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The Old Piano Tree

Thanks to the overwhelming love of this photo from someone posting this on their Tumblr from my Flickr, I decided to finally upload it here. Ironically it is my most successful photo taken to date, yet it's not even close to my favorite. And was taken with a crap camera.


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How did this come about? I mean is there a story about how the tree grew up thru this piano?
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Look close, the tree didn't grow through the piano, someone cut the piano and fit it around the tree.

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I can see why it isint your fav, but also why people like. 
Some of my most popular images are also generally not among my favourites, which never seem to be popular.  
I was once told the best camera is the camera you have with you :)
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Where was this photo taken? You'd think that would be so amazing I would've seen it somewhere else.
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hahahah beautiful!!! :)
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CREAZYLIKE MY ART-we love your art and we wish to invite you to JOIN MY GROUP AND CONTEST-Thanks in advance-kay
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This is so amazing. 
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Reminds me of the song Élan from Nightwish. A piano like this is featured in their music video. Great photo btw!
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Reminds me of one of my favourite animes "The Piano Forest". Although the piano in that movie was still intact...
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Haha - I think it's the context of the image itself! You should be happy with it, but I get the frustration when you're more proud of other works!
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O.O How is that possible?
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Как да мне говорили "рояль в кустах",я не думал что в лесу увижу пианино воткнутой в дерево...:o (Eek)  
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Ah... the tune that piano still plays on the heartstrings of the viewers. Thanks for capturing the snap for everyone.
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It looks like the piano was cut and placed around the tree then reassembled.
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hint: it was
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Beautiful shot and the transience, has a certain charm and beauty.
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I think may be Tom Waits like playing blues on it .
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Mother of Nature
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Nature taking back what was once hers.
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