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Pokeball Stencil Pattern



Get that perfect pokeball shape for any occasion, whether it's on hats like the hats of the main protagonists of Pokemon Black/White or other Pokemon series, or you want the symbol on t-shirts, purses, etc.

This deviation provides a stencil and tutorial on how to get a close-to-perfect stencil of a pokeball.


Hat on Touko


  1. Download the pattern.

  2. Drag-drop/insert the image int oa word document, and adjust the stencil size to whatever you desire.

  3. Print it out.

  4. Fold on one of the dotted lines, then fold a second time by the second dotted line, making sure the pokeball part, with the solid lines, is visible.

  5. Cut out the stencil, according to the solid lines.

  6. Unfold, and you are done! You see a pokeball stencil, which you can use to paint fabric, draw, etc.

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Hello~! I would like to thank you a lot for uploading all these things! They've been very helpful to me for my Hilda cosplay! :glomp: