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A Me Poem.
I cut off all my hair
and I regretted it the second the woman snipped her scissors.
This hair had served me well, you know
Dealing with dye since the last time
I actually grew a fraction of an inch.
Keeping my neck warm in the withering winters of Connecticut for so many years
It didn't object each time I tried
to hippify my life, with each new shampoo and conditioning combo.
It never qualmed about the constant ponytails in summer,
leaving the wacky, unnatural waves halfway down -
or worse, each time I tried to
hipsterfy my life, with fancy updos and more bobby pins than I knew what to do with.
When necessary, my hair would hide me from the gawking eyes
Filthy lies, hide me from the cruelty of the world around me.
My  hair gave up when I let it.
It's in a legal envelope like a baby's first haircut with the last hair tie I ever used.
No longer do I pull it back in that ever-friendly, familiar way,
or pass the time braiding away
just to undo and redo it,
all over again.
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Free Selfy adoptable pirate. by craftytexangirl Free Selfy adoptable pirate. :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 6 4 Dreamselfy adoptable for fun. by craftytexangirl Dreamselfy adoptable for fun. :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 6 4
write poetry.
everyone should write.
you might be reluctant
the fear that you might fail
we’ve all felt that before.
with poetry though …
there is no rubric
there are no rules
you’re not after one sound
you’re not necessarily after one rhyme
a poem’s success is measured
by just two things.
they are:
did you say what you wanted to say?
did you deliver it the way you wanted to?
robert frost wanted to contemplate nature and life
walt whitman wrote what he saw
taylor mali vocalizes lifetime observances
sarah kay speaks lessons in stories
william shakespeare painted pictures of passions
we still hardly know what about emily dickinson wrote …
but through the various styles and schemes
the slam, the written word
the quick, the slow, the visual, the conceptual
what remains?
they told what they had to tell
in their own unique ways.
:iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 2 1
Choices to make.
You're going to college!
Congratulations! One way or another
you're pursuing education as an adult
and you're taking control of your life.
The problem is,
is a double-edged sword.
You have a boy who you love.
Your interests align just right.
Four years is nothing to turn your nose up to.
It could have been so easy.
But the thing is ...
You've moved throughout your whole life.
Amazingly, you've managed to finish one portion of school in one place
 (of course it had to be your least favorite)
And now
after a last-minute effort from your homesick mother
you burst out two essays on deadline day
now, six years after you left
you have the choice to return
 to what's always been home.
Do you risk losing the best person you've ever met to go home?
To belong after four years of solid exclusion?
Do you follow your high-school sweetheart and spend the next four years dreaming of memories?
Everyone says:
"Do what's right for YOU!"
  "Do what makes YOU happy."
The problem is
:iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 2 1
Unstable Solidarity
Bristol is not my hometown,
but it is the hometown of my high school.
I have lived in a dozen other cities
in at least as many houses,
and Bristol, CT is similar
to none of them.
If you talk to me anywhere but here,
I'll tell you that it's terrible.
I hate it and cannot wait to go somewhere I feel more at home.
But Bristol is, in one sense,
  (academically, that is)
where I've lasted the longest.
Eight years in Texas put me in
four different schools.
Bristol Central, for all its pros and cons,
for the bathrooms nobody trusts,
for the various teachers
  (some terrible, some wonderful),
and for the many cliques I've met
I have to say my experience here
and all the friends I've made
throughout these four years ...
I wouldn't trade it for the world.
:iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 2 1
Mental illnesses
"You don't matter."
"You don't really hurt."
"Get over it already."
"You're just attention-seeking."
To the world, we are invisible
because they can't see or feel
what we see and feel.
They push away the unknown,
while we cling to the only thing we've ever known.
We have no choice.
You hang on, biting, gripping, kicking, seething with pain and rage
or you are ejected from the game of life.
You are NOT alone.
There IS another path.
You hate dealing, you hate hurting, you hate burning inside
but you do it.
We can scream and shout and paint the world together
and eventually, they will hear, they will see.
"It's all in your head."
Actually, yes; that's precisely the problem.
Instead of ignoring all the bad things in life,
(Or worse: championing physical relief while tuning us out)
for the sake of everyone around you,
for the silent, the scared, the suicide-bound ...
Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your hearts.
Love and support can, does, and will save lives.
:iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 2 3
Love is an enigma.
Love is an enigma.
You probably already figure that.
Feelings and values, discipline,
feelings are a tsunami to everything you have ever learned.
Hormones are as fickle as they make you.
One needs not lust to yearn to help another soul.
Can altruistic greed exist?
I want to help, to hold, to nurture.
To be needed.
Existing together in independent harmony is beautiful.
Temptation is an ugly beast,
but it is for nothing incriminating.
I feel a magnetic attraction to those who,
  so often overlooked,
    desperately need emotional support.
For now I can only observe and
care as much as I am allowed.
I take solace only in knowing that, one day,
naturally or unnaturally,
I should make a good mother.
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Meet Dorkerifica, from Gaia! by craftytexangirl Meet Dorkerifica, from Gaia! :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 3 1 Chibi Namine by craftytexangirl Chibi Namine :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 3 1 8-bit Toon Zelda by craftytexangirl 8-bit Toon Zelda :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 1 3 Meet Lucie! by craftytexangirl Meet Lucie! :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 2 1
the sun shines its superior light
brighter than it does all year
for the unreachable summer months
it sings its sweet song of fair weather
something we so seldom appreciate rightly
over birthdays and weddings and funerals
baby showers and dentist appointments
parks and malls and bowling alleys
emergency rooms and ambulances and
freak accidents and marriage proposals
  each day
   every day
      all at once
  and yet so far away.
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The worst part is over now, but I'm not out of the valley just yet.
My seat belt is buckled, my backpack and purse are underneath the seat in front of me, the tray is in the upright position as is my chair and, although this isn't on the flight attendant's speech of instruction, I'm clenching my teeth and gripping the arm rests and desperately thinking to inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale, because it WILL calm me down if I could only do it but of course
all I can do is think about what if we take a crash water landing and my seat cushion doesn't come out and I drown because I never learned to swim?
And my phone is already off and in my purse (which the airport calls my personal item) beneath the seat in front of me; SO
what if I die and never talk to anyone ever again, that would just be the WORST
except ...
now ...
we're in the air now ... cruising gently along ...
no turbulence ... a beautiful day ...
and after all of that,
I drift calmly to sleep,
exhausted by the effort.
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Don't do it.
The girl you liked, the boy who laughed, the parent who failed to see your need for attention
aren't worth ending everything.
Put it down.
I know that you hurt.
I know what it’s like, thinking that the physical is easier than the mental or the emotional.
For every person who ever dismissed you as unimportant or insignificant,
I know what it is like to stand where you stand
and to feel like you feel.
But I also know that every person who’s ever done what you did
either died because of it, or learned later that it wasn’t worth it.
Find something else.
There are so many other things you can do to cope,
so many people who love to listen and advise and simply be there.
I know the feeling that no one else cares in the world,
but people do.
You are just as strong, beautiful, independent, intelligent and desirable
as any other person in this world, and anyone who tells you differently
has a similar but different problem than you have.
They too feel hopeless, alon
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Weightless typography. by craftytexangirl Weightless typography. :iconcraftytexangirl:craftytexangirl 1 0


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Hey guys, I'm back from years of inactivity. 

I have some designs I'm no longer interested in using. 

They are in the unsorted folder of my, linked below. 

Let me know if you're interested!…



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