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Warrior Mage and Plasma Ball

By CraigJohn
Back to some old school subjects for me - naked ladies and lighting effects - a perfect combination!

This was painting in Photoshop with the help of a Wacom tablet and coffee.
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© 2008 - 2021 CraigJohn
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Wow, what a striking image! Love the lighting! :wow:
nice mood,beautiful colors
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I really love this one. Somehow I feel that I've seen this image before, like in a fantasy art book, but I'm not sure. Still looks amazing! :love:
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I hope you haven't seen it in a book - I didn't copy it which would mean someone wondered off with it without my consent. :(
(although it would still be cool if it was in a book even without my knowledge)! :XD:

I'm glad you love it though! :w00t: :hug:
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No, the book I would have read it off of was borrowed from the library, and it included a collection of artrworks done by the great fantasy art masters, such as Anne Stokes => :iconironshod: (she has a DA account!!) and a few other people of whom I can't seem to think of their names at the moment.

Now that I've thought about it more carefully, I'm certain that I did NOT see your work in there. Maybe this one just reminded me of a style I'd seen in there once. Plus, I may have come across this one on DA before, but did not stop to look at it for very long. But this one is master-worthy to me. :)
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That's certainly someone to watch! :D

It's highly likely you wondered across it in the past as it is 2 and a half years old! :)
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Wow! That's amazing. :)
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like the colors
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It is absolutly splendid :omfg:
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Very nice, the lighting reflection and highlights are beautiful.
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Very nice. Awesome detail...
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Excellent lighting!
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Amazing! I love the color combination and dramatic lighting :) Great job!
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Stark lighting and the female form are a favourite subject of mine. :XD:

Whenever I used to get bored, the pen and paper were always at hand to start the hint of a figure in the darkness - and then came the colouring pencils! :)
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Indeed semi-naked chics and some effective lighting are an ultimate combination lol
However not always done so well as here, this is my favorite piece of yours,
great work !
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Thank you very much - I appreciate the comment!.

It's one of my favs - but then again, it is of a female so it's hard not to like. :XD:
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She looks beautiful! Love the lighting from the glowing orb above her hand.^^
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Thanks! :D

I had a lot of fun painting her! :XD:
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Your welcome!^^
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Dark and light the best tool for me :D
Nice work
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