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N's Pendant v.1.0

Want to make it yourself? Tutorial found here.

This pendant was made to match N's costume, and I got a ton of compliments at it during Anime Expo.

I'm not sure whether this belongs under jewelery, clay, or under accessories in costumery, because this necklace can easily be worn as a simple pendant in a casual setting.

I have typed in v 1.0 because I already have better versions. Here's the latest version of the pendant.

Worn by N at Anime Expo 2011 shown here, but in the photo above, another Pokemon character's wearing his pendant. <3
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this is the best N necklace ive seen so far :3
rainbow-penguins's avatar I really want to see the tutorial... I'd love to make one of these.
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That's why I want to make the tutorials! I will upload it around this Friday, since I want to work on it some more and upload some other N pendants before then.

You must try it, these pendants are so addicting! I'll make the N's void cube tutorial too. Thanks for the devWatch!
rainbow-penguins's avatar
Oh, good. I can't wait to try making it!

And that would be AWESOME. I'll probably make the cube too, then...
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The cube's even easier than the pendant! ^_^ Go for it, you're giving me inspiration to make more tutorials! Thanks!
rainbow-penguins's avatar
yay! (I just happen to be a complete and total fangirl xD)

I can't wait to try the cube, too! Though I doubt I'll be wearing THAT one often... Guess I'll need a LOT more clay.
craftysorceress's avatar
Aaahh, I am too, that's why I made the costume happen.

Naaww, ya don't need clay, that one is a rubix cube re-purposed. <3 Though you could take some spare yellow clay and make a mini-version of it!
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Oooooh, that could be cool! (guess I need a Rubix cube, then!)

I would make a costume, too, but I can't go anywhere where it would be considered normal xD
craftysorceress's avatar
That's true. I have been considering going as Touko to the airport/shopping, and I've only done a part of the outfit out in public. But little jewelery things like the pendant or a mini-cube are subtle but still show ya love the character.
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A bit late to the party.... Shiny and very well made! :)
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Thanks! Glad you think so! The paint really gives it that shine. Thanks for the fave too, glad you like it!
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Glad you like it! ^_^
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