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Knitting Guide:Touko Wristband


Stitch n Bitch by Debbie Stoller, book found here:… . This book really helped me get started with knitting, and even has their own wristband pattern and tutorial that helped guide this knitting guide.


Touko's Knitted Wristbands by craftysorceress Touko's Knitted Wristbands used in Pokemon Rivals

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Touko/White costume:
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(c) Touko/White from Pokemon/Nintendo/Game Freak
(c) Layout by Microsoft's designs
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Lol I still don't know how to switch yarn well XD OTL You catch on so fast!
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great way to make the ribbing less messy on the color change is to knit the purl stitches on the row where you add the new color. It makes your rib a little less stretchy, but oh so pretty.
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Looks like i need yarn now...
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Aaww, yay for crafting! But there are other ways you could do it, such as taking a square of black, and sew the pink band. Or really bright pink paint, maybe! It's all about creativity.
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Looks like I need to pick up a knitting book next time I'm at the craft store and start learning the basics! xD Thanks for uploading this! :)
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Or the library, or amazon! Or even ask your mother about it, and you can spend some quality time with your mother, your local knitting expert. :) The possibilities are practically endless! My mother crochetted, which I heard is easier than knitting. You're welcome, and thanks for the fave. :D
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Good idea! ^^ And no prob~!
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