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Louis Duncan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
STAMP: PRONOUNS - MASCULINE by qnerdi Transgender Stamp by sunbirds Stamp - Queer by ArandomVelociraptor
Hey there! I'm Louis, a 15 y/o aspiring animator who pretty much draws whatever! My art varies usually on what my mood is, so you'll probably see changes often. I'm also looking to improve in art so don't be afraid to critique anything! Big Simfool Emoji-11 (Grin) [V2] by Jerikuto
TOTALLY RAD | stamp by TheCandyCoating Sparkle Waterfall | Stamp by TheCandyCoating Star Tree by catstam
Glitch Stamp by catstam Youre on autopilot.| stamp by TheCandyCoating Magic Forest | stamp by TheCandyCoating
Witch Boy stamp by B33B Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate water stamp by gunsweat
internet surfing | Stamp by TheCandyCoating water stamp by gunsweat Crystal Pendants Stamp by Mintaka-TK
aesthetic stamp 57 by your-blue-aesthetic Crystals Stamp by RaiynClowd
Bastille stamp by Tirrathee Stamp - Cosmic Florence by TheSallySaga MIKA Stamp by andrissca
x Infinity [Stamp] by lynels Studio Killers by Vrisky Panic At The Disco Stamp 2 by darkdissolution
Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228
Crystal Jar by CitricLilyCool Dudes Crystal Jar by CitricLily
Rainbow in a Bottle by CitricLily Ultra Homo Rainbow in a Bottle by CitricLily


For everyone celebrating today, yeah, it's been a pretty rough year. But HEY WE'RE STILL ALIVE RIGHT-
Anyways thank you guys who stayed and supported myself and my art throughout the year, means a ton, seriously. Take care y'all. Heart 

Notable people:
:iconmuzzli: :icontheblueroseartist: :iconsky-aviatorgirlfrien: :iconbeanskelly: :iconwitchyartistgal: :iconblazingangel123: :iconartisticasianbunny: :iconninetenonetyone: :iconcrazypaintbrush: :iconanne14tco::iconhappyclonetrooper: :iconsuperflamekitty: :icongenoxyn: :iconlavender-trashcan:
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart :icontheblueroseartist: Love you babe 

On a side note, I may be moving accounts to :iconpinklasgne:, this account has gone through a ton of wear and tear, so starting new for the new year sounds like a pretty good plan. Love y'all!!
Have an awesome new year!
Merry Villain-mas
DAMN LOOK AT THAT I'M BACK :happybounce: Christmas Tree 
And i was tryin out this sketchy style, I really like it! I am a dummy! but i still got paid anyway 
also my joke is hilarious shh  Giggle 
I spent like a day or two on this and I heckin love it so here we are! pewdiepie Love 
:lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: 
Binary Bard and Director D belong to Poptropica
Art belongs to me!
We spun a wheel and I was the one chosen so ykno
I'm uploading Vintage Gent Icon 3 
but holy shite I ADORE how Anne draws Stella, from the lineart to the MANE La la la la  I LOVE IT
Her character is so adorable and I loved working on her outfit the most Love 
Cute star divider [F2U] Cute star divider [F2U] Cute star divider [F2U] Cute star divider [F2U] 
You can find Anne's art here! Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! :iconanne14tco: Star! 
Ring Ring
if poptropica doesn't budge for a couple more months this series is practically all i have left to draw lmao Happy Shrug - Peridot 

sorry for the disorganized description, i'm out of it right now 

but here's the inspo shit:… Vintage Gent Icon 3 
Miss Fortune and Alexandre Mc'Claire belong to me
Mika practically owns himself what else is there to say 
What a king
Might've had a title like that before, oh well Shrug Queer Bowtie |FTU| 
Here's something I made within probably half an hour bc I'm finally getting caught up with school Vintage Gent Icon 3 
James don't kill me this character is amazing cmon


Colored and shaded with background
Probably the most pricey ones because of how long these take to make. I'd say about more than just three weeks on these. Slight gore is allowed.
Shade/Color/Lineart with background
Depending how many characters there are in the picture this could take about a week and a half. Slight gore is allowed.
Shaded/Color/Lineart (Without background)
These usually take 2-4 days to finish. Slight gore is allowed
Flat Colored/ Lineless
Same rules apply to these. Slight gore is allowed.
I can draw anything (not including nsfw). I may allow slight gore in the sketches though.


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Happy birthday birthday cake 
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Happy b-day *gives you strawberry cake* here is video Max Canada Lynx - I'm a Big Baby
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You deserve em! Wink/Razz 
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Your the best. ☺
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Happy birthday day girl!
I made this for you! 
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Hope your birthday is magical! :3
CraftyPoptropican Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OHMYGOD I LOVE HOW YOU DREW HER!! Sorry for responding late!! Thank you so much!! rainbow heart {big} rainbow heart {big} 
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Aww it’s fine! 
Im glad that you love it! ;3
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