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Mod-Fallout 4 female full nude + some NPC



Instructions on how to use the mod:…

In this version I revised what I did in Mortal Kombat, so now the normal map is edited more, I also added a normal map for the head to make the females head a little less wrinkly. I finally learned how to properly import the textures back so there's now no noticeable lines between textures. The nipples have been adjusted again slightly as well as the vagina and anus. 
The NPC I know this mod works with so far is the settlers, caravan guards, scavengers and merchants.

Where you can find all of my work:

Due to Deviantart rules I can’t post all my work here, neither can I list all the places my work is. So, if you wanna see all my nsfw content, check out my tumblr page or twitter post for a list of where all my work is:……


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why not bigger boobs and ass