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Hello my fellow Denizens!  

Mary and Stef start an all new adventure together!  Stef's POV will be every Monday while Mary's will be every Thursday!  (Note, this is not the Crafty Girl Reboot, but just some fun Mary and I are having together.  On a regularly scheduled program.)

You guys have been asking for it so after much searching and hard work we Crafty Girls have once more set up a Tee Shirt shop!  This time we are going through, and we like what we have seen so far.  The site makes it easy for us to upload our own designs and create shirts, totes and much more quickly and simply.  You can expect a new design each and every week!

This is, as some of you may have seen, our fist design.  In the shop the text is different (For legal reasons, I assure you) and looks fantastic!

Come check our shop out - spend some of that summer money you may have laying around - and let us know what you think!

Click here to go there--->

We plan on having a new design up every Monday!
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July 14, 2014


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