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I am a digital artist who loves drawing and designing original characters. Currently working on a webcomic, Out of Memory.

If you'd like to connect, here are my active social medias:

light cherry blossom Cara:

cherry blossom BlueSky:

cherry blossom My Webcomic:

Note: I am more active on BlueSky. Going forward, new works will be uploaded there first.

x I don't take commissions or requests.

x I don't make NFTs or AI. Any NFTs that you find of my works were created without my permission. Do not use my art to train your programs.

x I will not intentionally feature AI-generated works.

x Personal attacks will lead to an instant block.

Out of Memory - Delusion II

Satellite Social Medias

light cherry blossom Mastodon:

light cherry blossom ArtStation:

cherry blossom Instagram:

light cherry blossom Threads:

light cherry blossom Pixiv:

light cherry blossom X:

Update (6/9/24): Due to Meta's stance on plagiarism tech (AI), I am no longer updating full illustrations and webcomic pages to Instagram and Threads.

Out of Memory - Solace

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Do you like it when creators reveal romantic pairings u...

  |  10 votes
  • Yes! It'll help me decide whether to read the story.
  • Yes! It'll make me more invested in the characters / relationship.
  • Only if it's not a spoiler.
  • No, it should be kept a secret until revealed in-universe.
  • Don't care / I don't typically read for the romance.
  • Other (feel free to comment)!

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