinglelopes. They commonly have a bow on their lower back, with a bell in place of their tail.
You can find their info sheet here!

-Jinglelopes and Ribbuns mostly have short fur, but it is not uncommon to find ones who prefer to let theirs grow out, due to fashion choices or simply due to them living in cold places.

-Jinglelopes and Ribbuns can have tail and bell transplants performed by Seamstresses. A lot of times it results in colorful and mismatched tails, and the procedure is usually performed on Jinglelopes or Ribbuns who might have lost theirs to an accident or illness. It is rare for a Jinglelope or Ribbun to purposely remove part of their tail or bell to replace it, but not unheard of. It is considered snobbish though and completely unecessary. 
If your Jinglelope has the common two rope tails you are NOT ALLOWED TO REMOVE ONE COMPLETELY. You are only allowed to remove PART OF ONE OR BOTH TAILS TO SHORTEN THEM.
If your Ribbun has a common bow you are allowed to remove part of it, but please do not turn it into an uncommon or rare bow. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE YOUR RIBBUNS BELL OR HAVE IT BORN WITHOUT A BELL ALL TOGETHER. THAT IS A RARE TRAIT.


-Ribbuns and Jinglelopes are primarily predators. They lure their victims with the sounds of their bells and overall non threatening appearance. Once their victim has been lured in they use their metal covered bells to bludgeon their victims to death. This applies to gathering food when it comes to hunting different species, but it is also the same method for Harvesters who actively seek out other Ribbuns and Jinglelopes for their parts, rather than act more as morticians who stick to removing bells and bows from already dead Ribbuns/Jinglelopes.


-Harvesters: These Jinglelopes and Ribbuns are the main providers of bells, bows and tails, with the purpose of then selling them to Collectors who then redistribute them. 
They consider it business, and will mostly strictly stick to selling to Collectors, however there are a few good samaritans who will work in small villages and sell directly to the population at much lower prices. 
Most Harvesters also double as morticians of some sorts, flocking to medical buildings ready to harvest bells, tails and bows. 
However some take it a step further, actively hunting down other Jinglelopes and Ribbuns for their parts. Of these you must be wary as they can wipe out entire villages for their parts.

-Collectors: These Jinglelopes and Ribbuns are usually upperclass, living in large cities where they can run their businesses. They mainly purchase parts from Harvesters, to then resell to the population (usually at much higher prices), and care for the preservation of bells, bows and tails till they are ready to be transplated.

-Seamstresses: These Jinglelopes and Ribbuns, though called Seamstresses, are essentially the doctors of the Jinglelope and Ribbun world. They are the most able, licenced and trustworthy to perform such tasks. Much like doctors, some tend to ask high amounts of money for the procedures, while others (mostly working in small villages) will have much lower prices and are more willing to help.

-Most Jinglelopes and Ribbuns live in small villages or towns, being mostly lower or middle class, whereas the upper class (Collectors and such) live in bigger cities. Upper class Ribbuns/Jinglelopes do not hunt their own food, deciding to instead purchase it off of Harvesters who might hunt for food as well as gather bells, tails and bows.

-Their cemetaries consist of the bells of the deceased, which have the name, date and any other message engraved in the metal. They are essentially the gravestones of the Jinglelope/Ribbun world, however not everyone still has their bells at the time of death, so you will also find marble and stone bells made from scratch to replace the most likely harvested bells. 
It is considered extremely illegal, not to mention just wrong to harvest bells from cemetaries, and if you are caught you are going to rabbit prison.

More will be added in the future!

Jinglelopes/Ribbuns are a closed species @ Craigosaurus 


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yo i don't know how active you are on here anymore but ribbuns/jingleopes are adorable?? where do you usually sell them, i'd love to try and buy one one day!
Craigosaurus Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017
Mostly FurAffinity under the same username!
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I loved looking through your gallery '-'!!

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