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Out of Memory - Equanimity

Out of Memory - Equanimity by craftsbyblue, visual art

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C : CraftsByBlue by SoleilRune, visual art

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I am a digital artist who loves drawing and designing original characters. Currently learning anime/manga style so that I can draw beautiful bishies :heart: .

Constructive critiques are welcomed, preferably on recent drawings.

I apologize in advance for my late replies. If I take a while to respond, it's cause of my schedule (plus introversion lol). As long as you don't mention the biting pears, I'll get back to you ;).

I only accept commissions for original and public domain characters. Fan art and fan character requests will be not be considered unless the copyright holder gives permission.






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Out of Memory Characters - Sincerity

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"For a ruler, there is no love or friendship.

Overlook this truth at your own peril."

Makoto Kurosawa (誠 黒澤, meaning "sincerity black marsh") is the brother of Ayuko/Mu Kurosawa (愛夢子/夢 黒澤, meaning "dream-loving child/dream black marsh"). He is considered one of the most influential members of the Kurosawa Royal Family.

More about him here: Out of Memory.

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Out of Memory Characters - Jade

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"Compared to the poison in your heart,

a scorpion's is quite harmless."

A high-ranking Imperial Prince, Gyoku Kurosawa (玉 黒澤, meaning "jade black marsh") is the leader of Semaphore (信号), the treasury of the kingdom. He claims to always chooses aliases that have the same meaning as his real name.

More about him here: Out of Memory.

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Out of Memory Characters - Dream

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"I asked you to create a distraction,

not alert every single guard within a ten mile radius!"

Mu Kurosawa (夢 黒澤), also known as Ayuko Kurosawa (愛夢子 黒澤) was recruited into the Kurosawa family after a high-profile heist. A highly skilled Constructor, Mu's Instance gives her the power to materialize anything from her imagination.

More about her here: Out of Memory - Part I.

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