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Touko's Knitted Wristbands

I loved these wristbands so much, I made two of them. The topmost pair was the first iteration, and the bottom-most was the latest iteration. The camera really portrayed them lighter than what they are, but oh well.

Given how small the wristbands were, I feared that anything I would sew would stick out, or its seams would be visible with a tight-fitting wristband.

In retrospect, these concerns didn't matter! But at the time, I figured the cleanest way to add that single stripe was to knit them myself. They were generally fast to make.

You know the drill; next deviation is a quick guide on how to make it yourself. Does require some introductory knitting knowledge, but I'll let you know what skills you need & other resources. It's a good first or second knitting project. :)
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EPIC. I love wristbands! Maybe I'll make one with a blue stripe, to match my necklace... 8D
craftysorceress's avatar
:D That would be awesome! Ya can do all kinds of little designs on wristbands.
rainbow-penguins's avatar
Oh, yes. Or maybe I'll make it with both yellow AND blue stripes..
craftysorceress's avatar
Now you're thiNkiNg N, awesome! :D
rainbow-penguins's avatar
...I see what you did there.

Well, thaNk you!
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Wow, you knit?! That's amazing! :D
And those look so cute!! ^^
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Aaaww, thanks! You should pick up knitting sometime. It's the only arts and crafts I can do while walking and riding public transportation. :)
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