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Hello Crafters! ^_^

I fell like i need to update the group on what is happening these days.
Denmark has officially closed down. Which means,  stuff has been slowed down a lot, or even canceled full time.
Schools are closed and people are going wild in the shops preparing for (Who knows at this state really) the pandemic that "might" happen.

We have been told to stay indoors and just relax and let it pass. (If we can do that, anxiety is a B**)

Now, i know Denmark is not the only country who has taken these actions (Other countries are doing this as well, or are about to)

What does that mean for the group?
Honestly, it wont really affect the group in any way, i will cancel on any contests for the time being, but other than that. nothing is changing. You submit daily and i accept them. Despite the world situation, we all keep crafting our little hearts out. I LOVE IT! :D

If there are any questions about group activities, that you think i should be made aware of, comment below, or just send me a note.

All we can do is, do our best. Wash our hands and avoid contact with surfaces and other people. Stay at home if possible And just try not to be one of the stupid people, who don't give a flying frick about people, other than themselves.

Stay safe out there Crafters! And keep Crafting! ^_^
Hey Crafters! ^_^

The winners have been found ;)

Judges were really fond of all of the entries, but they had to pick 3. It was hard! :<
I hope everyone enjoyed the contest and congrats to the winners. ^_^

1 place winner is:
Knitted Teddy Bears by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
You won:
Cute elephant by thehobbypanda Donated by thehobbypanda
100 points from: group funds
Feature from: thehobbypanda

2 place winner is:
Barn owl poseable art doll by EleanHellkatie
You won:
50 Points from: group funds
Feature from: thehobbypanda

3 Place winner is:
Friendly helicopter and rocket by zahlenfreak
You won:
25 Points from: group funds
Feature from: thehobbypanda

The runner up
Camel and Grey Snoods by MoonyMina
Will get 25 points from group funds, since all the judges thought it was such a cute gift as well!

Thank you to everyone who participated!
The donators will contact you about your prizes.
If you have not heard anything after 7 days, please send a friendly reminder to the donator :)

I look forward to the next contest!

Happy crafting Crafters!
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Go check out all these awesome groups!!!
There should be groups for everyone to join. :D

Group Info

Welcome to Crafting-Is-Life :D

:groups: Crafting-Is-Life Rules
:bulletyellow: Be respectful towards others in the group!
:bulletred: Absolutely no submissions of Disturbing/rated 18+ crafts! submitting such content will get you banned from the group.
:bulletyellow: You must Join before submitting Craft photos to the group
:bulletyellow: Craft related images only, no Traditional/Digital drawings please. (Unless they are related to a craft, like a pattern etc.)
:bulletyellow: Please try to put photos in the correct folder, if you are unsure, note us :)
Have fun! :meow:

Join the groups Discord if you want, we will be glad to have you!! :D
Discord link:

If you wish to donate points for our future contests, Please go to thehobbypanda And add
"For the contest pool"
in your donation :)
Thank you for donating ^_^

Current Point pool for Crafting-Is-Life: 540

Anyone who craft stuff, know exactly how much time and love we put into what we make.
Let us show the world, all the amazing things we can make, no matter the material!
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We got a seller list!!! Handmade seller list For all who are looking for a seller to commission from!!
If you are looking for a seller to commission from. DO NOT reply to ANY comments on this journal. Note the seller directly, for questions, prices etc.

Ok guys! This is our seller list!
Please write this in your comment:
What type of crafts do you sell?
What can you make/not make?
What type of payment do you accept?
Shop or commission info link:
Other info you would like buyers to know?
Copy paste the text between the lines and fill it out in the comment! :D
Hope to get a huge list going!
Happy crafting/selling guys! ^_^
If i missed anything, please let me know ;)
Please do NOT REPLY to any seller comments on this journal!
If you got questions or wanna know anything please NOTE the person directly!
I will hide any comments that do not contain seller info
Ty for reading this! ^_^

Got a crafting related question? If you got a question let us help you :DHey crafters! :D
""""If you are interested in buying please go check out this list: We got so many talented crafters who sell their crafts!"""""
This is our list of people who wants to help with any crafting question you might have!
You can either tag them in a comment below, or note them directly with your question ^_^
"""To tag someone, you write :dev[putusernamehere]: and remove the [] And then you ask away ;) """""
We got a category list:
Needle felting:
Cross stitch:
Here are some of the work these people h

