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N's Void Cube-Menger Sponge

~FreakyT as N: You see, Ghetsis gave me this Rubik's Cube when I was a young child. However, the cube possessed a fatal flaw: when the sides were rotated, it became cluttered and imperfect -- sides that once were pure colors became mixed.

I took it upon myself to correct this. I removed the existing colored stickers, replacing them with a single color scheme modeled after the perfect fractal elegance of the Menger sponge.

So then will I, too, perfect the world of Pokemon by preventing the mixing of Pokemon and people!

This is N's companion cube! How to Make N's Void Cube tutorial here.

This Void Cube/Menger Sponge was a cosplay prop from Pokemon Rivals, our Pokemon Black-White cosplay.
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Amazing, N, amazing.
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Yeah, he did this speech throughout the con. Glad you liked it, I'll pass the compliments along.
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Aww, thanks for the love and the fave on this. <3
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but the cube is green with golden symbols ´___`'
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Hmm: [link] I can see why one would say that(it seems that it has green reflection up close, yeah?), but it looks like the cube, bracelet and necklace gold part have a similar color scheme.
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this picutre is really small, i know what you mean.
but i have a big illustration of N and his cube, so i can see it >_<
i can scann it for you if you want :3
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Awesome! I love N's Void cube. XD I like the little thing from FreakyT
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You should totally make a version of it for yourself. Also, he had this speech at Anime Expo that impressed our friends, so I really wanted to document it before it got lost in the sands of time. Thanks! ^_^
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Soo pretty! Had a similiar idea, but with holographic stickers.
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You totally should, that's an awesome idea. They probably even sell those holographic stickers at the craft store too. Thanks for the fave on this piece as well! ^_^
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I think I will do it!

You're welcome!
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When you do, please send me a pic/upload it on DA. :)
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That reminds me of something..... When I was at school, a classmate was playing with a Rubix Cube. He was having no luck with it, and he changed (Peeled off) some of the color squares around. Being a stupid prude, I said, "You're not supposed to do that!" He just shot me a look. Later, the same classmate was doing a rubix cube but actually was doing it fairly. He became a bit of a rubix freak, and for a while was doing nothing but rubix cubes.

Wow.... That sounds a lot like N. Good job! :)
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That's cool, sounds like your comment encouraged him.

Yeah, it was an awesome N story, thanks! ^_^
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You're welcome! :)
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can't wait *v*
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Yesss! *waits for tutorial*

I've got my mini rubix cube all set...and it actually has a hole through the center, not just a black piece xD
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