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Pokemon Rivals

Best full shot I have of the costumes. Here's where I detail costume construction.

Do you want to make any of these? Anyone want a tutorial on how to make these?


:iconfreakyt: N
:iconcraftysorceress: Me, Touko/Player Name



Main Clothing

Most of the clothing was easy to find. The white shirt fits me perfectly for my body type, so make sure it does for you too.

That vest took 4 months searching in thrift stores around the United States, to find. They just aren't in style, I guess.


Assuming that the white portion of the shorts is just a design, I ironed & stitched the white ovals and the flaring white wing-like portions onto existing shorts. 


I used fabric paint in this one. I have a template I used to cut out a perfect pokemon shape, and then I just painted it.


Wristband details here

Hand-knitted, since I felt knitting was better in this case than sewing it on. I couldn't think of a good way to sew a stripe on black fabric that gave it a clean finish. These were decently quick to make though, with basic knitting skills.


I reused black boots from a previous cosplay. I have been fielding questions about this, so here are some suggestions.

First, find black boots. You can find this in a military surplus store or in thrift stores. It may be difficult/easy to find these depending on the weather season you are at now.

You need pink, long shoelaces, so once you get the boots, you can measure how long your shoelaces need to be.

Now, as for the pink band and soles on the boots: Pure-Resonance used pink acrylic paint. Bajiruru used pink masking/duct tape, which is great for reusability!


Main Clothing

It turns out that white button down-collared shirts, in either the mens or womens section, would work just fine. We got the sleeves right on this one. So if you plan to cosplay as N, you may find the perfect shirt in the mens or women's section.

The turtleneck was hard to find, just because of the season and I didn't want a thick material. Otherwise, N would just melt underneath the Los Angeles sun, and no one wants that.


See, I started with a white hat from the local crafts store, and had the perfect plan: Spray paint the black on, with masking tape covering the white part. Turns out the black paint still leaked, and I still needed to go over all the white parts with white. - . -


Necklace & Necklace Tutorial

Void Cube/Menger Sponge details & Void Cube Menger Sponge Tutorial here

The void cube didn't take too long to make. We just needed the right materials for it, and N needed time t cut out the squares.

The pendant was made with polymer clay, and with some color-changing, metallic paints. The paints really gave it a nice shine. This piece seemed really popular.
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AmericanPatriot2011's avatar
Your cosplay is absolutely awe-inspiring! :wow:
CiLiNDr0's avatar
Nice costume!
annsquare's avatar
Hi, this piece is featured here! [link] Enjoy :hug:
craftysorceress's avatar
Aaww, thanks for picking a piece of mine! :D Thank you so much!
annsquare's avatar
You commented on my forum a while ago, and here's the promised feature ;)
Rosiiee97's avatar
wow that is such a amazing cosplay ! :,D wonderful job!
craftysorceress's avatar
AAww, thank you humbly for the fave on this & the watch! :D Just checked out your gallery and you have an awesome gallery for being on in 2 weeks! (Picked my fave too!) Keep it up! :D
Rosiiee97's avatar
your welcome :3
aw thank you so much this means so much to me:,D aha , yeah i want to be a manga artist *^* it is my mission LOL XDDD
craftysorceress's avatar
Make your dream happen, I'm cheering you on! :D
Rosiiee97's avatar
:,D thank you !
craftysorceress's avatar
Oh my, the fire princess Azula favors my art?! 0_0 *drops to the ground and bows* Als, thanks for the fave on Touko's Knitted Wristbands. You should ask some of your humble servants to knit one up for you! :D
HauntedbyTwilight's avatar
Ooh, I saw you guys at AX!! You both looked great! I remember you almost accidentally stole my wall scrolls while I was taking a picture with N x3
craftysorceress's avatar
Oh yeah, I remember! Glad to know you remembered! Did you enjoy the con? I still feel silly over that ^_^;;;; If you already uploaded the pic, I'll let N know :D
HauntedbyTwilight's avatar
YES! The con was super fun!! I thought it was adorable how you both were in character the whole time (⌒▽⌒) uhmm, I didn't upload any pictures from the con to deviantart~ I feel bad, though! I wasn't thinking straight, and I didn't think to get a picture of both of you together >_< NxTouko is my OTP, I don't even know where my brain was!
craftysorceress's avatar
No worries, what matters is that we helped make your experience enjoyable! :) So, no need to feel bad, you've honored us enough by remembering us. :D I'm totally a fan of NxTouko too, that's why I uploaded a few cutesy couple shots. -^_^- Thanks!
RainbowZebra99's avatar
Hehe. You clipped the PokeWalker onto your bag :D
craftysorceress's avatar
I did. I always need it nearby so my pokemon can meet other pokemon. :D I saw one attendee with ten! Thanks for fav'ing this piece and Meet our Pokemon Friends! :D
Capella6's avatar
lol wow! they look exactly like them!
craftysorceress's avatar
Awwww, thanks for the compliment! We did our best on our costumes, so I'm happy that we look like them!
RoamingDragon's avatar
Cute! Nice getting all the props to perfectly match N and Hilda's character designs
craftysorceress's avatar
Thanks! This one was fun because we intended to wear the costumes once, but ended up wearing it for most of the con.
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