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How To Make N's Pendant


Polymer Clay Primer and Tips

Made it? Send me a link and I'll add it below!

Want motivation? Check out the pendants made using this tutorial:

:iconsilverninetales123:: N's Pendant by Silverninetales123

:iconnashida:: N's Pendant by Nashida

:iconroxiamagicgirl: Touko Pendants by RoxiaMagicGirl

:iconcraftysorceress:: N's Pendant: Metallic + Shiny by craftysorceress Touko's Pendant From N: Gold by craftysorceress Touko's Pendant From N: BW by craftysorceress

Is it not clear? Let me know!

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N's Void Cube-Menger Sponge by craftysorceress to make :thumb253515896:
How to Make N's Void Cube

Tutorial: (c) Me
Original Pendant Design: (c) Nintendo
Layout Style: (c) Microsoft
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Thank you very much for posting this tutorial! I've been nyooming through an N cosplay of my own, and this helped me a lot. Currently, it's in the oven, but I'll send pics of how it turns out!
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I'm actually about to make N's pendant for a con that's comin' up really soon (not this exact design, but this is the best tutorial I've found so I'm usin' it as a guide), but I've never worked with polymer clay before now. I have the same brand that is shown in your tutorial but I am a little curious about a few factors... The ball of black clay you rolled out is completely solid right? What was the diameter after you rolled it out? As for the blue and yellow pieces, how flat did you roll them out? And considerin' the significant differences in thickness between the ball and the attachments, did you have any trouble with the bakin' process, like the ball comin' out too soft or attachments too hard? Sorry if this feels like a lot of questions, I just want to make sure I know what I'm doin' when I try for myself ^^;
craftysorceress's avatar
I apologize for the delay in response! Thanks for the fave.

The black clay is indeed completely solid. (that's not required, you could add aluminum foil inside the gap to make it lighter, but this pendant is so small that it's not a big deal.) If I recall offhand, the diameter of the black ball is around 2.5 cm, estimated. The references I used were with respect to my N cosplayer and N in the game, who had a much smaller pendant than N in the manga.

I rolled them out to be around, maybe 3 or 4mm thick. I wanted it to be thin enough to look good, but also be thick enough to not be easily broken.

I baked everything based on the thickness of the thickest piece, the ball, which would take the longest to bake. I would take around 1.25 times longer than the recommended time. (for more info, check out <a wytiwyg="1" href="…>Polymer Clay Primer and Tips</a> which you may have checked out already. :-) ) I didn't have much trouble at all. When I made a pink/white colored N pendant, I did run into a little bit of trouble because I baked it for way more time, and the white got a tad singed, like when you burn some food. But that was easily fixed with acrylic paint.

I hope that helps, thanks for the great questions!
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Haha, that didn't work for the link, but it's this one:…
RoxiaMagicGirl's avatar
Cool Tutorial. It was realy helpfull! The result is different. I am gonna use this for my touko cosplay.
craftysorceress's avatar
Thanks for the compliment. I checked out your gallery and found that your Touko pendant looks rather similar to my Touko pendants. Touko's Pendant From N: BW by craftysorceress Glad you made one for yourself too! :-)

I would love to show it off here, do you mind adding attribution to your artist description? Adding a link to the tutorial and Touko pendant design would be awesome. That way anyone can get inspired and make it too, and I'd love to show off your pendant too. :-)

Also, did you finish your Touko cosplay? Love to see pictures of it. ^_^
RoxiaMagicGirl's avatar

I have added a link to your tutorial.

My cosplay is almost finished i just need a hat.
craftysorceress's avatar
Got you added! Thanks! :D
Nashida's avatar
Yay, I finally got around to making it [link]
craftysorceress's avatar
That is awesomee!! I added your pendant thumbnail to the artist description here. Aaww, you're going to AB?! I love that con, I wish even more so that I could come and see your costume. But unfortunately, it's quite expensive. :( Please post pictures! ^_^
Nashida's avatar
Believe me, I will share any and all pictures I manage to get!

Someday I hope to go to Otakon, but I'd have to win a lottery first. And travel tickets.
craftysorceress's avatar
I someday also hope to make the pilgrimage to Otakon. I heard Baltimore, the city it is at, is generally a city full of bad areas, except near the con center, which is usually expensive anyways. So you probably need to win the lottery for the tickets and the hotel near the convention center too! I may do it this year, it deends what my summer plans are.
Nashida's avatar
I've got a friend who lives in the area who would give me a place to stay and pretty much watch my back while I was there, so the real issue would be the cash. Probably travel method; I'm not all that big a fan of flying, train tickets are expensive, and it's a long drive from outside of Boston to Baltimore.
craftysorceress's avatar
That looks awesome. I commented in your deviation, and I already featured it in the tutorial description above. :) Thanks for making it, its great to see what other people have done!
Silverninetales123's avatar
Thank you! The tutorial was a big help!
rainbow-penguins's avatar
I made it! <3

It's a little different from yours, though... I've seen some different designs, so I used your basic design and changed it up a bit.
craftysorceress's avatar
OMG I bet it looks amazing! I'm even happier that you took my base design and customized it. :) Thanks for giving me awesome news! :D
rainbow-penguins's avatar
PFFT... I broke it. It's sitting in my room with a new part on it now.
craftysorceress's avatar
Aawww, how did it break? Through the yellow or blue part? Did you fix it with superglue?
rainbow-penguins's avatar
Uh... i stepped on it :facepalm:

It broke on the blue part... and I fixed it with... MORE CLAY!!!
craftysorceress's avatar
Excellent strategy, I never thought of that. Will add that in to the Polymer Primer. Thanks! ^_^
rainbow-penguins's avatar
You're welcome! I was just too lazy to redo it...
craftysorceress's avatar
Hey, if it works, it works. That's what hacking and crafting is all about. :)
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