Gallery Folders

wolf dog cub engraved wooden box by ChibiPyro
Polymer clay hamburger by EleanHellkatie
Bat by WorkshopAyami
Awakening of the virgin forest by ArianeTatsu
Galar Ponyta by FearlessFibreArts
Subnautica Sea Emperor Leviathan by Ludaritz
Gray Totoro by kuzzee
Blue Totoro by kuzzee
Knitted Set for Baby Doll by ToveAnita
Knitted Sets for Baby Dolls by ToveAnita
Multi-coloured suit 3 by ToveAnita
Sushi Samba by SBuzzard
Big Friendly Mushroom Fellow by FeynaSkydancer
Pink Fantasy Mushroom by FeynaSkydancer
Purple Fantasy Mushroom by FeynaSkydancer
No Face Figurine by okapirose
Needle felting
Needle felted hearts magnets by ReiCreazioni
Lifesized coconut octopus (needle-felted) by MarinaPterus
Duchess by MarinaPterus
Countrysider by MarinaPterus
Desire quilted kitenge pillow by BellaGBear
Dear Jane Quilt update: the top five rows! by BellaGBear
Patchwork quilted star tutorial finishes by BellaGBear
Blazing Sun kitenge pillow by BellaGBear
Fancy blouse for daily wear by MarisArmoury
Cacti apron  by FeralAsar
Blue Stripes - Garment Renovation by LualaDy
Lace Inset Blouse - Garment Renovation by LualaDy
Fabric plushies
+ Plush Commission#8 2020: Crimson Chin + by LionCubCreations
+ Plush Commission#7 2020: Starforce Fireline + by LionCubCreations
You're a Villain alright just not a SUPER one! by HappyKittyPlushies
Valon Doll by Sner2000
Cosplay props and costumes
13.12.2018_2 by AliceGothic
07.12.2018_8 by AliceGothic
07.12.2018_6 by AliceGothic
Caranthir testfit by MarisArmoury
Archaeopteryx by MarinaPterus
Microraptor by MarinaPterus
Caihong by MarinaPterus
Homemade Xmas cards by Sia-Mon
Paper figures
The Time Machine by MarinaPterus
3D Origami Cicadas/Cigales by SNocturne
MHA: Denki Iron-on Patch by TickingArt
Cross stitch
Rainbow Butterfly Extravaganza by pinkythepink
For sale
Felt german shepherd dogs ornaments by ReiCreazioni
Christmas candleholder with reindeers by illustrisdesigns
Rainbow Butterfly Bead Tray by pinkythepink
Metal and glass
Grey Earth by omegaptera
BL2 Maya's Matriarch Classmod - Keycharms by Ganjamira
Assorted Wire Wrapped Rings by MoonlightMysteria
World of Warcraft WoW - Hearthstone Caffeine Soap by Forge-Your-Fantasy
Black Leaf Choker by Erzsabet
Splash - Paperweight by NagiSpider
Strawberry harajuku unicorn commission by LightningMana-Crafts
Painted Rock Frog by FeynaSkydancer
BJD, Barbie and MH dolls
Witch complete by thehobbypanda
Perler beads
Minecraft cod and salmon (Perler) by crazycreeper529
Toxic Mermaid papercutting illustration by mizueyes777
Pompom crafts
Pom-Pom Pokemon: Surfing Pikachu by LuckyNumber113
Pearls etc.
Beaded cast: Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back by crafty-maika
Pixel art
Balloon Boy plush (pixel art) by crazycreeper529
Red and Pink hat upcycle by LualaDy
Edible food
Cake meeting by Sia-Mon
Patterns for crafts
Keychain 'Yoshi Sorridente' free for personal use by ChibiPyro
NouveauPrincess XstitchPatterns (HannahAlexander)8 by pinkythepink
BEE by Savamoth
March 2016 contest
Silly Scrap UniSnail by ItsaBumbleDee
May 2016 contest
Rose candle holder by keykaye
July 2016 contest
Baby Wyvern by UnbridledMuse
October 2016 Contest
Perler Beads Pennywise by Nicketeer
February 2017 contest
Handmade Notebook #3 and #4: Valentine Polka Dots by SlytherclawPadawan
June-July 2017 contest
Cotton Candy Neddle Felted Mushroom House by domeliz12
Halloween contest 2017
Needle Felted Pumpkin by domeliz12
Xmas contest 2017
New Dress by Abundance-Of-Fluff
Valentine 2018 contest
Sheep Love by zahlenfreak
End of summer contest
Miniature fish tank by PixelPixiePerler
Xmas gift 2018 contest
Resin Skull by PixelPixiePerler
Xmas gift 2019 contest
Friendly helicopter and rocket by zahlenfreak



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Amber2002161 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For people who like to make papercrafts, I have a word of warning about a designer:  Beware of XcioncraftThere is a papercraft designer by the name of Xcioncraft who makes rather complex models of mostly female video game characters. His official webpage is , and he also goes by the names OSWALDO Ω TEPAL and on Facebook and zhefiroth here on DeviantArt. He claims all his models are free to download and I must admit they are all really nice and detailed. The problem with this is that if one tries to download them, they will be brought to a website called fiaharam-net This site is part of an advertising service that publishers use to generate revenue on their sites. Unfortunately, there are malicious programs that redirect users to ads without the permission of the publisher in order to generate revenue. When this happens, the ads are typically for unwanted chrome extensions, adult sites, surveys, online web games, fake software updates, and other unwanted programs. There are ways to block fiaharam-net however, it is quite overwhelming at first glance. See this site for more info regarding this site and how to deal with it. Someone on Facebook has seen enough of Xcion's crap that he somehow managed to gather the files for 4 of Xcion's models and put them up on a much safer site I hope the person who did that uploads the rest of Xcion's models there, so I will continue checking the papercraft groups on Facebook. In the meanwhile, stay safe and stay away from Xcion's website.
Kilala-Rossi-Paris Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2019

if you can help me with this I was wondering if you could show or send me a link of a

Coraline Doll pattern you used see this year for Christmas with my family is going to be very small for gifts ....because of the pipes in my house keep breaking so im trying to find gifts I would be able to make by hand this year my one twin sister named willow really loved this movie and flipped once the DS game came out >..> kept playing that for months and I really would like to make her a " Little me " this year !

thank you for understanding I really pray you can help me with this

StupidSiren Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question!

What are your rules regarding profanity? I have a piece I want to submit, but it contains profanity, but it is censored.
thehobbypanda Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Link me to it and i will take a look at it.
If it is fine i will add it to the group ^_^
StupidSiren Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thehobbypanda Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That is 100% ok
I have added it to the group, you just need to accept it ^_^
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Daxx-Lorenzo Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019  Professional General Artist
Are 1/35 scale and 25mm figures and miniatures allowed?
thehobbypanda Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yes they are allowed. ^_^
Daxx-Lorenzo Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019  Professional General Artist
Thank you
Daxx-Lorenzo Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2019  Professional General Artist
Hey there, I can't seem to submit to the miniatures folder, in the drop-down menu that folder isn't there
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