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Touko's Shorts Pocket Pattern



This pattern is used on shorts to cosplay as Touko/White/Whitelea/Hilda from Pokemon Black & White. So, the pattern is give that extra White-touch.

To use, please download, and the image should be the size of normal printer paper.

I call these "Wings" on Pokemon White's Touko shorts, but they should be seen as pockets too. I figured that no one would know what I was talking about if I used "wings" in the title, though.

Cut out the pattern. This is a basic pattern, which may need adjusting depending on the shorts, your legs, etc. Adjust so that it looks good on you. :) You may also want to sew two per leg, or maybe want to iron out interfacing for that pop-out look. :)

Let me know if this helps and some pics so I can link to you. :)

Used on:

Pokemon Rivals

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The short's character design is owned by Pokemon/Nintendo/Game Freak, I just help.
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I can't sew yet, can you recommend another way to attach the wings to the shorts?