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Hello Dear Craftians,

Not sure how that sounds to you, but sure, we’ll go with it. I hope your holidays were fantastic and all went well. Sorry that I wasn’t as active this year, but life has happened and so, I didn’t get a whole lot of time this year to help, so, if there was any holiday stuff going on, congrats to those who planned it and got it going. Thank you for doing that.

Now, I have an announcement, and it is something that has been thought about for a some time, and it is not the most pleasant news to announce, but it must be done.

Due to different reasons, we are currently closing our public server. We will be saving the map, so nothing will be lost for you guys, so all the hard work you all have done is being saved. I am sorry to inform you all of this, since we really did try to keep the server for as long we possibly could for you guys. We’ll let you know how it goes, and, there are still recordings on :icontomboy-comics: / :iconmidnight-vixen:’s channel . There may be even something new coming. ^^

Here’s the channel, if you haven’t seen it already:…

Here’s to a hopeful new year, and to new Crafty memories.

Boo All!

It’s Halloween month, and I hope you’re all looking forward to dressing up as much as I am. If not, or if you don’t celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, that’s fine, you can still join in the fun.

Our wonderful CraftyCrew member, Rdart, has set up a wonderful carnival for you all, and it has some spooktacular decorations. It has several games, a parkour area, and even a roller coaster. All you goblins, ghouls, creatures of hauntings, or whatever name you prefer, should go and enjoy it while you can.

To get there just do /warp event

It will get you there, follow the bridge to get inside, but go past the mystery mansion, for the crew is trying to make it so, no matter what happens inside, all of you can have fun. It should be ready by the 28th of October, according to our wonderful Rdart. If not, we’ll let you all know.

As per usual, there will be a dance on Halloween, but, it is casual, so, come as yourself, or come as a creature of haunting, which ever you prefer, and who knows, perhaps there will be more as we get closer to certain events.

Haunt well my fellow Craftians, I hope to see you all soon

Come join us on the server! Need the IP? Here you go:

To get to the party, use: /warp

See you there, I hope!
Hey Craftians!

Our Beach Party is going on, and goes on until September 9th! Just use /warp beach to get there. There’s lots of adventures, and perhaps a few secrets. Enjoy, and hope to see you there!


P.S. I plan on doing two Fanarts next week, sorry for none on Friday.
Alright, so needed updates

1. This one really needs to be announced, and it’s my fault it hasn’t been.
The map on the server has been changed, it is no longer the comic map, and you guys are now in survival. Some probably already know this, but to those who don’t, now you do. ^^;

2. After so long of not having them, we’re finally holding an event! Consider it an end of summer event, but we’re holding a Minecraft beach party, so put on your best swimsuits, get your beach towels, and just in case, grab motion sickness pills, because you get there by a boat. It will be September 3rd through the 9th, so a whole week! Hope to see you there~

3. I hope to bring the Friday Fanarts back, just be warned, they may be posted Thursday nights, or rather late on Friday, due to me having a full-time job right now.

4. Speaking of Fanart Friday, this is being posted on Friday, and since the last one was done a while ago, here’s the next one~

Diamond And Herobrine (colored) by mcdaantje010 (These two are so cute, and I love the detail in it)

Congratulations :iconmcdaantje010:

5. Our friend TTsnim is doing and “AMA” (Ask me Anything), just remember to keep it PG in your questions. Much like this snow fae, we do family friendly videos and things of the like, but if you do want to ask, go here ->…

Anyhow, enjoy your day everyone.


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