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Cat and Mouse Games
"Help!" cried the small mouse.
The cat just laughed. "There's no one here."
"Let me go!" the mouse pleaded.
"Ahh! If only I could!" the large tabby cat said. "But I've not eaten yet today."
Just then the mouse made a dive for it. The cat called out with a smile, "Don't run. You'll only die tired!"
The mouse seemed not to listen as he ran down the alley. With several leaps the cat soon caught up with the mouse. He could hear the rodent's heart pounding and heavy breathing.
The cat slowly ate his tender mousy meal.
The End
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A Mother's Day Visit
I stood over my mother's plot, the flowers I'd gotten her laid on the ground at my feet. I held a faded scrap of paper and a vial the voodoo man had given me. "Shake the contents of the vial over the grave three times then recite the poem," I read.
I shook the contents of the vial then read, "Rise from the dead, sleepy head. Its time to rise from where you have lain. Rise from the dead, sleepy head. Your loved one wants to see you again."
The earth shook, the soil parting as my mother's skeletal body rose from the ground. She groaned angrily as she stood up, glaring at me.
I picked up the flowers and held them out to her, my hands shaking. "Happy Mother's Day! I love you."
She knocked them out of my hands and lunged at me. She grabbed my shirt as she tried to pull me close, her mouth opening to take a bite from my head.
"Go back to the earth, to your endless berth!" I quickly said as I pushed her backwards. The earth opened and swallowed her then closed over her body.
"See you again ne
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Three Wishes
"Get your cheap wishes here! Just three for $100!" the medieval faire vendor called out.
"I bet they're not real wishes," Ben said.
"They're fairy certified!" the vendor said as he pulled out the certification for him to read.
"Prove it," Ben challenged.
"I'm sorry Sir, but no free samples," the vendor replied, walking away.
"Wait up," Ben called. "I'll buy three."
The vendor took Ben's money then handed him three tokens. "Find a wishing well and toss one coin in per wish. But be careful what you wish for, because you might not get what you expect."
Ben put the tokens in his pocket then wandered around the world for several months looking for a wishing well. The vendor's warning was soon gone from his thoughts.
During his travels, he'd felt alone and wanted someone to travel with. Ben didn't want to marry just anyone though, he wanted to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. When he finally found a wishing well he threw a coin in and wished for the most beautiful woman.
A woman
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Beauty is Skin Deep
"You have beautiful skin," Bob said to the blonde at the bar.
"Sweet talker. I'm Brandy," she said.
"I'm entranced," Bob replied as he ran his finger along her arm. "Can I try it on?"
"Uh, no!"
Bob frowned and dropped a roofie in her appletini. She finished the drink and started to walk away but the drug was taking effect. Bob offered to escort her home.
"415 West Main," she mumbled. He flagged a taxi and they were soon at her place. Bob helped her into the apartment.
"I don't take no for an answer," Bob said as he yanked her spirit out and threw it against the wall. He slithered out of his host and into her body, his spirit flowing through her.
He shoved her wilting spirit into his former host then guided the body out the door. He hailed a cab and gave the driver $100 to take his old body to the homeless shelter.
Bob went back inside, undressed and stood in front of a full-length mirror. He smiled as he ran his hand over his new host, enjoying the feeling of her skin and feminine form
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Careless Parenting
It was an unseasonably warm day for March and Max took the afternoon off from work so he could take his 2-year-old daughter to the park. He sat on a bench as he watched hier walk towards the water's edge. "That's far enough," he called.
Hanna picked up a rock and threw it into the water. She laughed as the water splashed then turned to pick up a bigger rock. Hanna lost her balance and slid down the muddy embankment into the frigid water. She flailed and cried as her body temperature dropped.
Max jumped up then ran into the water. He fished her body out as a passerby called 9-1-1. By the time the ambulance got there, it was too late. Hanna was dead.
After he recovered from hypothermia, Max was arrested and tried for negligent care of a child. The jury came back with a guilty verdict. It didn't matter to him, he was already imprisoned in his mind by the unending replay of Hanna's death.
© March 30, 2011
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High Stakes
"All in," Anna bets, her voice emotionless, after she looks at her cards—a pair of twos. Her flesh-rotted hands push her chips across the green table.
"$127,950 to call," the dealer says.
Jeremy, Chris and Ian fold. David checks his cards—two kings.
Anna smiles at him flirtatiously and winks. A brainless zombina, she often forgot she was no longer a sex kitten.
"Call," he says, not swayed by her tactics. Anna reveals her cards; David smiles as he reveals his kings.
The dealer lays down a two, king and three on the flop then a four on the turn.
"Let's make this interesting," Anna suggests. "If I win, you let me gnaw on your brain. If you win, you can take me back to your room."
He'd always wondered what sex with a zombie would be like and with only one possible out, it was as close to a sure thing as he could get.
"You're on," David agrees.
The dealer sets one card to the side the flips over the river card. A two.
"How did you do that?" David demands.
"Lady Luck," she answers
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A Splice of Life
David and Neil entered the clinic, hand in hand. They were so excited they'd found a program that would allow them to have a child with both of their DNA, a privilege that was only available to heterosexual couples until a few months ago.
"Welcome to A Splice of Life," the receptionist greeted.
"We'd like to have our DNA spliced together," Neil said.
"Take these cups and put your name on them then go into one of the empty rooms and fill them with your ejaculate. When you're done, put the lid on the cup and place it in the fridge," the nurse explained. The two men went into separate rooms and filled the cups as directed.
They were taken into an office and given a long form to fill out with every kind of DNA that could be manipulated listed. They had to choose which ones they wanted from each person to be included in the splicing. When they finished, they handed the form to the nurse.
"You've read the literature and understand all the possible outcomes?" the nurse asked. Even though they
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