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How to Make N's Void Cube

Guides to remove stickers from Rubix Cube:

  • Goo B Gone is a good sticker-removal goo. Instructions on the bottle.

  • [link] Discusses various sticker removing techniques for the rubix cube

  • [link] - Tide Stain Remover and cell phone battery cover

Related Tutorials:
How To Make N’s Pendant

Made it? Post a link here and let me know!

Want motivation? Here's some results:

:iconnashida:Nashida's N's Void Cube
:iconfelinahime:N's Void Cube-Menger Sponge

Questions? Post them here!
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Ask-Tulipkit-Warrior's avatar
whats the void cube do?
Wow awesome thanks on the tutorial i plan on finishing it before December !!! :)
StarcraftGhost's avatar
Pochapal's avatar
I'll have to try this someday, since I have so many rubix cubes laying around. :D
MegaEspeon's avatar
I'm going to make this...It'd add to my collection of nerdy things.
craftysorceress's avatar
You totally should! when you make it, lemme know so I can promote it! Thanks for fav'ing it too!
MegaEspeon's avatar
Welcome! I will totally do this.
Shifutosuna's avatar
Is there any chance that you could make this for me, and I could buy t from you.
craftysorceress's avatar
Haaa, not right now, as I have another deadline in a week. When do you need it in by? (Sorry for the late response on this!)

I'm flattered that you'd like to purchase it! Thanks for the fave too!
Shifutosuna's avatar
I have no due date.
neocoolstar's avatar
Awesomeeeee :D Modifications = cheap but cool looking lol
craftysorceress's avatar
I now collect lots of rubix cubes as swag for the sole reason to try to sell them later. :) That's one of my far off dreams, to make an etsy account.
neocoolstar's avatar
Lol You could totally do it with all the craft stuff you do.
Akatsukihealer25's avatar
I'm hoping to cosplay N for a convention next year, this will help a lot ^^ thanks for uploading this ^^
craftysorceress's avatar
Thanks for the faves on this and the n pendant. I you need any help, please let me know. It's fun to make your own stuff. I would love to see your N cosplay when you finished it. :)
Spyrogirlfan's avatar
very well made i have to try it, if not then ill use an alternative like i did with my neckalice easy-to-get materials :XD: BTW thanks again for faving my How To Make N's Neckalice Tutoial i really appreciate it! =D
craftysorceress's avatar
Thanks for the fave, I hope you try it!

Actually, this tutorial uses the easiest-to-find materials out of all my tutorials. You can change how you do the chain, but really, that's all I can think of offhand. :)

No worries, your alternative was lovely & clever!
IluvScourge's avatar
I've got to try this :D
craftysorceress's avatar
Go for it! If you need any help, let me know. :) Send pics once you're done, k?

Also, thanks for faving this and the companion tutorial, How To Make N’s Pendant. Planning an N coslay? ^_^
IluvScourge's avatar
Sure! I might not get round to doing it, but I might, and I will send you the pics if I make it :D

And no problem, sorry I'm not planning an N cosplay, I don't have the money to buy anymore clothes >.<
kethron127's avatar
I shall be using this for future reference.
craftysorceress's avatar
Awesome, thanks for fav'ing this, How To Make N’s Pendant, and N's Pendant: Metallic + Shiny. Are you planning an N costume sometime? Let me know if you need any help, k? :)
kethron127's avatar
Alright! But by the time I get around to it, I'll not remember.
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