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Aluminium Pangolin Knit Gloves

By CraftyMutt
This is one of my favourite commissions, a design requested by :iconaviatorfox: for part of a pangolin costume, and I really recommend a trip through her tumblr to meet all sorts of wonderful characters and all kinds of beautiful art!
PLEASE NOTE: This bronze colour has been discontinued so there will never be another pair like it. There are new bronze scales, however they are generally brighter and more brown, if that makes any sense (this old bronze is more metallic).

In response to questions: if you'd like to learn how to make stuff like this check out the Scale Mail Tutorial Page for a free tutorial on a super simple to add scales and any feedback you can give to improve it is massively appreciated :D there's even a pattern for sale now as well as the free tutorial!

I personally really like this sandy yarn I got in for it, and using the new style bronze scales were great to use since I've been unable to get hold of any bronze scales for ages! Due to the nature of variegated yarn the colour of the yarn bit up the wrists will vary between pairs, and doesn't even match within the pair, but they look more natural that way :)

Want a custom made pair of your own design? Custom scale orders can be taken through CraftyMutt's Etsy through purchasing one of the standard custom orders or sending a message about something even more special like having scales all round the wrist!
You can alternatively order your own basic custom pair and find out even more information at CraftyMutt's Scale Mail Page where you'll see links to the information I need to make your own unique personally designed gauntlets and pouches :)
You can also see CraftyMutt on Facebook for more pictures, updates on what I'm doing and general crafty stuff!

I've been uploading stuff here for years and never had a reaction like this, or even thought I'd ever attract a reaction like this! I don't know what to do, I'm trying to keep up with comments and questions but I can only just manage only for ones with specific questions or ideas that I can reply to!
Can I just put here a blanket thanks to everyone who's favourited and commented so kindly!
If I had the time and money I would knit you all a pair of gloves, but I can barely keep up with the few orders I already have so maybe someday if I get rich and famous and earn enough money to never work again you should take me up on that offer! (I'll advertise here if that happens)
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Anthrolover72's avatar
. . . .seeing this reminds me of the pangolins being almost extinct. . . . helo
BlackWolf87's avatar
Those are an absolutely awesome pair of armwarmers! I'm slightly obsessed with armwarmers is have many pairs and always looking for more but each pair is always different.
SilverCallisto's avatar
Ooooohh I love these! ( >w<)

What a fantastic craft tribute to pangolins!
Lockettheskeleton133's avatar
Don't forget to celebrate World Pangolin Day this year! It is on the third Saturday of February! Please spread awareness of the animal we are literally eating and wearing to extinction, and donate to the organizations working to bring the pangolin back from the brink of extinction!
Doodlebugg-Art's avatar
these are so cool!
MadeWithLove8's avatar
These are SO COOL!  Amazing work and fantastic concept!!! :D
jinxes0curses's avatar
shut up and take my money :}}}}
BoneyBackRivers's avatar
I would wear these daily
FoxyGirl2003's avatar
Aliyah-Zoe's avatar
these are awesome!
deluecksartist's avatar
I just kind of need this *-*
manaista's avatar
Oh that is trippy, very innovative way to build armor too!
Exoduseos9's avatar
Your Pangolin knit gloves looks promotionally rewarding 😆
very pro very sleek I like the gold yarn match. ever try that with pop tabs?…
BiggySchmalz's avatar
They look comfy and warm in addition to offering a nice stat bonus against mosquitoes.
arbiterofelegance's avatar
MsBooda77's avatar
this is absolutely stunning....I knit myself and like to make gauntlets....I would love to learn how to do this
MiniMinx's avatar
Douglas85's avatar
I swear I have a found a momentously monumental masterpiece here. Amazing...
LYINGSAGE's avatar
OH MY GOD, this never even occured to me. You just opened up a whole new knitting door!!
Franci-Cornejo's avatar
<font><font>¿Cómo se hace la escama de dragón?</font></font>
Candycrasher's avatar
Thats cool
I think I will try some of my own
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