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Fairy 1 - detail

By CraigJohn
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I thought it was time to do something fun!

- Energetic model ([link])

rofile&l=takatuka" takatuka of - Background ([link])

- Wings ([link])

I was happy with the fairy cut out but wasn't overly happy with the final piece and may put a colour effect or texture over it - or perhaps I'll manage to find a background of the angle I'm after (similar to this one), but without the bright sky being visible behind which is interfering with the fairy. :(

Edited in Photoshop. 1.25hrs

Full size version here - [link]
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LadyBexiaHobbyist Photographer
Your art has been featured in my article;


If you wish to have it removed, please note me.

Your work is fantastic!

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Wow - Excellent!

Thanks! :D

...and why would I want it removed? :w00t:
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TracieMacVeanProfessional Traditional Artist
Wow, really awesome picture!
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I'm glad you liked it - and I'm sorry for taking this long to say that!
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very nice work!
CraigJohn's avatar

And sorry for not getting back to you sooner! :)
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Love that fairy, really good job on that pic!
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Wonderful work on this art.
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Thanks very much! :thumbsup:

(it's nice to be appreciated!)
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Very awesome... I want to vector it..
May I get the HiRes?? :)
Thank you...
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The hi-res?

for the whole pic or just the girl?

I was going to point you to Dove-stock's original image but it appears she's closed down most of her stock images. :O

But the zoomed in version of the 'Fairy 1 - detail' is pretty much as high as it goes.

Feel free to use it but obviously ref back to me - and from me, the rest is reff'ed! :)

Good luck! :XD:
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fantastic indeed!
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Thank you! and thanks for the :+fav:
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GullohHobbyist Digital Artist
woww thats awesome :clap:
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Thanks! :)

I like your eye pics too! :D
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GullohHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyou:w00t: and your welcome:D
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that is so very wild.... I love the way it all looks so real, yet invokes a fantasy inside my head... very vivid glowing green in the wings seem to grab the eyes and center them upon the fairy herself....the sizes of the plant behind her and the strand of silken web that is seen to the lower left of the fairy makes this picture shine for me...

Gotta be a favorite!!!!
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Wow - Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked!

My personal fav is the fairy 2 - but that's because I spent more time on it - it's always the way though. :)

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no worries about all that... it is just a conversation and can always be picked up at a later time and place..
very glad to have seen such a wonderful piece...
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'...such a wonderful piece...'

Why thank you!! If I get any more compliments today, my ego would probably explode!!! =P




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should I recind it, just to keep you from exploding?

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