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Earl Grey - Picard Day

By CraigArndt
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Last week was Picard day on the Picard day blog [link]

This was my submission.

I've been trying some different things lately so I wanted to try a texted based image. If something like this was at a comicon, would you guys buy it? should I do more?
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This is soooo awesome! I would totally buy this as a shirt!!
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Everytime I see Earl Grey tea, or someone asks what kind of tea I want, I say this
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This should be one of those random things made of wood or copper or bronze that you hang on your kitchen or dining room wall that you see at home decoration stores. Most of them are so awful, but this one is awesome. Earl Grey, awesome, Star Trek, awesome. XD
267198's avatar
I would definitely would buy a print of this!
This would make an AWESOME mug :) It'd also make a pretty sweet wall print, something I'd totally put in my kitchen!
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I SO want this on a t-shirt. D: Really. I'd be jumping on it the first chance I get.
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that's a really cool idea!
Maybe I'll look into it.
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very nice work ^^
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I wouldn't buy it ever.

Why ? This is my first time seeing this little dohicky you got here, obviously, and it's all Picard-y. Gross. Do you know what this means ? Everytime I see this type of thing now it'll trigger memories of Picard. How could you expect me to buy something like that ?

But yeah, if I was a Picard lover I'd think it was kind of neat. Kind of.
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