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Mod-Fallout 4 female nude with stockings


This is version 3 of my nude mod with slight tweaks with added stockings. 

The NPC I know this mod works with so far is the settlers, caravan guards, scavengers and merchants.

Instructions on how to use the mod:…

Where you can find all of my work:

Due to Deviantart rules I can’t post all my work here, neither can I list all the places my work is. So, if you wanna see all my nsfw content, check out my tumblr page or twitter post for a list of where all my work is:……


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CharlieIndigoalpha76's avatar
Is there a console version for Fallout 4?
CharlieIndigoalpha76's avatar
Dang it, I really wanted it for Xbox one
CraftedLightning's avatar
Ahhh sorry, I don't own an Xbox One and wouldn't even know how to make mods for consoles. 
DarrenDetraux1818's avatar
There are, but they show up every friday after 8 p.m. - 1 a.m.
CharlieIndigoalpha76's avatar
DarrenDetraux1818's avatar
Yeah. They show up as a w.i.p. but don't last long
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aristovoir's avatar
Great mod, though I think it needs a version with a thong. With the short skirt mods, you are flashing a lot now when siting. Any chance you could modified to makea v-string (also known as heart-back, deeper than a y-string)? Here are a few examples (I'd prefer a string, but the thicker back would be good as a second choice):……
CraftedLightning's avatar
Thank you :) and sorry but have quite a few ideas already backed up as well as having a lot of uni work, so unfortunately don't think I'll get round to making something like that. But I'll surely take it into consideration. 
PretenderPrime's avatar
where and how to download this please?
PretenderPrime's avatar
never mind, found it, thanks
JediSith1981's avatar
nice work shots B-) do these apply to all NPC or randomly? Thx in advance  :-)
CraftedLightning's avatar
Thank you and they work on merchants, settlers and caravan guards but may work on more.
11tontsa11's avatar
do you think its would be somewhat easy to add them to other nude texture than what you use (if only for personal use not sharing the modified file)
CraftedLightning's avatar
What do you mean? add it to another model in another game? 
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