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Iodine Allergy


Iodinated contrast reactions are another one of those things that are very hard to describe to a patient. We all fall into the habit of simply referring to it as “iodine allergy” because it explains things well enough for 99% of conversations, and because EHR systems have a field for “Patient Allergies” but nothing for “Contrast reactions, 50% of which are caused by an immunologic mechanism in the absence of a true allergen.”

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I've had an iodine contrast for a CT scan. The experience was... Weird. It feels warm, but not a satisfying kind of warm, more like a superficial sensation only on the surface of your skin. I was told I'd probably have a metallic taste in my mouth, but I didn't experience that particular effect.

Didn't react to it, fortunately!
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You had an optimal experience! Fortunately, that's almost always the case. For more details, see the source page at